Monday, November 05, 2007

room revamping: the process

Adoi the bloody Microsoft Word f*cked up and now my entire entry ter-delete. Crap. I hate having to try remember what I’ve typed and retype it out again: it’s frustrating!

The design phase:

So as I was saying, there are dudes drilling and banging and whatnot upstairs ‘cos my room was getting refurbished. Not really major makeover just minor one only. I designed the interior layout myself: a little proud for sure. What can I say? In the house I’m the resident clothes / kebaya / interior / exterior designer-lah. So anyways in order to make more storage space for my be-banyak punya barang, I extended my wardrobe and added racks to house my medical books. Currently they are still sitting by the alley in carton boxes. It’s gonna cramp the room up ‘cos I’m shoving something in every corner but what to do-lah OK? Something’s gotta give.

The wallpaper picking phase:
Mmmy intends to wallpaper the rooms once everything’s good and done to give the room a good finishing touch. Yeayy!!

So we trodded of to Janine that houses the Osborne & Little line of wallpapers of which were featured in either Vogue or Elle magazine last year of which I like :) Ah Azmie, the resident designer was very helpful and I totally appreciate his insights. The funny part is making him so pusing with my pink demands. I wanted a pink wall and I found a paper that was, like, SUPER-O PINK-O. I thought: SHELBULOUS…!! Thinking that will do, I figured I was done for the day till’ Ah Azmie pointed out that if we were to cover it all up in pink it would be too ger-jreng and I probably would be too blinded whenever I walk into the room to be able to sleep or heck DO ANYTHING!! So he found something that could help soften things out. What do you think?

FYI: upon selection of wallpaper, it will take the shop 4 – 6 weeks to get the order in. Then the wallpaper dude will come and take measurements and pasang everything. It’s a pretty slow process.

Just as Mmmy and I were bickering in the shop over the
- wallpaper before putting the racks up (Mmmy wants)- putting the racks up before wallpaper (I want)
Aiya I malas to wait any longer. I really have to get my things up and out of the carton boxes. Besides I was a little concerned as to the friction the wallpaper might cause if it was in the middle of the rack and the wall and unsure if the rack would be able to hold better should it be fastened to the wallpaper rather than directly to the wall. Mmmy pointed out to Ah Azmie that my med books are serious lots.. they freakin’ weigh a ton. He was flabbergasted!!

(conversation)Ah Azmie: Are you a doctor??moi: Yeah *shrug*
Mmmy: Yalah how to believe she’s a doctor! Look at her nails!Ah Azm: Yah! Exactly! I thought you were another designer! You don’t look like a doctor. You look different. OMG I can’t believe you’re a doctor!moi: *guffaws*

That.. coming from a fellow designer was highly appreciated. It’s like a nod of acknowledgement from a peer(??). That left me fluttering with happiness.

Before we left Ah Azmie brought this really really hot-off-the-runway batch of wallpapers from the National Guild of Designers. Oooh now I pusing. Decisions! Decisions!

Bangsar Shopping Centre (west wing, level 2)S112 2nd Floor
285 Jalan Maarof , Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 60320949530
Opening hour: Mon – Sat 1100 - 1900

Also available at Great Eastern Mall and Plaza Ampang

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