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The day we arrived Salamun Hospital, I already had to ultrasound patients on my own.. that and we were to join the OBGYN team leaving for Majalengka on a military charity event where they are to perform mass-tubectomies / vasectomies on villagers there. All of us were like *groan* ‘cos it was such a hassle having to stay the night and it’s not like we were thaaat familiar with the sterilization process. I didn’t even know what to pack… though I did bring my own blanket ‘cos you’ll never know when you need an extra blankie.

Meet the gang. L – R: The Dr Dikster the urology surgent, Miss LidLid, moi, Miss WidiWidi, Ah Herla, Dr Ariefster (OBGYN consultant), Dr Derajster the anesthesist. This is where we stuff medical equipments like gynaecological examination seats and wash basins in.

The journey seem to take forever. 4 hours in a bus can seem like 4 decades in a torture chamber. The things that sucks the most is that my seat is directly below the bus speaker and 3 hours of Sundanese dangdut / folksongs is enough to send me into a tonic-clonic fit.

Usually when they have an MOW / MOP excursion, the gang gets overnight stays at town hotels but because Majalengka doesn’t have a motel even… we were accommodated in the ketua kampung’s humble abode. When I say humble… I really mean humble.

I hurriedly took a bath in their loo ‘cos it was kinda spooky looking with the hole in the ceiling and all that. The water was icy cold… mountain dew worr and smelt a little bizarre but I figured that’s just how kampung water smells. I mean it’s like Jatinangor all over again so whatever-lah. Just as I was drying my face out Miss Lid-Lid comes into the room fresh from a shower and discusses with Miss WidiWidi ‘bout the fishes in the bak mandi (bath water storage).

Miss LidLid: Eh did you see the fishes in the bak mandi ah?
Miss WidiWidi: Ya I had to make sure I didn’t scoop them in.
moi: What fish??
Miss LidLid: There are fishes in the bak mandi. You didn’t see meh?
moi: Where got?? Are you sure??
Miss WidiWidi: Yah got-lah. How come you didn’t notice?
moi: I dunno it was dark and I wasn’t wearing my *runs to check out the bak mandi with glasses this time*
moi: ASTAGA!! We were bathing in fish water all this while!! YUCKKKKKKKKKK!! *proceeds to gag*
Miss LidLid: Why?moi: Wei the fish sh*t and urine in the water you know!! Freaking dirty tau!!
Miss LidLid: Hehe yeah and then we go and use it to brush our teeth.
moi: ASTAGA.

The Indon Health Ministry encourages the raring of our scaly-finned friends in collected water to avoid Aedes mosquitoes’ jentik-jentik from developing into mosquitoes (they get eaten by the fishy-fishy). I understand the point of all this but ayo I’m so grossed out-lah.

The next morning we got up early and started preparing for the event. Here we are looking real smart in our scrubs, or at least I’m looking pretty spiffy *wink* while waiting for the medical assistants / nurses and mid-wives to get things ready. Everyone’s so in awe with my Japanese cotton scrubs that I got made especially Dr Ariefster. My scrubs kick ass!!

We assisted Dr Ariefster in his medical endeavour by doing little errands like making incisions on the lower belly, inserting in the manipulator into the vagina, injecting in anesthetic fluids, and assisting him as he cuts the tubes apart. While sewing up and incision I lost control of the needle and ended up poking myself with it… my heart skipped a beat ‘cos that needle berlumuran with patient’s blood. Not good not good. Also I think I nicked a vein ‘cos bloody from my hand kept bleeding into my glove. I had to quickly sew the lady up before tending to my wound. *sigh* The terror, like before, floods in for awhile but all I can do is shrug and pray that the woman doesn’t have HIV or Hepatitis B / C. F*ck.
After everything was done all of us just couldn’t wait to get home. But Dr Ariefster was adamant in making a pitstop at this secluded village attraction called Situ Sangiang. All of us groaned inside simultaneously. Anywayyy further inside some farmland lies a mystic lake called Situ Sangiang.

Before approaching the spot, you have to casually hike through the mini-forest filled with mahogany trees and whatnot.

This is bizarre eh? 8 trees knotted into 1. Super cool.

Folklore has it that this place used to be a land which housed the king in power at that time (as in Srivijaya, Majapahit era)… a curse or something was laid upon the king and his reign ‘cos one day tiba-tiba the kerajaan sunk into the earth and became a lake. Sort of a Majalengka version of Atlantis. The villagers do not fish here ‘cos the fish are really ‘people’ and those who eat it will die. Creepy huh?

People basically go there to feed the fishes. Local villagers sell buns for 3,000rp per pack. Damn expensive right?

I had some trouble rock-hopping. At some point the other rock was just way too far and I had to stand kangkang for minutes ‘cos I couldn’t find my balance to hop to the next rock. Ah Ggies found the entire scene very amusing. If I could hop to his rock I’d punch his nose.

The fishies are damn desperate for bread wei. Look at how close they swim to the shore. I wanted to wade my toes in the water but I was terrified I might turn into the case of:
“1,2,3,4,5.. once I caught a fish alive.. 6,7,8,9,10 then I let it go again.. why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so..”

Finally after a couple of screams, all of us ended up on the same rock.

They say that if you count the ikan keli (catfish) you’ll always get the total of 41. Never more never less. Who really goes to count catfishes in lakes anyway? There are giant Japanese carps(??) and little dunno-what-species fishes all living in harmony.
Ah Ggies and I tried to Find Nemo.

If you look closely you can see giant bat nests (do giant bats make nests??) amidst the tree tops. They come out at night to go makan-makan fruits. Little bats are the ones that go all Dracula. Giant bats are herbivores if I’m not mistaken. Still bloodcurdling though if they all start bertempiaran at 5pm at once.

That long sharp rock surrounded by raffia strings is supposedly the main entrance to the ‘kingdom’. I was staring at it for the longest time. We thought someone died there and got buried under the rocks.
The mountain in the background is Gunung ... if I’m not mistaken and is the highest mountain in West Java. Dr Ariefster has hiked it twice or something like that. That information does not concern me ‘cos I am not one for hiking.

I see everyone washing their face kau-kau and saving the umm (yucky-poo) water in mineral bottles and such so I headed to the other side of the lake to check out what’s going on. Then people start telling me that the water is believed to be mystic… the kind where your great-great-grandmother’s aunt stories ‘bout an infertile lady drinking out of the lake and then next month “POW”: bunting!! So Ah Ggies quickly urge me to go wash my face with the water so that my jodoh cepat datang. You’ll be surprised to know that when it comes to my jodoh / social life it becomes EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. At first I wet my fingers abit abit (already throwing up a lil in my mouth) and basah-basah my face abit but everyone was like, “THAT IS NOT WASHING YOUR FACE!!” So finally I had to dunk splashes of it onto my face. Dr Derajster was very amused.

On the way home we paused by some mango stalls where Dr Ariefster bought the lot of us a basket of mangoes each. Quite the sweetheart, non? Hehe he even knocked his head on the scale which was darn funny but we had to stifle our laughter since he’s our superior.

While Dr Ariefster went looking about mangoes, Ah Ggies and Ah Herla chomped on some sample mangoes…
Only to find they were damn sour!! The mango chick conned them.

So big yah the Majalengka mango? As big as a rock-lho, *bisou* worthy kok..

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