Thursday, November 22, 2007

me cuppacakaholic!!

I've known about Cuppacakes for awhile now. It all started when I SUPER wanted to buy a Lomo camera approximately 5 years ago. I can't remember how (probably from Lomo to Lomo Asia to blablabla) but I found out that +clickproject in Damansara Utama sold them in their cute lil' loft-like studio. So I trotted there with AH NgNg 'cos he's a DU-ian and I'm completely rubbish with direction, and bought myself one. That place is BIG FUN! Serious! They were starting out with an eclectic stationery line called WonderMilk which were seriously mind-blowing. Pokoknya we were one the same wavelength and I super love the pop-art fusion this and that which they intelligently worked onto merchandise.

Soon enough Cuppacakes was born but ayia with me in Indon it was mainly just a look-see look-see business and wish-I wish-I circumstance. But now that I'm back I can order as many cuppacakers as I wanna. I started with a 'thank you' box to Mmmy's colleagues for their well wishes and unfailing encouragement throughout my medical studies. I so LOVE IT that I have a Bite Me card. It makes me feel like I'm part of the Cuppacakes famille :) WEEEEE!!

So the happy not?? Mmmy would have preferred the colour combination to have more pink tones but I suppose it's my fault for not requesting so. I still find them to be absolute sweetness though. This is Carnival!

And they're yummy-yum-yum too. The icing is sweet so you don't have to worry 'bout those yucky-poo cheap bitter type of icing. I got the raisin flavour sort which I find have an extra oomph 'cos right after the whole pizzazz with the cream your mouth pops in surprise as you bite into a raisin. Super cute feeling!!

To get into the Cuppacakamania, visit Cuppacakes and get yourself a box of happy :)

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