Tuesday, October 30, 2007

tell me your secrets

(As seen in Elle October ’06)

Shelbybaby’s Secrets

Favourite stores to shop: Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, Zara, Carla’s GalleryBest place(s) for a bargain: Forever21, H&M, Rumah ModeFavourite vacation spot: LondonFavourite gallery: Van Gogh Museum-Amsterdam
Favourite artists: Mark Ryden, Van Gogh, Shag, Yoshitomo Nara
Favourite guilty meal: Hokkien mee-Jln Alor
Best 5-pound diet: don’t eat
Best beach: Pulau Perhentian
Best place to find a last-minute party outfit: BCBG Max AzriaBest thing ever borrowed: Sophiekins’ lavender pashmina
Dream outfit: Versace or Matthew Williamson cocktail dress
Favourite model: Miranda Kerr
Best beauty secret: always try new products, Selsun Blue anti-dandruff shampoo
Fashion muse: Kirsten Dunst, Carrie Bradshaw, Lindsay Lohan
Secret vintage spot: I don’t do vintage (instead I design and make dresses)Best place to buy shoes: Payless Shoes, Topshop
Unlikely shopping city: YogyakartaFavourite shopping website: http://www.eluxury.com/
Favourite cocktail and where to drink it: it used to be Sex on the Beach at Brunswick Bar-Brighton but now it’s Mojitos at La Bodega
Before-going-out ritual: Blowing my hair upside-downFavourite song to listen to while getting dressed: nowadays it’s Everything’s Just Wonderful (Lily Allen) or Gimme More (Britney Spears)

Miss KetarKetar’s Secrets

Favourite stores to shop: Point One, Rimo, DagaduBest place for a bargain: Pasar BaruFavourite vacation spot: Yogyakarta
Favourite gallery: Musee du Louvre
Favourite artist: Leonardo Da VinciFavourite guilty meal: Tong seng
Best 5-pound diet: I-don’t-do-dietsBest beach: Kuta beach
Best place to find a last-minute party outfit: my sister’s wardrobe
Best thing ever borrowed: my sister’s cropped denim jacketDream outfit: luxury lacy underwear
Favourite model: Olga LydiaBest beauty secret: Vaseline aloe vera lotionSecret vintage spot: my brother’s wardrobe
Best place to buy shoes: Zaks
Unlikely shopping city: Cianjur (town)Before-going-out ritual: bathe
Favourite song to listen to while getting dressed: Sugar Sugar (The Archies)

Miss KosKos Secrets

Favourite stores to shop: Topshop, Zara, Forever21
Best place for a bargain: Mango-MNG
Favourite vacation spot: London
Favourite guilty meal: McDonald’sBest 5-pound diet: fast / puasaBest beach: i-hate-beaches
Best place to find a last-minute party outfit: Tomodachi BoutiqueBest thing ever borrowed: my mother’s Harrods bag
Dream outfit: long nude with bling-bling diamante dress by Anne Bowen
Favourite model: Adriana Lima
Best beauty secret: Ginvera Marvel gelFashion muse: Lindsay Lohan
Best place to buy shoes: Vincci
Unlikely shopping city: Bandung
Before-going-out ritual: sunblock
Favourite song to listen to while getting dressed: anything by Jimmy Eat World

Monday, October 29, 2007

judicium & foto dekanat

Yalor I'm the only Chingko in my group which can be hilarious at times. Pretty not we all?


Remember them?? Oh how time has passed. Has it already been 2 years since my FUN time in OBGYN (internship)?? Cut to now: me graduating and them working as lecturers for my university. Crazy right? Ah Mang and Ah Nggun now lecture for the Biochemical department and I caught them just done with invigilating an exam.

Miss MasMas calls me perempuan Cina sesat *giggles*

Super cute right?

Miss MuniMuni and moi. Miss MuniMuni used to be as FAT as me. Look how much thinner she is now. Now I'm the only FAT one left.. boo!!

Mak-mak Datin (L-R): Shelbulous moi, Miss KosKos, Miss IyanIyan, Miss MasMas

My Indon colleagues. Me odd one out with the kerudung clan. Everyone hern happy-loh 'cos we all passed the judicial. Now all that' left is the real graduation day and the Doctor's Oath ceremony. Today is just picture taking session with the Dean and for our graduation book.

Miss HilHil says I put on weight *pouts* That's catastrophic. Moving on, they so cute yah. My really really good friends back at the start of internship: Miss RusRus and Miss HilHil. Couldn't locate Miss MuMu though.

Everyone getting ready for the camera. Since there were too many of us they divided us into 2. So while the first batch took pics...

The rest of us watched on.. anticipating our turn.

In the meantime we camera-whored. Ah Prada looks so handsome kan? In the end I got kinda blocked in the group picture by somebody's freakin' tall head and giant hat. Sucks to be short.

