Thursday, August 09, 2007

i feel the earth move under my feet

By the time we got home from Majalengka it had been an almost 5 hour drive. I was knackered and my head was flaking like the day before Christmas. I suspect it was the ‘fish’-water that triggered the seborrheic dermatitis outbreak. As I lugged my overnighter into the room I was debating whether to just jump into bed or take a shower. I decided to just go to sleep and bathe the next morning. I couldn’t sleep… I was itching everywhere and the overall yuck-factor overwhelmed me. So I went and took a shower in the end. After giving my hair a good wash and feeling super-bright-super-clean I frowned at the notion of sleeping in dirty sheets (soiled by my previous yuck-factor) so I hauled out a freshly laundered bedspread and started to make my bed. By the time everything was done I was physically prepared to take a dive into la-la-land but my mind was still buzzing from the shower so I put LOST (second season bok!) on ‘cos, despite my penchant for it, LOST has a tendency to make my lids droop. Just as Evangeline Lilly’s character plopped herself in front of her soldier father, I felt my bed starting to sway from side to side. It took a couple of minutes for my brain to process the fact that this could possibly be an earthquake. I figured it would go away after a minute or two but the grounds kept shaking and my bed kept swaying. I felt like I was standing on a swinging platform. I stayed still as grains of dirt and bits of plaster(??) from the ceiling crumbled down, just watching the motion of everything around me. It’s a very bizarre sensation and always a new experience no matter how many times I kena.

And by kena I mean cut back to: the time things rumbled

When it paused briefly I heard voices filling in the corridor. Miss KosKos was calling out to Miss NaNa. Miss HaHa yelled for our dorm-caretaker as Miss MasMas confirmed the quake. I poked my head out (I was wearing a nightie so I couldn’t exactly go prancing in the hallway) and spoke to everyone ‘bout our worries. Thing is there is construction going on at the 3rd floor and we were worried that if the structure isn’t stable and the quake hits yet another time, the whole floor would come tumbling down on us. Miss KosKos and Miss MasMas thought it was some kinda poltergeist / hantu attack… KAKAKA those girls are the absolute works-lah I tell you!! After the tremor settled we retreated to our respective rooms. I was too tired to bother ‘bout the quake ‘cos I had been up since 6 in the morning and we were handling tubectomies / vasectomies for 4 hours (150 patients gitu loh!!) and traveling on the road the other 8 – 10 hours. I was in no mindset to be worried ‘bout the quake. Of course I’m a little scared as always. Just not as panicky as before. Cannot really explain to people how is it I’m not too bothered… perhaps ‘cos this isn’t the first time and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be too bad for us here. Besides I had to wake up for their morning drill + compulsory morning run at 7am which means I had to catch as many winks as possible that night.

So you can roughly guess what’s today’s conversational topic: the quake of course. Tales of hospital patients all around the country freaking out and running from the hospital with their i.v fluids still attached... hilarious!! Dddy gave me a ring in the morning to tell me he waited for news on the quake and BBC (or was it CNN?) finally broadcasted it at around 5am Malaysian time. Several places got hit: Jakarta, Denpasar and even the peripherals of Malaysia. The quake originated from Indramayu (Miss KhaKha told me Garut though ‘cos of Gunung Padjadjaran with it being a volcano and all but that’s not true-lah) which is just a little further Majalengka (where I returned from) on the way to Subang. I don’t have a tele so I don’t know the exact news but everyone concurred it was a 7.4 hit and that’s a pretty power scale. I really ought to bring my CDs home and the good clothes too. Can’t afford to lose ‘em in case the quake strikes back which I think it will.

Other than that… *shrug*: just another day in paradise.

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