Thursday, August 30, 2007

i forgot it’s merdeka

That is ‘till Miss MasMas reminded me. Yaloh… not in Malaysia mah. Over here it’s just another day in paradise. Miss being home.. miss anticipating what Ikano has prepared in the spirit of our Independence Day. For some it may be a day to commemorate the day we discovered the bittersweet taste of freedom but for me it’s just a great excuse to pig out in my local mamak, Mutiara Idaman, as we await complimentary fireworks scene courtesy of Ikano upon countdown. Nice.

The parentals will be coming over the day after tomorrow. They got themselves a good deal so they’ll be staying in The Holiday Inn over in Jalan Dago as opposed to bunking at my place. Thank goodness they aren’t this time ‘cos my place is a mess. I have things thrown everywhere!! I can’t help it… I’m sort of sorting through my junk (I HAVE TOO MUCH JUNK. I HATE IT THAT I’M SUCH A HOARDER. THIS I GOT FROM BOTH MY GRANDMOTHERS) and so it looks as if Hurricane Katrina came and left. I’m trying to sell off some textbooks… I’ve come to realize I totally over-bought textbooks-lah… but Miss LidLid is advising me otherwise. She really believes I will be using all my books when I get to houseman ship. Oh yah? I dunno… someone with more experience in this department please advice me!! Have to get someone to buy my fridge and fan too.

Oh and I’m addicted to Robot & Pilot’s ‘Retina & The Sky’.

The bed I’m sitting on used to belong to patients. It has a crappy worn out mattress and it’s so hard you can feel the iron bars that is holding it up. The room holds a slightly spooky ambience but not spooky enough to frighten me to my bones… just enough to disturb me from having a good night’s sleep. Story has it, as told by the midwives who have worked here for years which Ah Ggies JUST HAD TO TELL ME and I despise him for that ‘cos I get scared really really easily.. like I-don’t-watch-horror-movies-at-all kinda easily scared, that that there are 2 spirits that hang around the room: 1 female and 1 male. The female spirit is a mother who passed away after delivery but we’re not too sure ‘bout the male spirit. They have an affinity for that particular room and often hang around there. They’re pretty benign… in the sense that they wouldn’t do poltergeisty sorta sh*t but don’t expect a great night’s sleep though. They tend to lightly wake me up from sleep at least that’s what I think. I was surprised to know that my fellow group mates suffered from the same dilemma.

Aneh tetapi nyata!!

Anyway now that I know I don't sleep anymore-loh. I just watch Lost or read magazines 'till dawn. Then I sleep (on the job).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

vasectomy party

This was going to be our last excursion out to perform MOP / MOW (in this case MOP aka male sterilization) which happen to take place in Soreang. Incidentally our next satellite hospital in tow for the magang program is RS Soreang so this little trip would be an entrée to what to expect come next month.

Just behind this hill is a recently erected Vasectomy Party!!

You see that bridge that the car’s going over? It’s new. They built it a couple of days before the VP. You gotta give the army some credit… they know how to make a tragic day all cool and stuff: note jet-flying funerals and cannon-blowing salutes. The whole kampung came out to play. There were mini bazaars and lotsa food being sold and most of all dangdut singers rocking out the stage.

You know what’s brilliant? The gargantuan parachute-like tent that enveloped the entire space. It’s the coolest thing ever.

There were 2 spaces allocated for the operations: one of which is our own mobile OR that’s really a bus with equipments. It is so awesome it even comes with its own OR lights.

I was stationed at the other site: an almost-built house with the walls still in cement hue and the wood uncoated. Thought it was weird that someone would lend their super new house as a location for vasectomies. It seems kinda disturbing that there were people once in your living room / on your bed getting their tubes snipped off.

We were all getting last minute pep talk by Dr Ariefster before prayers. Interns were assigned to Dr Dikster and Dr Ariefster while the nurses and Dr Harister and experienced nurses had an operating table each to themselves.

I got to vasectomy on my own. So did Ah Herla and Miss WidiWidi ‘cos Dr Dikster let us go it alone. BIG FUN!

There were over a 100 patients but to my utter surprise we finished way before dinnertime. Here we are totally stretching our aching backs together in the bus.

