Saturday, December 15, 2007

a blhite and pink affair (to remember)

I had wanted to throw a really Shelbulous party for awhile now.. I just didn't have the chance. Now that I'm back I decided that I would throw a small luncheon for my urban kin to celebrate my greatness HAHAHA just a little humour to kickstart your day... no-lah to celebrate gratitude over the fruits of my long labour.

I was on the hunt for an exquisite location but since I'm so clueless about KL eateries I was pretty much ready to settle for Marmalade (what I had in mind since a year ago) but then I stumbled upon this venue while shopping with the parentals. I took one look at the place and thought 'WOW I'd so wanna lunch here!'. So I made the relevant reservations for seatings and flowers (there's a flower shop flanking the cafe) and got down to getting the details done... i.e: theme is black + white + pink which explains the 'blhite & pink affair'!

If you don't already know, my party guru happens to be David Tutera. If it's party you say, it's the Tutera-air I breathe. And as an abiding student of his, you really cannot expect me to just throw a biasa punya lunch. That is unheard of in Tutera-Land!! This is my attempt of doing things the Tutera way after being schooled on the Travel & Living Channel.

"Entertaining is a way of life so celebrate your life in style"
... David Tutera ...

It really helps to start it out at West 57th St. Cafe because already the interiors are mesmerizing and the waiters are suave in their tight white waistcoats. I arrived an hour early to check on the placing etc. They had lined up way too many tables which I told them to rid off later as Ah Yeoh and Miss WanWan couldn't make it last minute.

I had ordered Eustoma and Hydrangea bouquets from the West 57th St. Flower Shop a week prior to the event. You cannot imagine my delight when I went over to collect them. Aren't they the most gorgeous beings!! They were done so well and I was so ecstatic. It has been awhile since I had gotten myself flowers. I used to do it all the time when I was in the UK but it has been years since then and the last I was in contact with petals was back here.
Signature to any event that involves moi!!
This is pink French Garden that spells 'Me Doctor Weee'!!

West 57th St. Cafe really belongs to Zang Toi. Dddy super supports Kelantanese industries so you cannot imagine his glee when he knew that Zang Toi owns this place. Miss ChewChew later told me they have one in Sungei Wang Plaza as well.

In the morning I had to hurry-hurry over to Ikano to get balloons for my party. It was quite a challenge bringing over all my tools to the cafe but I found the attention to be pretty amusing. Upon tying the balloons to the seats, I began the artful skill of seating people. I made prescription tags for everyone... there were 2 sets of quotes that I took off Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist and I paired them to whoever needs what.

Yup they're tailored alright. Everyone had to sit where they were prescribed to. FYI The Alchemist revolutionized my life. I'm glad I picked it up at the airport bookstore. It's written.

I also prepared party favours for my guests. It's not the norm to do so but it's such a great way to leave a party-lho: with a gift!!

VOILA!! Excellent job or not?? I threw in my graduation picture and yearbook for viewing pleasure as well. David Tutera would be so proud, non?

The hard part was waiting for everyone to arrive. My party arrived over an hour late due to traffic and the entire time I just sat there surrounded by my balloons and flowers feeling slightly pathetic. So this is how Carrie Bradshaw felt when she turned the big 3-0.. remember the episode when she sat alone on her table waiting for her party to arrive? All negative vibes disapparated when...

The girls came!! L-R: Miss ChewChew, Miss ChongChong, moi, Miss TanTan, Miss BellaBella, Miss YinYin. I should have reprimanded Miss ChewChew and Miss TanTan for not adhering to the colour theme :P

I enjoyed watching everyone conversing and picking out their orders from the menu.

It is my belief that everyone was in lurrrve with the setting and the place. David, couldn't have done it without your inspiration! Dddy, couldn't have done it without your $!

Everyone happy.

After food we had talks and an activity I prepared beforehand. Bowl deco in anticipation of my Pink Clinic to come. Everyone seemed to be having BIG FUN!

Pink & White gerbera daisies Miss BellaBella got me.
Totally in corcodance with my theme. ME LIKES!!

Playing with the balloons. WAHLAU you have no idea how many little children came up to our tables stomping their feet and crying their lungs out for a balloon. I would have given them one if they didn't have any but I looked up and what do I see: their mothers holding a balloon ALREADY. One mother was even holding FOUR freaking balloons. That kid was wayyy spoilt. I was not gonna give up balloons I paid for to snooty rich babies who should be taught better. If it was me then, my mother would have slapped me quiet.

Miss YinYin got me a shell necklace and matching earrings. Cutes!

I forgot to take a close picture of Miss ChongChong + Miss TanTan + Miss ChewChew's bouquet but I did give the cute teddy a *bisou*. Dddy now houses it beside the family computer.


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