Tuesday, August 28, 2007

vasectomy party

This was going to be our last excursion out to perform MOP / MOW (in this case MOP aka male sterilization) which happen to take place in Soreang. Incidentally our next satellite hospital in tow for the magang program is RS Soreang so this little trip would be an entrée to what to expect come next month.

Just behind this hill is a recently erected Vasectomy Party!!

You see that bridge that the car’s going over? It’s new. They built it a couple of days before the VP. You gotta give the army some credit… they know how to make a tragic day all cool and stuff: note jet-flying funerals and cannon-blowing salutes. The whole kampung came out to play. There were mini bazaars and lotsa food being sold and most of all dangdut singers rocking out the stage.

You know what’s brilliant? The gargantuan parachute-like tent that enveloped the entire space. It’s the coolest thing ever.

There were 2 spaces allocated for the operations: one of which is our own mobile OR that’s really a bus with equipments. It is so awesome it even comes with its own OR lights.

I was stationed at the other site: an almost-built house with the walls still in cement hue and the wood uncoated. Thought it was weird that someone would lend their super new house as a location for vasectomies. It seems kinda disturbing that there were people once in your living room / on your bed getting their tubes snipped off.

We were all getting last minute pep talk by Dr Ariefster before prayers. Interns were assigned to Dr Dikster and Dr Ariefster while the nurses and Dr Harister and experienced nurses had an operating table each to themselves.

I got to vasectomy on my own. So did Ah Herla and Miss WidiWidi ‘cos Dr Dikster let us go it alone. BIG FUN!

There were over a 100 patients but to my utter surprise we finished way before dinnertime. Here we are totally stretching our aching backs together in the bus.

It’s not easy to operate for hours on end with an unadjustable bed. The forward-bending position when performed more than 10 minutes is absolutely torturous and many a time I find my hands shaking ‘cos my back was killing the crap outta me. Also another interesting anecdote (to be continued)

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