Friday, November 30, 2007

wisuda profesi kedokteran 2007

The graduation wasn't that super. Seriously. After all the inconveniences they put us through (changing the dates thus causing us to have to alter air-ticket / hotel dates numerous times of which in the end turned out to be the day most of the Malaysian parents scheduled their return for home. yah it means they came all the way to Bandung but were not able to attend the graduation in the end), it wasn't that big of a deal in the end. Apart from being compulsory it doesn't feel like an occasion worthy of an extended hotel stay. That's what I think anyway. Didn't manage to catch most of my mates on the camera. So I'll show you a couple of instant pictures I took with the overpriced temporary studio photos outside the venue.

Moi solo photo with the UNPAD 'scene' behind me

L-R: Dr IyanIyan, Dr Shelbulous moi, Dr MasMas, Dr KosKos

Here's one in our graduation kebaya sans toga. Mine is a bronze lace top (with matching bustier) which I thought was gold... apparently the spotlight fooled me(!!) with a batik kain. Hmm i thought by going with a french twist and a harsher navy blue shadow that I could look different from my Judicial pictures but somehow that wasn't the case. I will have to request for a different do altogether during my Doctor's Oath ceremony.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

moi bandung guide for the day

Miss TanTan was in Bandung with her colleagues for an incentive tour but extended her stay a couple of days so we could meet up and I could show her my version of Bandung. My flight got delayed so by the time I arrived last night I was too capek to do stuff. Instead we took the opportunity to catch up and chitty-chatty-bang-bang. It has been quite awhile and there were loads to be said.

The next morning I took her jalan-jalan. First stop Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin (no pictures here 'cos I forgot-lah) 'cos Miss IyanIyan and I had to go sign our graduation certificate. BIG FUN. Miss TanTan thinks our certs are real nice *giggles*

Next I brought her to Cihampelas, as requested, where she could see what the hype is all about. Cihampelas also known as Jeans Street is a street filled with (mediocre quality) factory outlets and batik / skater paraphernalia. What really makes this place 'POP' is the opportunity for everyone to meet their choice of superheroes. Most outlet has a certain HERO theme, i.e: Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Aladdin (that used to house this gigantic Aladdin figurine on a magic carpet 'till a heavy storm broke it from it's support and they had to replace it with a really small Aladdin in its place).. We bumped into Ultraman so I made Miss TanTan take a picture with him 'cos it's NOT EVERYDAY WE GET TO MEET A SUPERHERO IN A SHOPPING PLACE!!

Is this Captain America?? Or some lightning hero. I forgot neh. Well lurve the red.. And check out his thigh. Miss TanTan looks like she's having a pink time leaning on them muscles ;)

L-R: Tarzan, Wolverine, Miss TanTan, He-Man

They have loadsa Superhero costumes for kids and Superhero T-shirts for adults. This is the place to stock on Superman tops in various colours and design. Miss TanTan got a Spidey suit for her nephew. it comes with an attached half-mask.

This reminds me of the Amsterdam airport duty-free catch phrase: See Buy FLY. I told Miss TanTan: BUY BUY BUY PAY PAY PAY!

It felt like a slow Sunday morning saunter into Ciwalk. We browsed through the entire building in mere minutes. There wasn't much to see so we had JCo donuts for brunch 'cos there is NO QUEUE here in Indon unlike in Pavillion where morons queue for an entire hour for something that goes down your throat in mere seconds.

Miss TanTan so excited for glazed heavenlies!

I recommended afew of my favourites and she liked Crunchy the most: Chocolate glazed covered with chocolate Rice Krispies.

We headed to Jalan Dago next where most of the factory outlets berpusat and Miss TanTan went all mad with shopping. OK-lah I bought some stuff myself too... I was bored of waiting. Nothing beats passing time with some retail therapy. Miss TanTan managed to score herself the Amanda Brownies Kukus she had been craving.
Note: If you're not buying at the headquarters, make sure that the expiry date on the brownies box is not the same day of purchase. It costs a lil more expensive as vendors who fetched brownies to sell outside jacks the price a lil' as fuel fee. Give them a chance-lah. 25,000rp is an average price you should pay for non-headquarters brownies.

