Wednesday, November 14, 2007

my "i'm not a plastic bag" bag story (backdated abit)


Here's the real deal!!

I had known 'bout I'm Not A Plastic Bag approximately 6 months before the hype arrived Malaysia. I had sent Sophiekins off to queue at Sainsburys though not successful ‘cos by the time she had arrived she found out that they were only selling 30 bags and there was a ticket system. The line had formed since 6 in the morning! Sophiekins, on the other hand, was very fortunate as her good friend Miss EleaElea had her dad ebay the country and manage to score them each one. I had subjected myself to a long torturous life without it ‘till Anya’s newsletter brought to my attention that she was producing lines for the States and Asia: Malaysia being one of ‘em. YEAYYY!! When I arrived home for the hols, I hopped quickly to their store in KLCC to ask about the bag. They were in fact at that time very new regarding the issue and were taking in orders. I was the 5th person in their little order book and got myself 3 bags for the 3 ladies of the family. Now when I think about it I SO REGRET-LAH. I could have bought like 10 to give away as uber hot pressies. Oh well.

3 months later I went to the shop to order more in but the excitement had caught on and they weren’t taking in any more orders. By the time the day arrived, Mmmy took a special day off to go get our bags with Sophiekins. Mmmy could not believe her eyes when she saw the queue stretched down 3 floors!! They were both lucky I had pre-booked them-lah ‘cos while poor unfortunate Mak Datins had to stand in line like every commoner on the street, they had breakfast at Delifrance and sauntered pass the door without having to stand in line!!

(msg 07.06.07 11:49)
Sophiekins: Got the bag. The amount of death looks we got wen we went pass the q in2 the store was priceless. Riot nearly happn cos they announce sold out. Theyr refusing 2 leav. Me n mum ncountrd catty bo kam guan ppl as we left. I love it.

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