Friday, August 17, 2007

i’m homeless (to be)

I’ve been evicted.

*rolls my eyes*

Yaloh my chibai landlord has been sending his errand boy to come bang on my door everyday for weeks. He wants me to pay my October-November rent. WHAT THE FUCK?? He fucking out of his mind issit?? What is the fucking month now?? Bloody mutha-fucking August only OK. Although Mmmy has sent me the rent money for August-September-October-November, I ter-use the November money to pay up some unforeseen purchases so I only paid till October. I told the errandboy that I’ll get the rest of the money by the end of the week but he said the chibai-fucking-asshole will not leave me be. So I stomped over to his place-lah to settle barang.

moi: Dr, it says here in your contract that I’m only due to pay 2 weeks before my contract ends. My contract only ends in October what.. why must pay now??Dickhead: Your contract already ended in August. So now you must Then how ‘bout the money I paid till October??
Dickhead: It’s not part of your contract. I haven’t drafted you a new contract. I won’t till you pay up till But the money I paid is for ‘Perpanjangan Kontrak’ (Extension of Contract) what. Means my contract is until October-lah.
Dickhead: Your Bahasa Indonesia sucks that’s why you dunno how to interpret the contract.
moi: Eh listen here, I’ve been here for 6 years so don’t say things like my Bahasa Indonesia sucks-ah. I understand the contract perfectly.
Dickhead: If you understand perfectly then you won’t misinterpret the contract.
moi: I didn’t misinterpret the contract, it says here that I only need to pay 2 weeks before my contract is due so why cannot wait a little longer?Dickhead: I already wait since August. I already told you that your contract is due. I told you have to pay me before the month ends. Not anything the boy who wants to move into your room is urging me to find out when he can move I already talked to the boy who wants to move into my room after me, he told me to take my time and he knows I’ll be gone by mid-November. I know you told me my contract is due which is why I paid-lah ‘till October. I’m just asking you to wait for the rest of the money ‘till the end of the month bah. Cannot be 2 weeks also you cannot wait?Dickhead: I already gave you a month. Cannot wait. Must pay I can’t pay today I have no money.Dickhead: Eh you are going to be future doctor. Have a sense of responsibility Eh whether future doctor, future soldier, future fireman, future whatever-ah one time will come to a point where they encounter financial crisis-ah. It’s not about sense of responsibility. I already paid you 2 months mah. I’m just asking for sometime for the last month which hasn’t even arrived yet!!
moi: OK fine. Listen, there’s really 2 ways to solve this predicament. There’s the TEGAS way where you MUST have the money by today which I don’t have or there’s the PERIKEMANUSIAAN (humanitarian) way where you write there in the contract if I don’t pay the rest of the money by the end of the month you can write me off completely.
Dickhead: Cannot. That’s not a contract-lah like that.
moi: It is a contract if you want it to be. A contract is a promise what and I’m promising you I will pay by the end of the month-lah.Dickhead: It’s not a contract like Means you want me to pay by today. I really cannot pay you-leh. Wah cannot even wait 2 weeks ah??
Dickhead: Eh you trying to accuse me of being inhumane issit?? I damn tersinggung. You very rude ah. Eh i know your dean you know!! He’s my junior you know!! I will report you to him!!moi: Oh yah?? Report what?? REPORT WHAT?? What you wanna report?? That I accuse you of being inhumane?? Where in the conversation just now I said you are inhumane?? Where?? You tell me where??
Dickhead: If I hear people talk about me being inhumane I will know it’s ‘cos of you.
Dickhead: Means you indirectly…moi: WAIT A MINUTE. I INDIRECTLY TELL THEM?? Not directly right?? Means can be NOT I SAY ONE RIGHT?? Means you simply think it’s me right?? It’s called FITNAH YOU KNOW DR. Now I’m tersinggung!!Dickhead: I already so kind last time give you discount on your new room when you moved from your old one.
moi: of which you kicked me out from.
Dickhead: Eh eh what you mean I kick you out?? You moved out.
moi: You know what?? Forget it. I can’t pay now so since you don’t want to compromise so fine. Forget it. Nothing can be done-lah like this
*storms off*

Profile of the brengsek (bastard):

The fucker’s name is Burhanuddin Rombe. He is an OLD retired general surgeon who claims to be a specialist in micro-hand surgery. All he did was go to some conventions and attended some stupid short courses and with that he THINKS he’s some kinda vava-voom surgeon. Eh to be able to pronounce yourself a micro-surgeon it takes extra specialising years one… where got go for few weeks courses already become micro-surgeon?? SIAO-AH?? No wonder when he built his consulting clinic it shrunk from a 3 room space to a 1 room space in the matter of months. Nobody and I mean NOBODY EVER CAME TO HIS CLINIC. Serves his chibai right-lah that mutha-fucking asshole. He is not married and is apparently gay (frowned upon in the Indon Muslim community). I've nothing against gay people... they fun but Burhanuddin Rombe gives homosexuality a bad name!! His partner is this old moron who takes care of his accounts who is married to a maid and they have an idiot son (seriously idiotic) who the fucker has adopted to be his own. He puts pictures of the ugly looking boy all over the accommodation and my job is to turn his picture against the wall because I really don’t need to look at his cacat face so early in the morning or anytime of the day for that matter. I have no idea what he does with his money ‘cos he seems to be going pauper by the minute. When I first arrived he owned 5 student accommodations and a house. From 5 become 4 become 3 and now he only has 2. He even had to sell off his house and come live in the ground floor of his own accommodation (the part where he kicked me out of my room). How absolutely pathetic is that?!! I mean he’s old and retired with almost no expenses. He charges a minimum of 850,000rp per room per month. And he keeps renovating the stupid clinic that noone goes to and building this and that on the 3rd floor all the while upping our rent to compensate his daft expenses. He doesn’t pay the lady who does the laundry for the accommodation and so for weeks everyone lost their clothes. Despite having paid for that laundry service, I stuck to my maid in fear that this would happen. Once they even insisted I paid for detergent when I don’t even use their service!! F*cked up right??

Later on the errand boy told me the old fucker was being so persistent ‘cos he couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill this month. Where the crap did his money go?? He a gambler, issit?? Or does he owe the band a truckload of money or what?? How can someone who earns almost 36 juta rp (equiv to RM18,000) not afford to pay the electricity bill?? He seriously is one helluva character. Miss MahaMaha told me when he was having the typical rent problem (similar to mine) with Ah Gil’s sister (surgical resident), he brought the police up to her room to kick her out. And she was 6 months pregnant at that time. Her husband was infuriated and was gonna beat him up the weekend he came to Bandung but the fucker was such a coward he hid for weeks. Bastard.. where got umat Islam treat another umat Islam, pregnant summore, so appallingly one?? He should bloody go to hell man. I TAK HALAL-KAN THE MONEY I EVER PAID HIM.

Miss MuniMuni mentioned that because he’s such a fucker… karma gets to him: that’s why his money easy come easy go. That comforted me.

So anyways after mid October I’m a nomad-loh. I will have to ship all my things home, the very latest, by mid next month and then sell off all my sellable stuff at the end of it. If things go well I’d be living out of my suitcase by October which is currently the plan-lah.

In the end I realize that the reason he wanted me out of the room so badly is probably ‘cos the boy’s rent was 200,000rp (equiv to RM80) more than mine. He wanted more money out of the same room and he could not have gotten it off me. I seriously have no words.

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