Friday, August 10, 2007

army chivalry

I jaga today. My first jaga in Salamun Hospital which is an army hospital just an angkot ride away from home. It’s a little further above Universitas Parahyangan and you can use the St Hall – Ciumbeluit angkot (green with beige stripes) to get here and back. It’s been a week since I’ve been here and I haven’t gotten cracking with the patients’ medical records that we are supposed to jot down. Only gotten myself 2 cases this week. Crapness.

I’ve been playing doctor kau-kau man here and it’s so alien to me given the fact interns have always been the lowest of the low bottom-of-the-pyramid scum de la scum. People are so nice to us here and it’s such a culture-shock. Seriously. Or perhaps army people memang chivalrous. Not that I’m so in love with them or anything but man do they really know how to treat a lady. They open and close the doors for me. I must have been stuck in this whole open-your-own-f*cking-door culture for way too long that when this actually happened I actually went wide-eyed and bingung sebentar.
army fella: *sees me walking towards the car, he walks up to the car before me and opens the door*
moi: *pauses with eyes so wide like a sang kancil staring into oncoming headlights*
moi: ….
moi: *steps in*
army fella: *waits for me to settle and closes the door after me*
moi: *thinks to myself: Whoah!!*

Also today all my group mates cabut early leaving me to my jaga. Usually I dislike Friday jaga slots ‘cos the people break for Friday prayers and they quickly head for home after that which means an extra 3 hours in addition to the already 17 compulsory hours. Since I had lots of time to kill I started on my Majalengka photo edits… that was ‘till Dr Ariefster poked his head into the intern lounge (when I say lounge I mean an ex-ward / storage room with a table and chairs + a bunk + small rack + old gyne examination bed which we use to hold our bags) and invited me to lunch with the OR (operating room) gang. Since everyone cabut balik early I was the only one who was lucky enough to score the free meal. Bet they’re gonna whack their heads on the wall in regret (of which they did ‘cos you cannot imagine how many “oh mannn” phone calls I had to layan later that day). Anyway the really important thing is apart from open-door-business, Dr Ariefster made sure that I had first-pick of all the soongs (lauk / dishes) like ayam bakar, jamur pepes and sambal-lalap. I felt really out of place ‘cos it was an all male company (yeah surgerical team what you expect-lah?) so I just busied myself taking pictures and answering my groupmates distress phonecalls. There was a Surgical consultant who used to be my preceptor back in Ujung Berung Hospital who I totally forgot but he totally recognized me. I was so flustered with shame. I could have died-lah. I hate it that I’m so bad with names and faces. Anyways the point of this story: cut to post-makan… after dipping and scrubbing my fingers with the lime wedges in the wash bowl I was in dire need of a tissue. Had to eat with my hands ‘cos too malu to ask for a spoon and fork since the entire crew is eating outta their fingers too. I was too embarassed to reach over to the other side of the eating space so I just surrendered into air-drying my fingers. Somehow one of the soldier that was on the Majalengka trip with us sensed I needed a tissue and immediately brought me a pack. That was really nice. I haven’t been treated so nicely in awhile.

(msg)Miss LidLid: Oh ya? I dunno ther stil gentlemen left.. haha, u must b terawang-awang ah tu…
Miss LidLid: Hahaha… funny gile ah u.. org laki bukak pintu n amikkan tisu dah cair gile

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