Monday, August 27, 2007

when you can’t push, vacume!

One fine morning as I woke up to a hopeful day of minimal work and maximum tranquillity, I was appalled to see that the Delivery Room was occupied by a lady in contractions. Oh bother. The foul mood didn’t last long because the patient was scheduled for a Caesarean Section. Yahoo! Those stationed in the Operation Room are responsible now. The mother was pleading, rather pitifully, for a C-Sect ‘cos she had been trying to birth her child over 24 hrs from the midwife’s place ‘till now. I thought we were supposed to respect the patient’s wishes. I learnt later that that doesn’t really work here in Indon ‘cos it’s too expensive to perform an operation on the poor so natural birthing (with aid if needed) is the standard operating procedure here.

I quickly made my was to our “lounge” to continue working on my kebaya designs ‘till I heard Ah Herla reporting the patient to Dr Ariefster. Dr Ariefster got excited for us to try out the vacume… which made me groan inside ‘cos I’m not a big fan of the vacume (whether it’s for household chores or popping baby heads outta vaginas). I knew Ah Herla was looking forward to the vacume himself but it was me who was stationed in the Delivery Room and so just to spite him for telling on my Pre-eclamptic patient I agreed to do the vacume extraction. It’s, like, I didn’t want to do it but because he so eagerly wants to do it and went behind my back doing it, when I could have given it to him if he just asked me nicely.. I decided to do it after all. So I did. And now I know metal cups are better suckers than plastic cups and they help pull better but plastic cups produce less complication.

So about the vacume, it’s all in the gentle traction of the wrist. It’s tiring though ‘cos you have to maintain the same position for a pretty long time. The mother was doing well pushing as we were sucking but at one point we had to snip through her vagina (episiotomy) anyway.

Yeayy baby came out and APGAR score was poor at first but he managed to cry after suction.

Lotsa paperwork which Miss WidiWidi helped me out with ‘cos the sutures were taking longer than I imagined.

So this is really how a baby looks like post-deliver: covered in white slime. Not so cute huh? It’s actually kinda gross.

The midwife administers immunization and the baby is ready to be popped into the incubator as I continue to sew the mother up.
Maybe it’s the lack of confidence but despite what seems like really good stitches I couldn’t really sleep soundly that night. Before I left the hospital the fundus was still above the umbilical and I don’t know if my stitches were strong and tight enough… whether I had attached enough layers of tissue together and if my last minute attempts of encouraging uterine contractions sufficed. I hope so.

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