We had lunch in Prefere72 which is a quaint lil Bandungesque cafe in the middle of Jalan Dago approximately opposite M&M fos.

We waited for the rain to turn into a light drizzle before I brought her to Sam's Corner to have the best strawberry juice in Bandung / Indonesia / on earth. She gila-gila liked it and bought another to stock in the hotel.

While waiting for Miss TanTan getting her lulur massage in a neighbouring beauty salon, us 3 Spice Girls went karaoke-ing!! Adoi BIG FUN-lah!!

We were singing and dancing kau-kau like overworked Japanese office yuppies. Favourite tunes are 2 become 1: Spice Girls, Help: the Beatles and of course Umbrella ella ella: Rihanna

Last but not least we closed the day with Jagung Bakar in a little shack flanking the hotel. This is a sort-of version of Bandung mamak-lah. Don't really have many midnight stalls 'cos it's a dangerous place at night-lah. I don't think I've ever really done this 'cos it's freaking-ass dangerous. Sorta.
So there you go a daystrippin' with moi inParis Van Java: Bandung-leh.

Monday, November 26, 2007

macaroons make me swoons

I don't know any other place that makes macaroons in Malaysia.. the only place I know is Bakerzin. IF YOU KNOW ANYWHERE ELSE PLEASE TELL ME!! I usually get mine in 1Utama. I ABSOF*CKINGLUTELY ADORE MACAROONS. Serious. I buy myself a box everytime I'm home which really explains why I cannot be thin.

The best macaroons, I've read, are the ones made by Ladurée in Paris.

I'd really call them biscuits 'cos of their teeny size but let's pay them some respect and call them cakes. Macaroons are round in shape with 2 shells that are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle with cream filling. They come in flavours (in this case) yellow: lemon, pink: rose, green: pistachio, caramel: coffee, brown: chocolate.

The mechanics doesn't matter. I just lurve lurve lurve macaroons!! Weeeee :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

live christmas trees for sale at ikea(!!) and real-life poinsettias with lagi real gingerbread houses too!!

Christmas is near. With November coming to an end, shopping malls are hurry-hurrying with their deco installation which always gets Mmmy excited 'cos she lurrrves gawking at fairy lights (which she calls nee-nah-nee-nah lights). So she suggested we go over to IKEA to browse through Christmas paraphernalia.

As we approached the check-out counter to pay, I came across a dozen of Christmas fir (or pine?) trees all wrapped up. These trees seem different in comparison to the usual ones you see in Malaysia (plastic) and they smell different too. They smelled... fresh!! So I quickly called Mmmy over to show her the new trees exclaiming that the trees are so life-like.

Mmmy: Si chiar eh. (It's real one)
moi: Cannot be-lah.
Mmmy: Si chiar eh.
moi: Are you sure?
Mmmy: *plucks a twig of the display tree and shoves it onto my face* See!!
moi: OMG it's real!! They brought in REAL CHRISTMAS TREES TO MALAYSIA.

After circling around the group of flora, I finally caught glimpse of a sign that confirms Mmmy's belief. They were indeed Live Christmas Trees and they could live in your living room with an occasional dose of glucose. How Shelbulous is that?? Seriously. I thought only people in North America or Europe could ever have a real Christmas tree with all the Christmas shows on Hallmark and our unforgiving temperature in Malaysia. I am wrong. And it only costs you RM99!!

And IKEA would send your tree home gratis if you purchase the 2.5m sort. That's awfully nice of them... must be the Christmas ho-ho-ho cheer :)

My photo skills are still so-so which explains the (?) image above. I was trying to capture the genuinity of the pines(?) with the attaching nuts (which are real 'cos I bit into them to test out if they were plastic or not).

