Saturday, November 03, 2007

c for classy or c for crappy?

Dddy got an EXCLUSIVE invitation from Daimler-Chrysler to view the new Mercedes C200 so off we went to the old Subang airport to have a look-see look-see. I would have taken more pictures but I wasn’t impressed with the entire event so I didn’t (take more pictures). Dddy said they made recipients RSVP really really early so we were expecting like a goodie-bag or something. Dddy was getting excited ‘bout me doing a test-drive on the new model. It was supposed to be a really fun outing. It was. But it wasn’t really. By the time we arrived there were hoardes of everybody and anybody entering the grand entrance. There wasn’t anyone significant to usher us in and all the 2 women at the front desk was interested in was picking out some paper bit from our invitation probably for the reference of their (failed) event organizer to proof to Daimler the whole party was a success. So they got Shangri-La Hotel to put muffins up and Crème de La Mer to put up a tester (& sale) booth and Citibank to do their credit card promo and Bar 101 degrees to bartend and KL Fashion Week to prop well-dressed mannequins up with mini circuit crap for lil’ kids and go-kart for the big kids. But they didn’t provide some thing EXCLUSIVE for those who responded to their prior invitation. As I ventured to register my name for a test-drive, I hear a chick at the counter telling some other dude the wait is an hour. They were already registering some number over 100 yet only 20-something is currently testing. Wahh very long-lah liddat!! I overheard a tremendously irritated man sternly stating his piece of mind:

Angry Man: What number??Counter Girl: Number 100 and blabla..Angry Man: You mean I have to wait ONE HOUR to test drive??Counter Girl: I’m sorry but there is a lot of people who wants to..Angry Man: There is a lot of people because you let every Tom, Dick and Harry into the queue! If like that, DON’T CALL IT AN EXCLUSIVE INVITATION. If you want to invite exclusively there must be some exclusive treatment mah. Like this is just as good as any fella who walks in mah!! Where can?? Aiya..!! *continues exasperating*
moi: *agrees silently and nods*

Everyone deserves a chance to test-drive the C-class but maybe they should have prepared 2 batches of cars. 1 batch for the orang ramai and the other batch for the ones who came with the invitation. They shouldn’t make us wait an hour-lah… that’s abit too much. And the whole welcome-to-the-luxurious-lifestyle scheme is REALLY REALLY OLD. They ought to have come up with something more interactive and innovative. There wasn’t even an assistant to explain the specs of the car to potential customers. How odd is that?? Seriously. The message didn’t come through-lah babe.

My handsome parents :)

I really like Avant Garde. Not so much the Elegance. Elegance has an old model outlook… very lau ah-pek.

The Event Organizer for this event really ought to watch The Apprentice especially the second last episode of every season. They could really learn a thing or two ‘bout keeping customers happy.

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