Friday, November 02, 2007

thin-new-me (episode 02)

Just completed a session with PT Helmi (PT = personal trainer bok). I’m beat. Bad stamina and absolutely zero muscles. Making muscles is harsh. After my first session yesterday I ached all over like no tomorrow. Was supposed to do an evening run but decided against it. My willpower is abysmal-lah. I almost sent a text message to Ah Helmi this morning (and the previous morning *shhh*) to postpone our session to the next day. Just as soon as I key-ed in the words, thank goodness I had some rationality to cancel the damn message and lug my sore ass to the gym. Really the hardest part of the day is getting into the car. If you can make it past your front door, you’re pretty much a winner already. Man it sure as hell takes a lot of mental strength to wake up at 6.30am (ON A HOLIDAY MIND YOU) to go to the gym. Me lazy banget and most of all the thought of doing arms and abdominals in the wee hours of the morning makes me wanna hurl!!

My sched isn’t as gruesome as I had hoped for it to be. The early aspirations of gym in the morning, swimming lessons in the afternoon, yoga / pilates in the evening and a run before dinner totally kaput-lah. Instead it’s just gym in the morning 3x / week and swimming 2x / week and I’ll slot in yoga in between those days. Tired-lah macha. Seriously. Can’t really do all those sh*t all at once. Have to choose and limit to max 2 activities per day. Beh tahan… perhaps in time I’ll be able to muster enough energy to pursue more feats but in the meantime 2 cukup. Basically my THIN-NEW-ME project isn’t going as successfully as I imagined. Perhaps it’s time to do something about the food. Aiyo susah-lah wanna diet when I’m home. There is just so much cuisine I’ve missed and it pains me to say no. I suppose I WILL have to do something about the portions. OK-lah I’ll try starting today. TODAY. Promise.

I’ve just cropped my Judicial pictures. I look like an albino watermelon. I’m, as Ah Gs describes himself after putting on so much weight, neckless!! My jaw-line undefined, non-existent clavicle and don’t even get me started on my waist. I do not possess that too. Must keep looking at those frightful pictures in order to remind myself that if I don’t work harder I’ll remain an albino watermelon. Don’t wanna look like an abino watermelon. Wanna look like a skinny papaya :P

OK me goes swimming now.

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