Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a tale for shelby

Sophiekins wrote me a poem in the spirit of my graduation. Sadly to say my England not powderful enup to understand but maybe you can. Here you go...

The odyssey was oblique
Misdirection in abundance to the warrior
Dispirited with the growing weakness
She is awakened by tales of the battle approaching the end
Spoken of among the tribunals of her soul
In tandem with the chimes of two cathedrals
Along with the rhythm of the river
Flowing strong, the wave of passion creeps
Towards the unending depths of the ocean
Subjection to the colour of hypnotised roses
It carries the blood, it does not drown
Her quest unmarred in pursuit of the crown

In the horizons a ship appears
Luke, the valiant, commandeers it
The vessel of Hippocrates, upon it the cavalry
His disciples, armed with weapons of hope
Peers to the warrior, their minds are noble
Soldiers seeking naught of fortune
Soldiers in dire need of protection
For they are poised in the ultimate fight
The pursuit for their souls
It begun seeming so long ago
Genevieve, her faithful guide, her services are of gold
Had her hand taken, like many others before her
Leading the warrior towards the point of no return
A decision that takes her along the path of Amelia
Denying the constellations of Faust
She seeks redemption in the moonlight of compassion
It reflects on her 2 armours, she will carry the scars
She sees God’s will, marvellous in His eyes
The words of his anointed chosen one

The pilgrims, fingers entwined in silent prayers
Blessed be the journey of their own
They stand, at the threshold
How long are they to wait
At the mercy of Father Time
Whilst placing the ultimate faith in The Fool of the Tarot
The arrival of the rain of salts
It is here, it is here tonight
Brought upon by the victory of their chosen heroes
The very same sent off with blessings bestowed
Never unwavering in anticipation
Warriors are children still, in their eyes
They dine finally in rejoice, not in renunciation

She damn power right? My sister bah.. of course-lah. You want her to write poem for you too? Gimme present!!

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