Saturday, November 24, 2007

live christmas trees for sale at ikea(!!) and real-life poinsettias with lagi real gingerbread houses too!!

Christmas is near. With November coming to an end, shopping malls are hurry-hurrying with their deco installation which always gets Mmmy excited 'cos she lurrrves gawking at fairy lights (which she calls nee-nah-nee-nah lights). So she suggested we go over to IKEA to browse through Christmas paraphernalia.

As we approached the check-out counter to pay, I came across a dozen of Christmas fir (or pine?) trees all wrapped up. These trees seem different in comparison to the usual ones you see in Malaysia (plastic) and they smell different too. They smelled... fresh!! So I quickly called Mmmy over to show her the new trees exclaiming that the trees are so life-like.

Mmmy: Si chiar eh. (It's real one)
moi: Cannot be-lah.
Mmmy: Si chiar eh.
moi: Are you sure?
Mmmy: *plucks a twig of the display tree and shoves it onto my face* See!!
moi: OMG it's real!! They brought in REAL CHRISTMAS TREES TO MALAYSIA.

After circling around the group of flora, I finally caught glimpse of a sign that confirms Mmmy's belief. They were indeed Live Christmas Trees and they could live in your living room with an occasional dose of glucose. How Shelbulous is that?? Seriously. I thought only people in North America or Europe could ever have a real Christmas tree with all the Christmas shows on Hallmark and our unforgiving temperature in Malaysia. I am wrong. And it only costs you RM99!!

And IKEA would send your tree home gratis if you purchase the 2.5m sort. That's awfully nice of them... must be the Christmas ho-ho-ho cheer :)

My photo skills are still so-so which explains the (?) image above. I was trying to capture the genuinity of the pines(?) with the attaching nuts (which are real 'cos I bit into them to test out if they were plastic or not).

This is me slightly bending down beside a 2m (?) or was it 180cm tree. You will have to purchase the stand (seen at the base of the tree) in order to prop it up. Looks so cute right? I am so impressed with IKEA. They really made one of my wildest childhood dreams come through. Never in my lifetime would I thought it possible to house a real Christmas tree right here in tropical Malaysia.
And flanking the trees somewhat were red Poinsettas (as I now know they're called) which I've only seen in plastic existence. I really thought they only existed in plastic. NOT ANYMORE...

IKEA are now selling fresh potted Poinsettas for RM9.90 a pot. I saw dozens of tai-tais scrambling for the red beauties and stuffing their trolleys by the dozen. They must be as excited as I am. Malaysia is turning into a summer winter wonderland-lho!

OK another not-so-berjaya attempt at catching the quality of the petals but you get my drift. No I didn't munch on the petals to check if they were real 'cos Mmmy was afraid the pesticide level could kill me or cause me to be infertile. I respect her wishes-lah. They pretty things though, non?

Mmmy loves them. Now we regret not buying ourselves a pot. Sure very kinn sold out one.

As Mmmy was queuing up to buy us some curry-puffs, I lingered outside the IKEA's Swedish grocery store looking out for more cool goodies. LO AND BEHOLD I really thought someone swept me into an Enid Blyton fantasy land 'cos never NEVER never did I think I could be face-to-face with a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!! They're D.I.Y planks of gingerbread for sale at RM11.50 which you can set them up with the help of melted sugar (as adhesive) or if you don't intend to eat it you could use UHU glue: Mmmy and I are still deciding. You know when I was a child (in my deprived childhood) I always wondered how people could make a gingerbread house with merely just gingerbread and expect the fairies / pixies to stay in them? It's really possible and it's so mega cute. If I was as little as Thumbelina I'd stay in it too.

Mmmy got mega thrilled and we bought boxes and boxes of them as gifts and personal pleasure. As Mmmy went to pay I did a small victory dance. I know I'm a little to old to get excited over this but seriously WOW. Seriously. WOW.
NOW we all have a chance to Christmas like the angmohs. YEAYYY!!

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