This is me slightly bending down beside a 2m (?) or was it 180cm tree. You will have to purchase the stand (seen at the base of the tree) in order to prop it up. Looks so cute right? I am so impressed with IKEA. They really made one of my wildest childhood dreams come through. Never in my lifetime would I thought it possible to house a real Christmas tree right here in tropical Malaysia.
And flanking the trees somewhat were red Poinsettas (as I now know they're called) which I've only seen in plastic existence. I really thought they only existed in plastic. NOT ANYMORE...

IKEA are now selling fresh potted Poinsettas for RM9.90 a pot. I saw dozens of tai-tais scrambling for the red beauties and stuffing their trolleys by the dozen. They must be as excited as I am. Malaysia is turning into a summer winter wonderland-lho!

OK another not-so-berjaya attempt at catching the quality of the petals but you get my drift. No I didn't munch on the petals to check if they were real 'cos Mmmy was afraid the pesticide level could kill me or cause me to be infertile. I respect her wishes-lah. They pretty things though, non?

Mmmy loves them. Now we regret not buying ourselves a pot. Sure very kinn sold out one.

As Mmmy was queuing up to buy us some curry-puffs, I lingered outside the IKEA's Swedish grocery store looking out for more cool goodies. LO AND BEHOLD I really thought someone swept me into an Enid Blyton fantasy land 'cos never NEVER never did I think I could be face-to-face with a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!! They're D.I.Y planks of gingerbread for sale at RM11.50 which you can set them up with the help of melted sugar (as adhesive) or if you don't intend to eat it you could use UHU glue: Mmmy and I are still deciding. You know when I was a child (in my deprived childhood) I always wondered how people could make a gingerbread house with merely just gingerbread and expect the fairies / pixies to stay in them? It's really possible and it's so mega cute. If I was as little as Thumbelina I'd stay in it too.

Mmmy got mega thrilled and we bought boxes and boxes of them as gifts and personal pleasure. As Mmmy went to pay I did a small victory dance. I know I'm a little to old to get excited over this but seriously WOW. Seriously. WOW.
NOW we all have a chance to Christmas like the angmohs. YEAYYY!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

me cuppacakaholic!!

I've known about Cuppacakes for awhile now. It all started when I SUPER wanted to buy a Lomo camera approximately 5 years ago. I can't remember how (probably from Lomo to Lomo Asia to blablabla) but I found out that +clickproject in Damansara Utama sold them in their cute lil' loft-like studio. So I trotted there with AH NgNg 'cos he's a DU-ian and I'm completely rubbish with direction, and bought myself one. That place is BIG FUN! Serious! They were starting out with an eclectic stationery line called WonderMilk which were seriously mind-blowing. Pokoknya we were one the same wavelength and I super love the pop-art fusion this and that which they intelligently worked onto merchandise.

Soon enough Cuppacakes was born but ayia with me in Indon it was mainly just a look-see look-see business and wish-I wish-I circumstance. But now that I'm back I can order as many cuppacakers as I wanna. I started with a 'thank you' box to Mmmy's colleagues for their well wishes and unfailing encouragement throughout my medical studies. I so LOVE IT that I have a Bite Me card. It makes me feel like I'm part of the Cuppacakes famille :) WEEEEE!!

So the happy not?? Mmmy would have preferred the colour combination to have more pink tones but I suppose it's my fault for not requesting so. I still find them to be absolute sweetness though. This is Carnival!

And they're yummy-yum-yum too. The icing is sweet so you don't have to worry 'bout those yucky-poo cheap bitter type of icing. I got the raisin flavour sort which I find have an extra oomph 'cos right after the whole pizzazz with the cream your mouth pops in surprise as you bite into a raisin. Super cute feeling!!

