Sunday, August 19, 2007

dolce & gabbana motorola v3i

(sms)moi: how much is dolce & gabbana motorola razr in msia? Let me kno asap ok.
Ah Yeoh: The agent says very hard to find limited edition I will get back to u when I find one sorry
moi: Oh no nd 2 find. I just wonderg only wat is water price in msia cos in indon it retails at about rm1800 I think. Nevr mind alrdy.
Ah Yeoh: oh I think it should be cheaper Anyways are u getting one? I might get u friend friend price ;)
moi: Huh?? Yg benar man.. U just sd limitd edition cannot find now u say cn get me friend-friend price. How much is friend-friend price?
Ah Yeoh: I did I did yang ampun You know lah my big circle of friends might do the impossible. Ever heard of big net get u much much more fish ar… which is not the case wit u cause your circle very small Wait for good news tada
moi: Wei get gd news soon ok. Want my parents 2 send 2 me d phone by tis weekend if possible. If cn get gd price by 2moro or day aftr I send my dad 2 go get fr u-lah
Ah Yeoh: Ok I will pull my strings again to see any results Do not drown
(some moments later…)
Ah Yeoh: Adoi my net bocor la Sorry le my big circle cant help u Better get from indon I think the price is reasonable

His big circle of friends konon. Adoi I should have known better than to depend on Ah Yeoh. He can be the most unreliable person sometimes. So obviously I ended up searching for it myself.

It all started when I sorta kena sound by my consultant ‘cos of a very faulty mobile phone connection (my Dopod starting to go really kacau-lah) resulting in a very fuzzy-buzzy “HUH?? Hello?? Hello?? HUH?? Hello??”-like conversation. I decided to get a simple mobile phone as opposed to my canggih Dopod 900 just so as not to repeat the same mishap during the remaining magang / internship period. Furthermore during my break, I’d probably be doing lotsa activities (i.e, clubbing, clubbing, luncheons, dinners, parties, clubbing) that might require a means of communication that weighed less than 2000g… so now the big question is WHAT MOBILE PHONE I WANNA GET??

Haven’t been up-to-date with the mobile phone universe ever since my PDA. I’m not really one for regularly changing my mobile phones anyway. I usually use a phone till it hits the graveyard. I think everyone’s into Sony Ericsson and that new model is cute but too robotic for me-lah. The shade of green is uber-cute though. Frankly I’m more of an esthetique than function person when it comes to mobile phones. I was very fond of the fuschia pink Motorola Razr once upon a time ago but Mmmy and Sophiekins already have one each. I decided on the Dolce & Gabbana Motorola Razr V3i instead. Unfortunately it has nil functions but the gold colour is DIVINE and so the feng-shui friendly hehe. Suddenly I had my heart set on it and refuse to consider anything other. Few days ago I nebeng-ed Miss LidLid’s Pulsar (Indon mobile phone newspaper… yes they have a newspaper dedicated to mobile phones and PDAs) to check for the current price. I wasn’t sure if RM1800 was an OK price for something which doesn’t even possess 3G but I was convinced Malaysia would offer a much better price. People always say phones are cheaper in Malaysia…

So Dddy brought me to his usual mobile haunt in SS2 but they ran out of that model. I waited ages for them to ring here ring there only for them to offer me the latest Sony Ericsson model. I didn’t come here to buy a Sony Ericsson. I’m not a Sony Ericsson kinda girl… yet. For now I’m a Motorola Razr chick. They were gonna retail the D&G Motorola at approximately RM1200 – RM1300 which is a great bargain considering the prior price. They did point out the LG Prada however but it’s only by order… it retails now at RM2500. Whoah!! It does NOT have 3G despite the touch-screen and stylus-friendly utility. Still. Pretty expensive for a NON-3G phone right?? It’s all because of the Prada label-lah. I decided to stick to my D&G Motorola and left the shop somewhat disappointed.

The next day we found a unit in KLCC (Digi counter) which retailed the phone at RM1599 (minus line). I thought it was OK-lah considering it was still RM200 cheaper than what I figured I was gonna have to fork out. Then Dddy pointed out to me that this was probably a cut-throat price considering it was KLCC and consumers probably gets hisap darah all the time to make up for their burgeoning rental. Despite our plea for a local price the fella refused to budge any lower. Again I left the counter somewhat disappointed.

The next day upon arriving Bandung, I left my belongings in my accommodation and immediately took the next angkot to BEC (Bandung Electronic Centre). I’ve seen boxes of D&G Motorolas stacked up one of those counters. It turned out to be 2,3 juta rp (equivalent to RM1150 on a bad day and RM920 on a good one) and after an additional 3% credit card surcharge it amounted to 2,5 juta rp (RM1250 on a bad day and 1000 on a good one) which was exactly my budget in the first place. This really ought to be the price for an old non-3G model you know… even if it’s D&G.

So now I’m trying to get used to the new phone-lah ‘cos I’ve been so accustomed to msg-ing with a stylus that it takes me freaking forever to pencit-pencit the alphabets manually now.

Wanna sell my Dopod… any takers??

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