It’s not easy to operate for hours on end with an unadjustable bed. The forward-bending position when performed more than 10 minutes is absolutely torturous and many a time I find my hands shaking ‘cos my back was killing the crap outta me. Also another interesting anecdote (to be continued)

Monday, August 27, 2007

when you can’t push, vacume!

One fine morning as I woke up to a hopeful day of minimal work and maximum tranquillity, I was appalled to see that the Delivery Room was occupied by a lady in contractions. Oh bother. The foul mood didn’t last long because the patient was scheduled for a Caesarean Section. Yahoo! Those stationed in the Operation Room are responsible now. The mother was pleading, rather pitifully, for a C-Sect ‘cos she had been trying to birth her child over 24 hrs from the midwife’s place ‘till now. I thought we were supposed to respect the patient’s wishes. I learnt later that that doesn’t really work here in Indon ‘cos it’s too expensive to perform an operation on the poor so natural birthing (with aid if needed) is the standard operating procedure here.

I quickly made my was to our “lounge” to continue working on my kebaya designs ‘till I heard Ah Herla reporting the patient to Dr Ariefster. Dr Ariefster got excited for us to try out the vacume… which made me groan inside ‘cos I’m not a big fan of the vacume (whether it’s for household chores or popping baby heads outta vaginas). I knew Ah Herla was looking forward to the vacume himself but it was me who was stationed in the Delivery Room and so just to spite him for telling on my Pre-eclamptic patient I agreed to do the vacume extraction. It’s, like, I didn’t want to do it but because he so eagerly wants to do it and went behind my back doing it, when I could have given it to him if he just asked me nicely.. I decided to do it after all. So I did. And now I know metal cups are better suckers than plastic cups and they help pull better but plastic cups produce less complication.

So about the vacume, it’s all in the gentle traction of the wrist. It’s tiring though ‘cos you have to maintain the same position for a pretty long time. The mother was doing well pushing as we were sucking but at one point we had to snip through her vagina (episiotomy) anyway.

Yeayy baby came out and APGAR score was poor at first but he managed to cry after suction.

Lotsa paperwork which Miss WidiWidi helped me out with ‘cos the sutures were taking longer than I imagined.

So this is really how a baby looks like post-deliver: covered in white slime. Not so cute huh? It’s actually kinda gross.

The midwife administers immunization and the baby is ready to be popped into the incubator as I continue to sew the mother up.
Maybe it’s the lack of confidence but despite what seems like really good stitches I couldn’t really sleep soundly that night. Before I left the hospital the fundus was still above the umbilical and I don’t know if my stitches were strong and tight enough… whether I had attached enough layers of tissue together and if my last minute attempts of encouraging uterine contractions sufficed. I hope so.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the one he used to know

Sometimes when I’m utterly bored I look back on my past entries just to see how much I’ve progressed and if my writing has decelerated in quality. With the minimal books I’ve had the chance to read (and by books I mean Vogue and Elle magazines) I cannot help but cringe at how little my ecrive skills have developed. Oh well.

moi: i dunno wat to say
moi: i got no more personality, remember?

Ah Choy: what happen to the bubbly, joyful and happy penguin i use to know
moi: the bird died. now there's just me. your damn loss

Another thing that startles me is how much more angry a person I’ve become within the quick span of 6 years. I get ticked off easily and retort with much brutality. I used to love people and now all they do is exasperate me or disappoint me. Not entirely sure how is it that I’ve evolved into such a witch with such a frustrated disposition… maybe just jaded-lah after everything. Everyday in Indon seems to be a tiresome battle. Yes, I’m no juvenile-garbage-picker or underage-prostitute but hey it ain’t easy being a medical student either *shrug* What don’t kill me can only make me stronger? Bullsh*t. What don’t kill me maims me more like it. It had all better be worth it in the end man. Having a doctor life had better be as Shelbulous as people promise me or as I’m made to imagine. Seriously. All those nights / wasted weekends picking books over birthdays had better have a huge payoff in the end man. Life had better start get interesting come November.