To get into the Cuppacakamania, visit Cuppacakes and get yourself a box of happy :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

live it up

Haven’t been writing entries… been busy living my life: remember my long-anticipated life-back-home LIFE? I’m living it now. It’s as William Thacker in ‘Notting Hill’ rightfully puts it: Surreal… but nice. I mean, with an accumulation of the 2 years in the UK and another additional 6 in Indonesia I can’t help but feel like a little lost lamb finally returning to its pastures. Very odd and so many new things to get used to..

Umm like for starters I really cannot take air-conditioning-lor. I know Bandung is supposedly some Salem Cool Country with strawberry farms and whatnots but it’s really not that chilly there and since I’ve been using a fan for 6 years I cannot take icy-cold air freezing up my room. My parentals are highly dependent on air-conditioning which brings us to a dilemma when we wanna watch DVDs together. I compromise by dragging my duvet downstairs.

I don’t have my weekly (affordable, affordable meaning RM90-ish a month) maid anymore which means I have to do things MYSELF. I do DO housework myself if it’s the little things such as washing up after I cook / eat or sweeping up my hair after brushing my hair or taking the garbage out but the major big haul ones like scrubbing the bathroom or wiping the floor (jiu tor kar) I leave it to my Bibik-lah. Now that I’m home and we DO NOT have a maid… I have to wipe, scrub and brush everything myself-lor. Which sucks ‘cos it totally takes out a lot of my time and energy from doing sh*t I like, i.e watching E! Need to find those part-time maids who do not cost the equivalent of a Jaguar car who will NOT steal my cute little trinkets or accidentally burn my Victoria Secret mesh babydoll with an overheated iron :P

I have to start washing my own car. I know I complain about taking public transportations and I absolutely love cruisin’ in Conrad (I christened my bouncing baby car) but with driving comes… again: upkeep and washing of cars. Really despise squatting down and scrubbing on the rims-loh. And I’ve got to wipe and vacume the interior as well. Oh bother.

Speaking of cars I have to learn how to navigate myself around town too. That takes a lot of getting used to ‘cos driving these last 8 years was merely chauffeuring myself to 1Utama / Sunway Pyramid / The Curve / McDonald’s drive-thru and back. Now that I wanna go to KL and do KL-ian things… there’s the need to comprehend Malaysian pedestrians (who hop in front of your car from nowhere) and lovable Mak Rempits (who wanna go to hell early and drag you with ‘em). Not to forget Cina-pek road bullies with their not-so-nicely-done pimped out ride who gives you the dirty look everytime you don’t let them cut your queue. Oi I line up in this traffic jam freakin 45 mins liao!! Not fair OK?!

The food’s different too. It’s yummier and so much more accessible but it’s different definitely.

I used to have A LOT OF ME-TIME. A lot of it and there are times when it gets too much and I end up feeling very lonely indeed but back home every inch of second of my time is filled with activities!! Be it household chores or stuff my parentals wanna get done or going out with my mates or making time to think about my career or planning parties or washing my swimsuit or learning how to flirt or etc etc etc.. there’s just so much to do back home!! I’m not used to it. I used to have nothing much to do except for studies, shopping and thinking of other things to do for me.

I can’t boogie-woogie-funky-fruity in my underwear to a Spice Girl’s album. I love my underwear. I like how they make my ass looks and most of all I like to see them flutter up and down if they have cute frills attached to them at the sides. I can’t do sh*t like that anymore except in the confines of my bathroom. The parentals like to walk in sometimes without knocking the door beforehand: you know-lah Chinese parents not much tact one… so yeah, I miss that: that being prancing around semi-naked around my ‘flat’. I have to wear a bra all the time except for bed time and immediately put one on when I wake up. I miss letting my tits hang out 24-7 on a Sunday.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

these are a few of my favourite things

"When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad..."

I had to have it-lah. The box looks like it's holding a 500mL bottle but really half of it is occupied by the cap's daisy headdress. I've been meaning to get myself once since it launched months ago but ayia you know-lah Malaysian market is snail-slow when it comes to season turnovers. Besides I don't think I've seen it anywhere except here in Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pavillion. Super cute right the packaging!! Makes you feel like it's a Super Spring Sunday in the meadows.

