Monday, November 26, 2007

macaroons make me swoons

I don't know any other place that makes macaroons in Malaysia.. the only place I know is Bakerzin. IF YOU KNOW ANYWHERE ELSE PLEASE TELL ME!! I usually get mine in 1Utama. I ABSOF*CKINGLUTELY ADORE MACAROONS. Serious. I buy myself a box everytime I'm home which really explains why I cannot be thin.

The best macaroons, I've read, are the ones made by Ladurée in Paris.

I'd really call them biscuits 'cos of their teeny size but let's pay them some respect and call them cakes. Macaroons are round in shape with 2 shells that are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle with cream filling. They come in flavours (in this case) yellow: lemon, pink: rose, green: pistachio, caramel: coffee, brown: chocolate.

The mechanics doesn't matter. I just lurve lurve lurve macaroons!! Weeeee :)


bibliobibuli said...

i love them too ... but they are so easy to bake and the homemade version is even nicer with more chew in the centre. ground almonds, egg white and sugar.

try this recipe:

shelbybaby said...

i didn't think my little entry on macaroons would earn me any interest and i'm surprised to have learnt someone even commented on it!! i will definitely try to make my own macaroons (though i'd have to get an oven first!) but in the meantime let's anticipate the opening of paul cafe in pavillion / gardens midvalley as there were macaroons plastered all over their refurbishment ad so now there's another place for us macaroon-maniacs to get our regular dose of sugar!! *giggles*

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