Sunday, December 02, 2007

2 (houseman ship) + 3 (government service) = 5 years omg wtf

Entry dated 22.11.07


All UNPAD’s fault-lor. Somehow in that little place in my heart I knew the extra 6-months magang thing will result in negative repercussions. Evidently I am not proven wrong as now we’ve gotta be stuck within the realms of this crap-ass new law that requires houseman ship officers to serve the government an extra year as opposed to the one year (plus) duration previously. This sucks. An extra year of having NO SLEEP, ZERO SOCIAL LIFE and CRAPPY PAY. And people complain about haughty doctors… try to understand bah we’re cranky from lethargy and poverty.

“After the two-year housemanship, the doctors would have to serve their three years’ compulsory service with the Government or its agencies, he said.”

WAHLAU that’s a terribly long time. I don’t know what considerations are being taken into account regarding this measure. Yes, I understand they are trying to improve the quality of houseman ship individuals and it is crucial that the health ministry strives to upgrade their services. But adding an extra year to the already lengthy period of houseman ship might not prove to be as rewarding as they imagine with the current houseman ship dropout rate at a mind-blowing 20%. Life as a houseman is really really tough. A lot of individuals have a hard time taking in the pressure and living up to expectations. Perhaps this is a way to groom them into being better doctors but couldn’t they find another? My 6 years as a medical student has been such a trial of zahir dan batin that it tires me to know I have to add more time to a repeat of crappy internship period. We don’t have a choice of course. I don’t know why laws happen to change when I come into the picture. Abit sial-lah don't you think? Not abit even, ALOT in fact.

I’m so pusing about my career that it’s not even funny anymore. I want to b*tch and throw a tantrum about it but I don’t know how to or who to. Wanna sucker-punch someone!

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