Marc speaks of his new fragrance: "Radiant and enchanting, Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet with a fresh, spirited edge." The top notes are: Luscious Natural Freshness comprising of scents of wild strawberries, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit. Heart notes are: Luminous Modern Vintage comprising of scents of violet, jasmine and gardenia. Base notes comprise of Smooth Softness and Warm Sensuality scents like vanilla infusions, musks and white woods. It's so fun to smell like luminous modern vintage. What smell is that yah?

I'm liking it so much that I'm kissing it everywhere. This is like Little House on the Prairie gone posh *giggles*

Look at the packaging-lor. How can a person say no to such a cutey frivolous bottle like that? You can get yourself a dose of simple fun at Marc by Marc Jacobs in Pavilion, KL for RM297. This is SO ME: princess and mega cute.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

just looking

"there's things i want
there's things i think i want
there's things i have
there's things i wanna have..."

WTF?!! Super Shelbulous or what?!! OMG it can totally house my guitar I won from a music magazine in a Beatles competition. The Hello Kitty Fender guitar bag goes for US$84.99.

And a Hello Kitty Fender guitar strap too?? Man bet they sent a unit to Lisa Loeb. Sanrio please send me one too!! I promise to learn the guitar after that..

Argh!! To die for: OK-lah these are definitely affordable (US$6.99).. someone please buy me a pack. Please. I'll really love you. Really.

"i'm just looking
i'm not buying
i'm just looking
it keeps me smiling..."


P.S., disclaimer: images courtesy of Sanrio

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thai Chor Lahh

I know I know, I'm totally overloading on the clips but cut me some slack-lah babydolls: I haven't had internet as quickly as this for almost a decade. Finally I get to access flash programs / subscribe to online magazines / watch videoclips pronto. This is addictive.

There's only 1 ASTRO in the house and evenings are booked by AEC or Wah Lai Toi or some other Chinese channel-lah courtesy of Mmmy, Lady of The House. She's totally hooked on Maid Wan Xin. That and she's an avid follower of that Hokkien soap which seems to last forever. They're like the Taiwanese Eastenders!

If there's one thing that's kick-ass funny it's Astro On Demand's Anti-Piracy advertisement. OMG so darn funny neh. My favourite part is him ending up as a shampoo boy in an old lady's saloon. Super hilarious.

Log on to Astro AEC Channel 301. Hate the 3-digit channels-lah. The remote control don't really agree with them... when you wanna, say check out MTV, before you manage to click '713' the bloody screen goes on channel '7' and tells you it's not available. The battle with the remote can take on forever. Seriously.

Wah wah someone poisoning the Maid Wan Xin's husband. Veryy chee-kek..!! Excuse me :)

must remember to practice flirting

Miss ChongChong: Dear I have found the place where everyone apprent hangs out. A pub in taman tun. we will check it out next week k
moi: Haha u damn effectiv. Set.
Miss ChongChong: Lets go get lucky next week. Will help to see how we can get booking n what is the best day to go. N pls remember to practice flirting.
moi: Wit who? My constructn worker fr pakistan?? Haha. Ok ok lah. Settle settle

my "i'm not a plastic bag" bag story (backdated abit)


Here's the real deal!!

I had known 'bout I'm Not A Plastic Bag approximately 6 months before the hype arrived Malaysia. I had sent Sophiekins off to queue at Sainsburys though not successful ‘cos by the time she had arrived she found out that they were only selling 30 bags and there was a ticket system. The line had formed since 6 in the morning! Sophiekins, on the other hand, was very fortunate as her good friend Miss EleaElea had her dad ebay the country and manage to score them each one. I had subjected myself to a long torturous life without it ‘till Anya’s newsletter brought to my attention that she was producing lines for the States and Asia: Malaysia being one of ‘em. YEAYYY!! When I arrived home for the hols, I hopped quickly to their store in KLCC to ask about the bag. They were in fact at that time very new regarding the issue and were taking in orders. I was the 5th person in their little order book and got myself 3 bags for the 3 ladies of the family. Now when I think about it I SO REGRET-LAH. I could have bought like 10 to give away as uber hot pressies. Oh well.

