Sunday, October 14, 2007

you try to give away keeper

Remember this??

Miss MasMas and Miss IyanIyan has been ultra generous by allowing me to bunk in their room on days when I’m in Bandung and today is one of those days-lah. Obviously I have E! permanently on ‘cos it’s imperative I catch the latest bulletin regarding Britney Spears, me idol… yea she is u f*cker, since I’ve been out of touch with the world for so long. (What you mean E! isn’t really news? I don’t judge you for watching the *gag* ber-boring CNN or NBC so you don’t judge me)

OK-lah only 2 weeks but 2 weeks in Sumedang feels like 20 years in Azkaban OK? So anyways me was catching up with episodes of Kimora Lee Simmons’ My Fabulous Life (super-o lovin’ that show-lho) when Isaac Mizrahi’s show, Isaac, came on and guess who’s his guest-de-la-guest?? None other than my also favourite LISA LOEB :) I haven’t had the chance to catch the new season of Number One Single, Lisa’s Show on E! also I think, so it was lovely watching her come on as a guest on Isaac’s show. I was packing while watching (I seem to be forever packing, goodness save my Shelbulous soul) so I couldn’t focus 100% on what they were chattering about but I did notice a relatively decent bloke walk up on stage with a pink box in his arms. He’s apparently a music producer who is also in his own personal band, genre: umm.. let’s just call it eclectic. Isaac had the liberty of setting them up and boy did he make a good choice. The fella’s a lil’ nerdy but Lisa ain’t exactly Miss C-C-Cool either. Moving on to the MOST IMPORTANT POINT!

He brought her a gift for starters: “ding”. In a bloody giganto PINK box some more: “ding ding”.

Which turns out to be a Hello Kitty rice cooker: “ding ding ding”. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?? He gave her something she likes!! That is sweet.

A Sanrio surprise is more than sweet *sigh* I can’t remember the last time when a boy gave me something I truly truly like. Maybe never. Or at least not brilliant enough ‘cos I don’t remember getting anything monumental. A Hello Kitty juicer would be nice. Or a pink Juicy Couture bag. Or that Paul Frank jumper with attached puppet mittens. Or the new Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs. Or a Polaroid camera. Or a Stella McCartney for Adidas sweater. Ahhh the list goes on: I like too many things.

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