I don’t know about Malaysian students who study elsewhere-lah but almost everyone Malaysian I know here (in my batch at least) can’t f*cking wait to go home. You hear pretty much the same sh*t coming outta everyone’s mouths: “cannot take it already, hate being here, wanna go home, 2 months here is like 2 years, if I only knew studying medicine was like this-ah etc”. I also dunno why all of us despise it here. Isn’t it strange that all of us from such diverse backgrounds and ambitions can come to such an irrefutable verdict? Sometimes I wonder if I were to stay on in the UK, fast-forward 6 years, would I be as miserable as I am now or would I have, as Ah Choy fondly puts it, remained the bubbly, joyful and happy penguin he used to know? We’ll never know but it’s a thought.

These few weeks have been filled with serious projects: fellow students wanna mogok (protest rally), packing to ship stuff home, kebaya cloth-hunting, Malaysian students appeal to be relieved off magang etc… *sigh* can’t wait for the 2 months to be over with.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

dolce & gabbana motorola v3i

(sms)moi: how much is dolce & gabbana motorola razr in msia? Let me kno asap ok.
Ah Yeoh: The agent says very hard to find limited edition I will get back to u when I find one sorry
moi: Oh no nd 2 find. I just wonderg only wat is water price in msia cos in indon it retails at about rm1800 I think. Nevr mind alrdy.
Ah Yeoh: oh I think it should be cheaper Anyways are u getting one? I might get u friend friend price ;)
moi: Huh?? Yg benar man.. U just sd limitd edition cannot find now u say cn get me friend-friend price. How much is friend-friend price?
Ah Yeoh: I did I did yang ampun You know lah my big circle of friends might do the impossible. Ever heard of big net get u much much more fish ar… which is not the case wit u cause your circle very small Wait for good news tada
moi: Wei get gd news soon ok. Want my parents 2 send 2 me d phone by tis weekend if possible. If cn get gd price by 2moro or day aftr I send my dad 2 go get fr u-lah
Ah Yeoh: Ok I will pull my strings again to see any results Do not drown
(some moments later…)
Ah Yeoh: Adoi my net bocor la Sorry le my big circle cant help u Better get from indon I think the price is reasonable

His big circle of friends konon. Adoi I should have known better than to depend on Ah Yeoh. He can be the most unreliable person sometimes. So obviously I ended up searching for it myself.

It all started when I sorta kena sound by my consultant ‘cos of a very faulty mobile phone connection (my Dopod starting to go really kacau-lah) resulting in a very fuzzy-buzzy “HUH?? Hello?? Hello?? HUH?? Hello??”-like conversation. I decided to get a simple mobile phone as opposed to my canggih Dopod 900 just so as not to repeat the same mishap during the remaining magang / internship period. Furthermore during my break, I’d probably be doing lotsa activities (i.e, clubbing, clubbing, luncheons, dinners, parties, clubbing) that might require a means of communication that weighed less than 2000g… so now the big question is WHAT MOBILE PHONE I WANNA GET??

Haven’t been up-to-date with the mobile phone universe ever since my PDA. I’m not really one for regularly changing my mobile phones anyway. I usually use a phone till it hits the graveyard. I think everyone’s into Sony Ericsson and that new model is cute but too robotic for me-lah. The shade of green is uber-cute though. Frankly I’m more of an esthetique than function person when it comes to mobile phones. I was very fond of the fuschia pink Motorola Razr once upon a time ago but Mmmy and Sophiekins already have one each. I decided on the Dolce & Gabbana Motorola Razr V3i instead. Unfortunately it has nil functions but the gold colour is DIVINE and so the feng-shui friendly hehe. Suddenly I had my heart set on it and refuse to consider anything other. Few days ago I nebeng-ed Miss LidLid’s Pulsar (Indon mobile phone newspaper… yes they have a newspaper dedicated to mobile phones and PDAs) to check for the current price. I wasn’t sure if RM1800 was an OK price for something which doesn’t even possess 3G but I was convinced Malaysia would offer a much better price. People always say phones are cheaper in Malaysia…

So Dddy brought me to his usual mobile haunt in SS2 but they ran out of that model. I waited ages for them to ring here ring there only for them to offer me the latest Sony Ericsson model. I didn’t come here to buy a Sony Ericsson. I’m not a Sony Ericsson kinda girl… yet. For now I’m a Motorola Razr chick. They were gonna retail the D&G Motorola at approximately RM1200 – RM1300 which is a great bargain considering the prior price. They did point out the LG Prada however but it’s only by order… it retails now at RM2500. Whoah!! It does NOT have 3G despite the touch-screen and stylus-friendly utility. Still. Pretty expensive for a NON-3G phone right?? It’s all because of the Prada label-lah. I decided to stick to my D&G Motorola and left the shop somewhat disappointed.

