Friday, September 28, 2007

tampering with ah herla's webcam

It all started with Ah Ggies discovering Ah Herla had a built in camera on his laptop. So while the joker was assisting in surgery, we played around with his cam.

I hate taking 3-people pictures. But since I'm gonna go home for good.. OK-lah. Only this time I make an exception. (L-R) Ah Ggies, Miss KetarKetar and moi :P

In order to enjoy the next flurry of pictures. Copy them pictures and click the 'next' button real quickly. It's the whole Charlie Chaplin effect that really cracks the crap outta us. BIG FUN!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

what do you believe?

“I believe… that in the face of overwhelming evidence to the
we will be OK.”
… Elizabeth “Izzie” Stevens, Grey’s Anatomy …

Things are fine. I have the cloth-thing that keeps me happy and I’ve been racking up old issues of Glamour UK, Elle USA & UK and of course VOGUE without a doubt for fashion inspirations = fashspirations. I’ve just sent my batik off to the tailor with a torn page of Roberto Cavalli summer dress circa spring/summer ‘07.The packing’s going alright though I have filled up 5 really BIG boxes (the ones that can fit a medium-sized tele) and those are just half the things I have. I’ve sold my fridge which is brilliant ‘cos that’s the most difficult one to get rid off. Things are getting into motion. Time really feels like it’s tick-tocking which is unusual. The pace has quickened and this doesn’t happen all too very often. The week after next week would be the beginning of the final month I am here in Indon. This is a very surreal feeling.

I cannot begin to express my distaste for packing. I started out by carefully placing my books at the bottom of the boxes and topping them off with either my CDs or my clothes so as too not overburden the carton. I’d dust the covers and look through old folders containing what seems like scrap papers. Now I can’t be bothered to sift through what’s important and what’s not so I’m lugging everything home. Putting stuff into boxes from where they used to sit is weird.. some of the paraphernalia (cute word for rubbish) have been in the same position for years. When I see the 2cm collection of dust that parameters my things, it really only means that either I’ve been here for a long long time or that I’m a bad housekeeper (Dddy would call it “lam-nua”). It’s both really, though I’d only publicly admit to the former. I forget I even own some of them things. It’s turning out to be an emotional journey: this act of packing. I’m amidst having my breath taken away and shedding a tear.

And to think I thought the torture would never end… now that it’s so near the finishing line I'm starting to feel the going-home-for-good jitters. Since I gave my youth up here, I haven’t the slightest idea how it’s like to live at home with my parents INDEFINITELY *cackle* It’s a pretty intimidating thought. No more prancing around in my sheer Victoria Secret ruffled camisole or living in a week’s old mess or watching 9 episodes of Brothers & Sisters back-to-back or foregoing dinner for sleep or slapping my slippers on making my cute arse towards Miss MasMas / Miss KhaiKhai / Miss KosKos’ place for an hour’s (at least!!) worth of yakkety-yak or cooking or just laying still chasing cars in my head. Maybe NOT no more but definitely much lesser of those enlisted activities above. In my house you get checked upon every half an hour… my parents have this bizarre habit of needing to physically know I’m breathing almost every second I’m not in visual arena. They call it protection I call it *gags* suffocation. And yes there are hundreds of thousands of deprived orphans and neglected poor lil’ rich kids but there really ought to be a limit to parental supervision for children aged 25 years and above.

(conversation, 6 months ago I think)
*gazes emptily into the tele playing MTV*
Mmmy: *plops herself beside me on the couch*

Cut to 3 minutes later…

Mmmy: Eh go and bathe-lah.
moi: OK, I will.

2 minutes later…

Mmmy: Eh go and bathe-lah.
moi: Yup, I will after I watch some MTV.

Cut to the SEVENTH “eh go and bathe-lah”…

moi: *turns to face my mother* *takes a deep breath* OK Mmmy we have to have a talk. When I come home for good you are not allowed to do this. You can’t chant “go bathe” every 3 minutes. I understand you want me to go bathe. I will bathe. I may not bathe immediately, but I will in my own time.
Mmmy: OK sorry.
moi: No need to apologize Mmmy. I just want you to understand. There will be moments when I come home from work and I’m tired and I just want to zone out in front of the tele BEFORE I bathe. The last thing I need is for you to breathe down my neck regarding shower issues. I don’t know, maybe we need to draft out an MOU regarding this matter.. like, you are prohibited from nagging me to bathe or something (amongst others).
Dddy: *raises his hand*
moi: What??
Dddy: Can I be included with you in your MOU?
Mmmy: *runs over to twist Dddy’s left ear*

Another thing that I’m super afraid of is finally having to stare my dreadful social life in the face and finally forcing myself to expand my male acquaintances beyond the party of 4. I can’t imagine I only have 4 friends who are dudes back home: Ah Choy, Ah Yeoh, Ah Yung and Ah Chongks. This is pathetic. I’m pathetic. My ‘I’m-only-here-for-a-week’ excuse will finally reach its expiration date and I will have to come to terms with the real reason why I’m still single: goodness knows. I still think it’s the FAT thing but it could be the KOOKY thing or the CONVENTIONAL FRIGID thing. Either or-lah. I will finally have to take responsibility over my social status. I hope I do well in this networking business. I always pride myself in my Shelbulous friend-making skills but maybe this just applies to people in Indon and those I’ve stumbled upon before I turned into the cynical witch I am now. Tell me, how are twenty-something people of all walks of life like back home in Malaysia? It seems like such a new frontier. With me sheltered in this medical community bubble for 6 years and never reading the newspaper, I don’t know how the heck I’m gonna make conversations with people of that age box?? Seriously.

Then there’s the biggety-big-big houseman ship trepidation. I’ve been hearing all these jaw-dropping horror stories from the grapevine: sends jitters down my spine. I’m really expecting the worst for myself.

Let’s just hope Izzie is right.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

happy birthday grandpa!

AhYung: *thinks to himself* Man I wish I pretty like her!

u o me alot of dinners
moi: last i counted
Ah Yung: eh?
moi: yah like i dunno 4 or 5 posh meals i think
Ah Yung: and why do i owe u dinenrs/

moi: how come funny?
moi: it's not a joke woh. it's real.

Ah Yung: why??
moi: once cos i forgot. another cos my bday. another cos i graduated first time. another cos ur bday. and another cos i'm so likeable.
Ah Yung: my bday i buy u dinner?? your bday i buy u dinner??
moi: yah i know!! it's so great being ur friend

And now he owes me 6 posh dinners. BIG FUN!
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