3 months later I went to the shop to order more in but the excitement had caught on and they weren’t taking in any more orders. By the time the day arrived, Mmmy took a special day off to go get our bags with Sophiekins. Mmmy could not believe her eyes when she saw the queue stretched down 3 floors!! They were both lucky I had pre-booked them-lah ‘cos while poor unfortunate Mak Datins had to stand in line like every commoner on the street, they had breakfast at Delifrance and sauntered pass the door without having to stand in line!!

(msg 07.06.07 11:49)
Sophiekins: Got the bag. The amount of death looks we got wen we went pass the q in2 the store was priceless. Riot nearly happn cos they announce sold out. Theyr refusing 2 leav. Me n mum ncountrd catty bo kam guan ppl as we left. I love it.

going cavalli crazy in amsterdam

so gila right??

Friday, November 09, 2007

cavalli does h&m

Ever since I've missed out on Viktor & Rolf for H&M my life was never the same. I thought I was gonna miss out on Roberto Cavalli too but darling Sophiekins took time off her busy-bee sched and helped me purchase a couple o' stuff. BIG FUN!! As you'd probably know, when the crowd shops for any designer that does H&M, it's not really shopping... it's grabbing!!

This is the system: Sophiekins go - She grabs - She pays - She tells me to go online - Shows me merchandise via webcam - I decide if I like it or not - She keeps the ones I like and returns the ones I don't the next day. It's really an awfully brilliant idea. of Sophiekins' right??

This was a gorgeous dress!! Serious!! But it was a size 16 and well... nanti difficult to alter properly-lah. So it's headed for the 'return' stack. It's OK I can live without the dress... it was just too expensive to pay that kinda price for a dress that didn't fit me just right.

Me waits patiently as she finds more pieces to hold up to the camera. Sometimes I make her try them on just to see if it rocks or not.

Not keeping the bra: wrong size also.

Basic jeans with leopard print detailings. So very nice! Keep!

Leopard-print pants. So the hoochie-mama lho but ahh who gives a f*ck. I'm sad I only have 3 pieces of Cavalli in the end.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

bon yum-yum: sweet garden treats

I've been to The Gardens, Midvalley. Umm... Maybe I should go again just to make sure how I feel about the place. Chinoz, despite the bizarre (Mmmy finds them abysmal) treatment, won my heart over with their uber cuteness dessert. You cannot stay mad at this cupcake forever!! It has a freakin' candy heart that sends your soul a-melting :)

Raspberry creme cupcake. I'm in luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve...

Ooooh lemon meringue tart. So kawaii!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a tale for shelby

Sophiekins wrote me a poem in the spirit of my graduation. Sadly to say my England not powderful enup to understand but maybe you can. Here you go...

The odyssey was oblique
Misdirection in abundance to the warrior
Dispirited with the growing weakness
She is awakened by tales of the battle approaching the end
Spoken of among the tribunals of her soul
In tandem with the chimes of two cathedrals
Along with the rhythm of the river
Flowing strong, the wave of passion creeps
Towards the unending depths of the ocean
Subjection to the colour of hypnotised roses
It carries the blood, it does not drown
Her quest unmarred in pursuit of the crown

In the horizons a ship appears
Luke, the valiant, commandeers it
The vessel of Hippocrates, upon it the cavalry
His disciples, armed with weapons of hope
Peers to the warrior, their minds are noble
Soldiers seeking naught of fortune
Soldiers in dire need of protection
For they are poised in the ultimate fight
The pursuit for their souls
It begun seeming so long ago
Genevieve, her faithful guide, her services are of gold
Had her hand taken, like many others before her
Leading the warrior towards the point of no return
A decision that takes her along the path of Amelia
Denying the constellations of Faust
She seeks redemption in the moonlight of compassion
It reflects on her 2 armours, she will carry the scars
She sees God’s will, marvellous in His eyes
The words of his anointed chosen one

