Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sophiekines Felt Like Writing...

Dear Shelbybaby,

You'll be glad to know that I've been working hard.

Senseless little sister is doing something sensible.

I've been doing at least 6 hours each day apart from yesterday. I think my brain went on protest yesterday and it literally could not focus after an hour's work. Ah JenJen said maybe it wasn't used to doing so much work. I agree. Think it's gone on overdrive. But I've started again today don't worry. I'm just worried it won't be enough.

My living plans went a bit tits up though. Don't bother telling the parentals because they'll get stressed for no reason. I know you like to tell them things but at least wait till later or I'll have Ddy on the phone asking me why I had no "plan of security" and to take more vitamin Cs.
Things always work out in the end. But the gist is, I WAS supposed to stay at LaLoLo's this week but then KongKong Lo dropped in from Hongkieland.

My second option(s) turned a bit anal. Miss WiWi had sudden out of town plans and Miss DannDann's place got flooded (and she went to France as well) which was rather anal as well. I gave a few people I knew a ring. I was to a point that I considered calling that friend of yours that I never met - the one with the tower of Manolos but thought that would be weird and not cool. It all looked a bit bleak but then Ah JenJen said I could stay at his until I find somewhere to go - bless him. Don't you love the bonds of brotherhood? I thought of going to Russalia's but I'd feel a bit too cheeky asking him if I could stay at his. Besides, I'd be distracted by his Adonis persona and my eyes will be on tuned in his ass more than my notes - not cool at the moment.

I even said hey to McFruit on msn today (but he ignored me obviously - I wasn't going to attempt contact but Ah JenJen talked me into it to see what would happen *sigh*) You would be disappointed to know that his place didn't get hit by the crap floods in the UK that I read about when I was still back home. I texted him then to check if it was alright where he is and he answered then. By the way, Miss VeiraVeira thought McFruit was cute *smirk* I showed her one of the very few pictures I had - and the contents of the McFruit Ex-Bag. We both agreed that despite all that happened, he was very sweet.

Anyway, it got me thinking. This is all a bit random and it probably won't make sense but bear with me. Not that it matters now but I'm wondering, do couples work better starting as friends or not?

Would our (me and McFruit's) basket of lurrrve not fall apart like it did if we had a better weaved foundation, romantic or friendship? I mean, I used to think we were friends first but then it actually just clicked to me that we weren't. I never spoke much to him until I started fancying him. So we never hung out as friends. We were acquaintances with mutual friends.
We didn't have a solid romantic background either as everything was such a Cannes-festival-movie-whirlwindish. It started very randomly and ended pretty suddenly too. If we spent more time dating and actually being around each other, do you think we would have worked better as a couple and not have a really bizarre turn in the first (normal-esque) romance of our university life?

And let's pretend that he's NOT possibly gay, because I did think that he's sweet, sensitive and fully straight. Patsy did as well! (this was before a couple of his flatmates sat me down for a pint). And he's macho! He plays rugby (okay that is a lie).

But how would this apply to you and Mr. Orange? You guys were tight but the thing is it started as a foundation of friendship. I'm assuming its a bit of a bitch as one unweaves a friendship basket turning it into half a romantic one - Fingers bleed during this process. And then it's down to whether the other party picks up the basket and finishes it, and kisses the wounds better. You probably nearly lost your hand and your basket is half done. An abandoned project. So what gives??

"My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation
And I know that I should let go but I can't
And everytime we fight, I know it's not right
Everytime that you're upset and I smile
I know I should forget but I can't..."
... Foundations by Kate Nash ....

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