Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thai Chor Lahh

I know I know, I'm totally overloading on the clips but cut me some slack-lah babydolls: I haven't had internet as quickly as this for almost a decade. Finally I get to access flash programs / subscribe to online magazines / watch videoclips pronto. This is addictive.

There's only 1 ASTRO in the house and evenings are booked by AEC or Wah Lai Toi or some other Chinese channel-lah courtesy of Mmmy, Lady of The House. She's totally hooked on Maid Wan Xin. That and she's an avid follower of that Hokkien soap which seems to last forever. They're like the Taiwanese Eastenders!

If there's one thing that's kick-ass funny it's Astro On Demand's Anti-Piracy advertisement. OMG so darn funny neh. My favourite part is him ending up as a shampoo boy in an old lady's saloon. Super hilarious.

Log on to Astro AEC Channel 301. Hate the 3-digit channels-lah. The remote control don't really agree with them... when you wanna, say check out MTV, before you manage to click '713' the bloody screen goes on channel '7' and tells you it's not available. The battle with the remote can take on forever. Seriously.

Wah wah someone poisoning the Maid Wan Xin's husband. Veryy chee-kek..!! Excuse me :)

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