Monday, November 19, 2007

live it up

Haven’t been writing entries… been busy living my life: remember my long-anticipated life-back-home LIFE? I’m living it now. It’s as William Thacker in ‘Notting Hill’ rightfully puts it: Surreal… but nice. I mean, with an accumulation of the 2 years in the UK and another additional 6 in Indonesia I can’t help but feel like a little lost lamb finally returning to its pastures. Very odd and so many new things to get used to..

Umm like for starters I really cannot take air-conditioning-lor. I know Bandung is supposedly some Salem Cool Country with strawberry farms and whatnots but it’s really not that chilly there and since I’ve been using a fan for 6 years I cannot take icy-cold air freezing up my room. My parentals are highly dependent on air-conditioning which brings us to a dilemma when we wanna watch DVDs together. I compromise by dragging my duvet downstairs.

I don’t have my weekly (affordable, affordable meaning RM90-ish a month) maid anymore which means I have to do things MYSELF. I do DO housework myself if it’s the little things such as washing up after I cook / eat or sweeping up my hair after brushing my hair or taking the garbage out but the major big haul ones like scrubbing the bathroom or wiping the floor (jiu tor kar) I leave it to my Bibik-lah. Now that I’m home and we DO NOT have a maid… I have to wipe, scrub and brush everything myself-lor. Which sucks ‘cos it totally takes out a lot of my time and energy from doing sh*t I like, i.e watching E! Need to find those part-time maids who do not cost the equivalent of a Jaguar car who will NOT steal my cute little trinkets or accidentally burn my Victoria Secret mesh babydoll with an overheated iron :P

I have to start washing my own car. I know I complain about taking public transportations and I absolutely love cruisin’ in Conrad (I christened my bouncing baby car) but with driving comes… again: upkeep and washing of cars. Really despise squatting down and scrubbing on the rims-loh. And I’ve got to wipe and vacume the interior as well. Oh bother.

Speaking of cars I have to learn how to navigate myself around town too. That takes a lot of getting used to ‘cos driving these last 8 years was merely chauffeuring myself to 1Utama / Sunway Pyramid / The Curve / McDonald’s drive-thru and back. Now that I wanna go to KL and do KL-ian things… there’s the need to comprehend Malaysian pedestrians (who hop in front of your car from nowhere) and lovable Mak Rempits (who wanna go to hell early and drag you with ‘em). Not to forget Cina-pek road bullies with their not-so-nicely-done pimped out ride who gives you the dirty look everytime you don’t let them cut your queue. Oi I line up in this traffic jam freakin 45 mins liao!! Not fair OK?!

The food’s different too. It’s yummier and so much more accessible but it’s different definitely.

I used to have A LOT OF ME-TIME. A lot of it and there are times when it gets too much and I end up feeling very lonely indeed but back home every inch of second of my time is filled with activities!! Be it household chores or stuff my parentals wanna get done or going out with my mates or making time to think about my career or planning parties or washing my swimsuit or learning how to flirt or etc etc etc.. there’s just so much to do back home!! I’m not used to it. I used to have nothing much to do except for studies, shopping and thinking of other things to do for me.

I can’t boogie-woogie-funky-fruity in my underwear to a Spice Girl’s album. I love my underwear. I like how they make my ass looks and most of all I like to see them flutter up and down if they have cute frills attached to them at the sides. I can’t do sh*t like that anymore except in the confines of my bathroom. The parentals like to walk in sometimes without knocking the door beforehand: you know-lah Chinese parents not much tact one… so yeah, I miss that: that being prancing around semi-naked around my ‘flat’. I have to wear a bra all the time except for bed time and immediately put one on when I wake up. I miss letting my tits hang out 24-7 on a Sunday.


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