The pilgrims, fingers entwined in silent prayers
Blessed be the journey of their own
They stand, at the threshold
How long are they to wait
At the mercy of Father Time
Whilst placing the ultimate faith in The Fool of the Tarot
The arrival of the rain of salts
It is here, it is here tonight
Brought upon by the victory of their chosen heroes
The very same sent off with blessings bestowed
Never unwavering in anticipation
Warriors are children still, in their eyes
They dine finally in rejoice, not in renunciation

She damn power right? My sister bah.. of course-lah. You want her to write poem for you too? Gimme present!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

room revamping: the process

Adoi the bloody Microsoft Word f*cked up and now my entire entry ter-delete. Crap. I hate having to try remember what I’ve typed and retype it out again: it’s frustrating!

The design phase:

So as I was saying, there are dudes drilling and banging and whatnot upstairs ‘cos my room was getting refurbished. Not really major makeover just minor one only. I designed the interior layout myself: a little proud for sure. What can I say? In the house I’m the resident clothes / kebaya / interior / exterior designer-lah. So anyways in order to make more storage space for my be-banyak punya barang, I extended my wardrobe and added racks to house my medical books. Currently they are still sitting by the alley in carton boxes. It’s gonna cramp the room up ‘cos I’m shoving something in every corner but what to do-lah OK? Something’s gotta give.

The wallpaper picking phase:
Mmmy intends to wallpaper the rooms once everything’s good and done to give the room a good finishing touch. Yeayy!!

So we trodded of to Janine that houses the Osborne & Little line of wallpapers of which were featured in either Vogue or Elle magazine last year of which I like :) Ah Azmie, the resident designer was very helpful and I totally appreciate his insights. The funny part is making him so pusing with my pink demands. I wanted a pink wall and I found a paper that was, like, SUPER-O PINK-O. I thought: SHELBULOUS…!! Thinking that will do, I figured I was done for the day till’ Ah Azmie pointed out that if we were to cover it all up in pink it would be too ger-jreng and I probably would be too blinded whenever I walk into the room to be able to sleep or heck DO ANYTHING!! So he found something that could help soften things out. What do you think?

FYI: upon selection of wallpaper, it will take the shop 4 – 6 weeks to get the order in. Then the wallpaper dude will come and take measurements and pasang everything. It’s a pretty slow process.

Just as Mmmy and I were bickering in the shop over the
- wallpaper before putting the racks up (Mmmy wants)- putting the racks up before wallpaper (I want)
Aiya I malas to wait any longer. I really have to get my things up and out of the carton boxes. Besides I was a little concerned as to the friction the wallpaper might cause if it was in the middle of the rack and the wall and unsure if the rack would be able to hold better should it be fastened to the wallpaper rather than directly to the wall. Mmmy pointed out to Ah Azmie that my med books are serious lots.. they freakin’ weigh a ton. He was flabbergasted!!

(conversation)Ah Azmie: Are you a doctor??moi: Yeah *shrug*
Mmmy: Yalah how to believe she’s a doctor! Look at her nails!Ah Azm: Yah! Exactly! I thought you were another designer! You don’t look like a doctor. You look different. OMG I can’t believe you’re a doctor!moi: *guffaws*

That.. coming from a fellow designer was highly appreciated. It’s like a nod of acknowledgement from a peer(??). That left me fluttering with happiness.

Before we left Ah Azmie brought this really really hot-off-the-runway batch of wallpapers from the National Guild of Designers. Oooh now I pusing. Decisions! Decisions!

Bangsar Shopping Centre (west wing, level 2)S112 2nd Floor
285 Jalan Maarof , Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 60320949530
Opening hour: Mon – Sat 1100 - 1900

Also available at Great Eastern Mall and Plaza Ampang
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