Friday, August 03, 2007

Sophiekins Writes Again...

Note to Shelbybaby: Yeah Yeah I Said I'll Write An Entry So Stop Bugging Me. I'm in Europe And Stressed. *smirk*

Okay so I'm back in the UK after the most g*ddamn stressing flight I've ever had.

Downlow point: I was sat in the aisle across from the Von Trapp family, Dubai edition. If dat lil sneaky titch of a child so much as TOUCHED my McBag (which I placed under my seat with the pillow in front of it for extra protection because kids can be sneaky queen bitches-to-be) as she wandered around touching things that didn't belong to her, she was so gonna get it. Child or not. Other people can coo at her or whatever but hey when the bag's involved it gets personal. Besides she'd already stopped crying and I was pissed off enough about when she was. Its her own fault for refusing adult supervision when she needed the loo, then got herself locked IN the loo and had to scream until a poor stewardess came running to let her out. I exchanged a look with an Australian two seats away from me. She raised her eyeborows and I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing. AND, Parents should know better than to let their undisciplined young play jigsaw farm animals in the middle of the freakin cramped aisle! I was SO appalled. Especially since their ridiculously frizzy hair kept getting in the way of my screen everytime one of them stood up to pester their parents about getting their sister to stop her putting Mr. Chicken's Head on Mrs. Horse's arse.

High Point: I discovered the Quiet Lounge in Gate 23 in the Dubai airport. Along with the many nice things I can look at like the M.A.C. makeups and assorted perfumes - they brought in Vera Wang's Truly Pink!! I was quite excited. It smells rosyyyy... and the pink is so hypnotic I swear if you stare long enough, the colour and scent ignites the neurons in your brains and a signal is sent, causing you to purchase it. But I have my Marc Jacobs Rain and I'm on a shopping ban (Yes, I have sunk to Shelbybaby's level. It's her fault. I blame her) so I had to spray a liberal amount on self to pacify self as self won't be owning said perfume anytime soon.

Gate 23 - It's a "hall" filled with reasonably average lounge chairs that you can sleep on. So I stayed there and occupied nearly all of my transit time. Had a nice 8 hour sleep.

Ah Jen Jen came to pick me up and after presenting him with Miss Oreo for his personal use, I introduced him to one of my own secret lovers, Mr. Famous Amos the chocolate chip cookie so he could experiment and expand his horizons a bit. We watched Heroes and went to bed at midnight. I woke up at 9 this morning and started revision at half 9. Patsy thought I was unwell. Ah Jen Jen woke up early too. We found it quite bizarre. We found a random little pub for lunch and he went to work after dinner. After he came back he helped me pick an assortment of birthday presents for an assorted range of people and we created a cocktail.
It's called The Coughing Lolly. I named it. Heheh... It consisted of random alcoholic and (non) ingredients found in the Ah Jen Jen's family's alcohol cupboard.

And in my slight tipsyness from our recent invention, The Coughing Lolly cocktail, I had an epiphany while in the loo on how to solve my problem with a nearly fool-proof plan on never ending up in the aisle across from Dubai editioned Von Trapp family with little shits that will attempt to touch my McBag or play jigsaw creatures on the aisle next to me seat.

I'm switching to Singapore Airlines.

Love Sophiekins xxx

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