Hehe abit too Saloma-leh *giggles* Ah Sof and I doing our best P.Ramlee pose. Like my kebaya or not?? I picked out the cloth and designed it myself. Uber chic non?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

got no water

See. Not that I wanna whine a lot yah but life just gives me SO MANY reasons to behave this way. Like today it’s so freakin’ hot and there’s no running water so if I wanna bathe I gotta fetch water from the well!! I can’t believe I have to do this AGAIN in my lifetime. I figured that Jatinangor would be the last of this kemarau business.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

bon yum-yum: roti unyil!!

Oh Me Lordy!! These are the best cute lil' mini breads on the face of planet earth. Seriously. I mean for starters I have never had mini breads so small and cute. Then I've never had mini breads so yummy yum yum (arranged according to personal preference): Cream corn, Sausage & Cheese, Ham & cheese, Chocolate sprinkles & cheese, Chocolate sprinkles only.

These are as Shelbulous as MACAROONS-lho. Serious. I could finish an entire box in a sitting. Pointed my finger just to prove to you the magnitude of its fury lil' size. Worth a trip to Bogor!!

Love Miss KetarKetar for introducing to me the wonders of Roti Unyil *bisou*

Venus Bakery
Jl Pajajaran Romp. V Point No.1
Tel: +62-0251364008

Sunday, October 14, 2007

you try to give away keeper

Remember this??

Miss MasMas and Miss IyanIyan has been ultra generous by allowing me to bunk in their room on days when I’m in Bandung and today is one of those days-lah. Obviously I have E! permanently on ‘cos it’s imperative I catch the latest bulletin regarding Britney Spears, me idol… yea she is u f*cker, since I’ve been out of touch with the world for so long. (What you mean E! isn’t really news? I don’t judge you for watching the *gag* ber-boring CNN or NBC so you don’t judge me)

OK-lah only 2 weeks but 2 weeks in Sumedang feels like 20 years in Azkaban OK? So anyways me was catching up with episodes of Kimora Lee Simmons’ My Fabulous Life (super-o lovin’ that show-lho) when Isaac Mizrahi’s show, Isaac, came on and guess who’s his guest-de-la-guest?? None other than my also favourite LISA LOEB :) I haven’t had the chance to catch the new season of Number One Single, Lisa’s Show on E! also I think, so it was lovely watching her come on as a guest on Isaac’s show. I was packing while watching (I seem to be forever packing, goodness save my Shelbulous soul) so I couldn’t focus 100% on what they were chattering about but I did notice a relatively decent bloke walk up on stage with a pink box in his arms. He’s apparently a music producer who is also in his own personal band, genre: umm.. let’s just call it eclectic. Isaac had the liberty of setting them up and boy did he make a good choice. The fella’s a lil’ nerdy but Lisa ain’t exactly Miss C-C-Cool either. Moving on to the MOST IMPORTANT POINT!

He brought her a gift for starters: “ding”. In a bloody giganto PINK box some more: “ding ding”.

Which turns out to be a Hello Kitty rice cooker: “ding ding ding”. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?? He gave her something she likes!! That is sweet.

A Sanrio surprise is more than sweet *sigh* I can’t remember the last time when a boy gave me something I truly truly like. Maybe never. Or at least not brilliant enough ‘cos I don’t remember getting anything monumental. A Hello Kitty juicer would be nice. Or a pink Juicy Couture bag. Or that Paul Frank jumper with attached puppet mittens. Or the new Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs. Or a Polaroid camera. Or a Stella McCartney for Adidas sweater. Ahhh the list goes on: I like too many things.

Friday, October 12, 2007

can you believe it's been a year since the last puasa?

Well I can't. It's hard to imagine on this exact day last year we were bumbling about Orchard Road buying this and that which I've yet to use. Finally I got the remaining pictures off Miss KosKos camera so here they are... the rest of it, first part that is:

We had to get up at 5 in the morning to make the 7am flight. It was a bad idea after all 'cos shops in Singapore open at, like, 11am!! I like shopping back home in Malaysia 'cos everything's open by 9.30am.

We randomly roamed down the street in search of an open shop. Couldn't find any except for some Starbucks cafes.

A close up of the Hermes trapeze-print outfit. It's so lovely.

See!! Noone around but us.

Proof we really came.

Mood improved after some purchases. Glee!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

doctors: tukang gossip no.1

Miss MasMas: Shelby, dr arif kt mas imam yg ganteng 2 suka kt u ehehe
moi: u ni kaki gosip je
Miss MasMas: wat2do. nthg 2 talk abt. td tgh SC. dia kt u nk msk army. i kt yeah bcos u ada kecengan kt AD. thn he sed wa kecewa donk imam. he2x he's quite cutela

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