Wednesday, November 28, 2007

moi bandung guide for the day

Miss TanTan was in Bandung with her colleagues for an incentive tour but extended her stay a couple of days so we could meet up and I could show her my version of Bandung. My flight got delayed so by the time I arrived last night I was too capek to do stuff. Instead we took the opportunity to catch up and chitty-chatty-bang-bang. It has been quite awhile and there were loads to be said.

The next morning I took her jalan-jalan. First stop Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin (no pictures here 'cos I forgot-lah) 'cos Miss IyanIyan and I had to go sign our graduation certificate. BIG FUN. Miss TanTan thinks our certs are real nice *giggles*

Next I brought her to Cihampelas, as requested, where she could see what the hype is all about. Cihampelas also known as Jeans Street is a street filled with (mediocre quality) factory outlets and batik / skater paraphernalia. What really makes this place 'POP' is the opportunity for everyone to meet their choice of superheroes. Most outlet has a certain HERO theme, i.e: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Aladdin (that used to house this gigantic Aladdin figurine on a magic carpet 'till a heavy storm broke it from it's support and they had to replace it with a really small Aladdin in its place).. We bumped into Ultraman so I made Miss TanTan take a picture with him 'cos it's NOT EVERYDAY WE GET TO MEET A SUPERHERO IN A SHOPPING PLACE!!

Is this Captain America?? Or some lightning hero. I forgot neh. Well lurve the red.. And check out his thigh. Miss TanTan looks like she's having a pink time leaning on them muscles ;)

L-R: Tarzan, Wolverine, Miss TanTan, He-Man

They have loadsa Superhero costumes for kids and Superhero T-shirts for adults. This is the place to stock on Superman tops in various colours and design. Miss TanTan got a Spidey suit for her nephew. it comes with an attached half-mask.

This reminds me of the Amsterdam airport duty-free catch phrase: See Buy FLY. I told Miss TanTan: BUY BUY BUY PAY PAY PAY!

It felt like a slow Sunday morning saunter into Ciwalk. We browsed through the entire building in mere minutes. There wasn't much to see so we had JCo donuts for brunch 'cos there is NO QUEUE here in Indon unlike in Pavillion where morons queue for an entire hour for something that goes down your throat in mere seconds.

Miss TanTan so excited for glazed heavenlies!

I recommended afew of my favourites and she liked Crunchy the most: Chocolate glazed covered with chocolate Rice Krispies.

We headed to Jalan Dago next where most of the factory outlets berpusat and Miss TanTan went all mad with shopping. OK-lah I bought some stuff myself too... I was bored of waiting. Nothing beats passing time with some retail therapy. Miss TanTan managed to score herself the Amanda Brownies Kukus she had been craving.
Note: If you're not buying at the headquarters, make sure that the expiry date on the brownies box is not the same day of purchase. It costs a lil more expensive as vendors who fetched brownies to sell outside jacks the price a lil' as fuel fee. Give them a chance-lah. 25,000rp is an average price you should pay for non-headquarters brownies.

We had lunch in Prefere72 which is a quaint lil Bandungesque cafe in the middle of Jalan Dago approximately opposite M&M fos.

We waited for the rain to turn into a light drizzle before I brought her to Sam's Corner to have the best strawberry juice in Bandung / Indonesia / on earth. She gila-gila liked it and bought another to stock in the hotel.

While waiting for Miss TanTan getting her lulur massage in a neighbouring beauty salon, us 3 Spice Girls went karaoke-ing!! Adoi BIG FUN-lah!!

We were singing and dancing kau-kau like overworked Japanese office yuppies. Favourite tunes are 2 become 1: Spice Girls, Help: the Beatles and of course Umbrella ella ella: Rihanna

Last but not least we closed the day with Jagung Bakar in a little shack flanking the hotel. This is a sort-of version of Bandung mamak-lah. Don't really have many midnight stalls 'cos it's a dangerous place at night-lah. I don't think I've ever really done this 'cos it's freaking-ass dangerous. Sorta.
So there you go a daystrippin' with moi inParis Van Java: Bandung-leh.


aprilcherrie said...

except for the donuts.. i have real bad experience in bandung... :(

shelbybaby said...

that is so unfortunate april.. had a scary encounter with angkot drivers kah?

Mas Wahyu Didik SB!M said...

LOL The Flash's action figure is like a monkey.

shelbybisou said...

mas wahyu: lol now that you mentioned it there may be a slight resemblance but i'm sure the sculptors did the best they could.

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