Friday, November 09, 2007

cavalli does h&m

Ever since I've missed out on Viktor & Rolf for H&M my life was never the same. I thought I was gonna miss out on Roberto Cavalli too but darling Sophiekins took time off her busy-bee sched and helped me purchase a couple o' stuff. BIG FUN!! As you'd probably know, when the crowd shops for any designer that does H&M, it's not really shopping... it's grabbing!!

This is the system: Sophiekins go - She grabs - She pays - She tells me to go online - Shows me merchandise via webcam - I decide if I like it or not - She keeps the ones I like and returns the ones I don't the next day. It's really an awfully brilliant idea. of Sophiekins' right??

This was a gorgeous dress!! Serious!! But it was a size 16 and well... nanti difficult to alter properly-lah. So it's headed for the 'return' stack. It's OK I can live without the dress... it was just too expensive to pay that kinda price for a dress that didn't fit me just right.

Me waits patiently as she finds more pieces to hold up to the camera. Sometimes I make her try them on just to see if it rocks or not.

Not keeping the bra: wrong size also.

Basic jeans with leopard print detailings. So very nice! Keep!

Leopard-print pants. So the hoochie-mama lho but ahh who gives a f*ck. I'm sad I only have 3 pieces of Cavalli in the end.

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