Thursday, August 30, 2007

i forgot it’s merdeka

That is ‘till Miss MasMas reminded me. Yaloh… not in Malaysia mah. Over here it’s just another day in paradise. Miss being home.. miss anticipating what Ikano has prepared in the spirit of our Independence Day. For some it may be a day to commemorate the day we discovered the bittersweet taste of freedom but for me it’s just a great excuse to pig out in my local mamak, Mutiara Idaman, as we await complimentary fireworks scene courtesy of Ikano upon countdown. Nice.

The parentals will be coming over the day after tomorrow. They got themselves a good deal so they’ll be staying in The Holiday Inn over in Jalan Dago as opposed to bunking at my place. Thank goodness they aren’t this time ‘cos my place is a mess. I have things thrown everywhere!! I can’t help it… I’m sort of sorting through my junk (I HAVE TOO MUCH JUNK. I HATE IT THAT I’M SUCH A HOARDER. THIS I GOT FROM BOTH MY GRANDMOTHERS) and so it looks as if Hurricane Katrina came and left. I’m trying to sell off some textbooks… I’ve come to realize I totally over-bought textbooks-lah… but Miss LidLid is advising me otherwise. She really believes I will be using all my books when I get to houseman ship. Oh yah? I dunno… someone with more experience in this department please advice me!! Have to get someone to buy my fridge and fan too.

Oh and I’m addicted to Robot & Pilot’s ‘Retina & The Sky’.

The bed I’m sitting on used to belong to patients. It has a crappy worn out mattress and it’s so hard you can feel the iron bars that is holding it up. The room holds a slightly spooky ambience but not spooky enough to frighten me to my bones… just enough to disturb me from having a good night’s sleep. Story has it, as told by the midwives who have worked here for years which Ah Ggies JUST HAD TO TELL ME and I despise him for that ‘cos I get scared really really easily.. like I-don’t-watch-horror-movies-at-all kinda easily scared, that that there are 2 spirits that hang around the room: 1 female and 1 male. The female spirit is a mother who passed away after delivery but we’re not too sure ‘bout the male spirit. They have an affinity for that particular room and often hang around there. They’re pretty benign… in the sense that they wouldn’t do poltergeisty sorta sh*t but don’t expect a great night’s sleep though. They tend to lightly wake me up from sleep at least that’s what I think. I was surprised to know that my fellow group mates suffered from the same dilemma.

Aneh tetapi nyata!!

Anyway now that I know I don't sleep anymore-loh. I just watch Lost or read magazines 'till dawn. Then I sleep (on the job).

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