The next day we found a unit in KLCC (Digi counter) which retailed the phone at RM1599 (minus line). I thought it was OK-lah considering it was still RM200 cheaper than what I figured I was gonna have to fork out. Then Dddy pointed out to me that this was probably a cut-throat price considering it was KLCC and consumers probably gets hisap darah all the time to make up for their burgeoning rental. Despite our plea for a local price the fella refused to budge any lower. Again I left the counter somewhat disappointed.

The next day upon arriving Bandung, I left my belongings in my accommodation and immediately took the next angkot to BEC (Bandung Electronic Centre). I’ve seen boxes of D&G Motorolas stacked up one of those counters. It turned out to be 2,3 juta rp (equivalent to RM1150 on a bad day and RM920 on a good one) and after an additional 3% credit card surcharge it amounted to 2,5 juta rp (RM1250 on a bad day and 1000 on a good one) which was exactly my budget in the first place. This really ought to be the price for an old non-3G model you know… even if it’s D&G.

So now I’m trying to get used to the new phone-lah ‘cos I’ve been so accustomed to msg-ing with a stylus that it takes me freaking forever to pencit-pencit the alphabets manually now.

Wanna sell my Dopod… any takers??

Friday, August 17, 2007

i’m homeless (to be)

I’ve been evicted.

*rolls my eyes*

Yaloh my chibai landlord has been sending his errand boy to come bang on my door everyday for weeks. He wants me to pay my October-November rent. WHAT THE FUCK?? He fucking out of his mind issit?? What is the fucking month now?? Bloody mutha-fucking August only OK. Although Mmmy has sent me the rent money for August-September-October-November, I ter-use the November money to pay up some unforeseen purchases so I only paid till October. I told the errandboy that I’ll get the rest of the money by the end of the week but he said the chibai-fucking-asshole will not leave me be. So I stomped over to his place-lah to settle barang.

moi: Dr, it says here in your contract that I’m only due to pay 2 weeks before my contract ends. My contract only ends in October what.. why must pay now??Dickhead: Your contract already ended in August. So now you must Then how ‘bout the money I paid till October??
Dickhead: It’s not part of your contract. I haven’t drafted you a new contract. I won’t till you pay up till But the money I paid is for ‘Perpanjangan Kontrak’ (Extension of Contract) what. Means my contract is until October-lah.
Dickhead: Your Bahasa Indonesia sucks that’s why you dunno how to interpret the contract.
moi: Eh listen here, I’ve been here for 6 years so don’t say things like my Bahasa Indonesia sucks-ah. I understand the contract perfectly.
Dickhead: If you understand perfectly then you won’t misinterpret the contract.
moi: I didn’t misinterpret the contract, it says here that I only need to pay 2 weeks before my contract is due so why cannot wait a little longer?Dickhead: I already wait since August. I already told you that your contract is due. I told you have to pay me before the month ends. Not anything the boy who wants to move into your room is urging me to find out when he can move I already talked to the boy who wants to move into my room after me, he told me to take my time and he knows I’ll be gone by mid-November. I know you told me my contract is due which is why I paid-lah ‘till October. I’m just asking you to wait for the rest of the money ‘till the end of the month bah. Cannot be 2 weeks also you cannot wait?Dickhead: I already gave you a month. Cannot wait. Must pay I can’t pay today I have no money.Dickhead: Eh you are going to be future doctor. Have a sense of responsibility Eh whether future doctor, future soldier, future fireman, future whatever-ah one time will come to a point where they encounter financial crisis-ah. It’s not about sense of responsibility. I already paid you 2 months mah. I’m just asking for sometime for the last month which hasn’t even arrived yet!!
moi: OK fine. Listen, there’s really 2 ways to solve this predicament. There’s the TEGAS way where you MUST have the money by today which I don’t have or there’s the PERIKEMANUSIAAN (humanitarian) way where you write there in the contract if I don’t pay the rest of the money by the end of the month you can write me off completely.
Dickhead: Cannot. That’s not a contract-lah like that.
moi: It is a contract if you want it to be. A contract is a promise what and I’m promising you I will pay by the end of the month-lah.Dickhead: It’s not a contract like Means you want me to pay by today. I really cannot pay you-leh. Wah cannot even wait 2 weeks ah??
Dickhead: Eh you trying to accuse me of being inhumane issit?? I damn tersinggung. You very rude ah. Eh i know your dean you know!! He’s my junior you know!! I will report you to him!!moi: Oh yah?? Report what?? REPORT WHAT?? What you wanna report?? That I accuse you of being inhumane?? Where in the conversation just now I said you are inhumane?? Where?? You tell me where??
Dickhead: If I hear people talk about me being inhumane I will know it’s ‘cos of you.
Dickhead: Means you indirectly…moi: WAIT A MINUTE. I INDIRECTLY TELL THEM?? Not directly right?? Means can be NOT I SAY ONE RIGHT?? Means you simply think it’s me right?? It’s called FITNAH YOU KNOW DR. Now I’m tersinggung!!Dickhead: I already so kind last time give you discount on your new room when you moved from your old one.
moi: of which you kicked me out from.
Dickhead: Eh eh what you mean I kick you out?? You moved out.
moi: You know what?? Forget it. I can’t pay now so since you don’t want to compromise so fine. Forget it. Nothing can be done-lah like this
*storms off*

