Wednesday, September 05, 2007

happy birthday grandpa!

AhYung: *thinks to himself* Man I wish I pretty like her!

u o me alot of dinners
moi: last i counted
Ah Yung: eh?
moi: yah like i dunno 4 or 5 posh meals i think
Ah Yung: and why do i owe u dinenrs/

moi: how come funny?
moi: it's not a joke woh. it's real.

Ah Yung: why??
moi: once cos i forgot. another cos my bday. another cos i graduated first time. another cos ur bday. and another cos i'm so likeable.
Ah Yung: my bday i buy u dinner?? your bday i buy u dinner??
moi: yah i know!! it's so great being ur friend

And now he owes me 6 posh dinners. BIG FUN!


ahYung said...

oh no!!! the horrors of having uploaded my pictures online!!! UGGgh... well.. i guess you should be happy i'll just oblige ONE dinner. This is of course after i receive my bday present! :p

Oh... and "posh" is left to my interpretation :p

shelbybaby said...

ahyung: in your own words--> "bleh!!"

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