Monday, October 29, 2007

judicium & foto dekanat

Yalor I'm the only Chingko in my group which can be hilarious at times. Pretty not we all?


Remember them?? Oh how time has passed. Has it already been 2 years since my FUN time in OBGYN (internship)?? Cut to now: me graduating and them working as lecturers for my university. Crazy right? Ah Mang and Ah Nggun now lecture for the Biochemical department and I caught them just done with invigilating an exam.

Miss MasMas calls me perempuan Cina sesat *giggles*

Super cute right?

Miss MuniMuni and moi. Miss MuniMuni used to be as FAT as me. Look how much thinner she is now. Now I'm the only FAT one left.. boo!!

Mak-mak Datin (L-R): Shelbulous moi, Miss KosKos, Miss IyanIyan, Miss MasMas

My Indon colleagues. Me odd one out with the kerudung clan. Everyone hern happy-loh 'cos we all passed the judicial. Now all that' left is the real graduation day and the Doctor's Oath ceremony. Today is just picture taking session with the Dean and for our graduation book.

Miss HilHil says I put on weight *pouts* That's catastrophic. Moving on, they so cute yah. My really really good friends back at the start of internship: Miss RusRus and Miss HilHil. Couldn't locate Miss MuMu though.

Everyone getting ready for the camera. Since there were too many of us they divided us into 2. So while the first batch took pics...

The rest of us watched on.. anticipating our turn.

In the meantime we camera-whored. Ah Prada looks so handsome kan? In the end I got kinda blocked in the group picture by somebody's freakin' tall head and giant hat. Sucks to be short.

Hehe abit too Saloma-leh *giggles* Ah Sof and I doing our best P.Ramlee pose. Like my kebaya or not?? I picked out the cloth and designed it myself. Uber chic non?

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