Tuesday, October 16, 2007

bon yum-yum: roti unyil!!

Oh Me Lordy!! These are the best cute lil' mini breads on the face of planet earth. Seriously. I mean for starters I have never had mini breads so small and cute. Then I've never had mini breads so yummy yum yum (arranged according to personal preference): Cream corn, Sausage & Cheese, Ham & cheese, Chocolate sprinkles & cheese, Chocolate sprinkles only.

These are as Shelbulous as MACAROONS-lho. Serious. I could finish an entire box in a sitting. Pointed my finger just to prove to you the magnitude of its fury lil' size. Worth a trip to Bogor!!

Love Miss KetarKetar for introducing to me the wonders of Roti Unyil *bisou*

Venus Bakery
Jl Pajajaran Romp. V Point No.1
Tel: +62-0251364008

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