Friday, November 30, 2007

wisuda profesi kedokteran 2007

The graduation wasn't that super. Seriously. After all the inconveniences they put us through (changing the dates thus causing us to have to alter air-ticket / hotel dates numerous times of which in the end turned out to be the day most of the Malaysian parents scheduled their return for home. yah it means they came all the way to Bandung but were not able to attend the graduation in the end), it wasn't that big of a deal in the end. Apart from being compulsory it doesn't feel like an occasion worthy of an extended hotel stay. That's what I think anyway. Didn't manage to catch most of my mates on the camera. So I'll show you a couple of instant pictures I took with the overpriced temporary studio photos outside the venue.

Moi solo photo with the UNPAD 'scene' behind me

L-R: Dr IyanIyan, Dr Shelbulous moi, Dr MasMas, Dr KosKos

Here's one in our graduation kebaya sans toga. Mine is a bronze lace top (with matching bustier) which I thought was gold... apparently the spotlight fooled me(!!) with a batik kain. Hmm i thought by going with a french twist and a harsher navy blue shadow that I could look different from my Judicial pictures but somehow that wasn't the case. I will have to request for a different do altogether during my Doctor's Oath ceremony.

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