Profile of the brengsek (bastard):

The fucker’s name is Burhanuddin Rombe. He is an OLD retired general surgeon who claims to be a specialist in micro-hand surgery. All he did was go to some conventions and attended some stupid short courses and with that he THINKS he’s some kinda vava-voom surgeon. Eh to be able to pronounce yourself a micro-surgeon it takes extra specialising years one… where got go for few weeks courses already become micro-surgeon?? SIAO-AH?? No wonder when he built his consulting clinic it shrunk from a 3 room space to a 1 room space in the matter of months. Nobody and I mean NOBODY EVER CAME TO HIS CLINIC. Serves his chibai right-lah that mutha-fucking asshole. He is not married and is apparently gay (frowned upon in the Indon Muslim community). I've nothing against gay people... they fun but Burhanuddin Rombe gives homosexuality a bad name!! His partner is this old moron who takes care of his accounts who is married to a maid and they have an idiot son (seriously idiotic) who the fucker has adopted to be his own. He puts pictures of the ugly looking boy all over the accommodation and my job is to turn his picture against the wall because I really don’t need to look at his cacat face so early in the morning or anytime of the day for that matter. I have no idea what he does with his money ‘cos he seems to be going pauper by the minute. When I first arrived he owned 5 student accommodations and a house. From 5 become 4 become 3 and now he only has 2. He even had to sell off his house and come live in the ground floor of his own accommodation (the part where he kicked me out of my room). How absolutely pathetic is that?!! I mean he’s old and retired with almost no expenses. He charges a minimum of 850,000rp per room per month. And he keeps renovating the stupid clinic that noone goes to and building this and that on the 3rd floor all the while upping our rent to compensate his daft expenses. He doesn’t pay the lady who does the laundry for the accommodation and so for weeks everyone lost their clothes. Despite having paid for that laundry service, I stuck to my maid in fear that this would happen. Once they even insisted I paid for detergent when I don’t even use their service!! F*cked up right??

Later on the errand boy told me the old fucker was being so persistent ‘cos he couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill this month. Where the crap did his money go?? He a gambler, issit?? Or does he owe the band a truckload of money or what?? How can someone who earns almost 36 juta rp (equiv to RM18,000) not afford to pay the electricity bill?? He seriously is one helluva character. Miss MahaMaha told me when he was having the typical rent problem (similar to mine) with Ah Gil’s sister (surgical resident), he brought the police up to her room to kick her out. And she was 6 months pregnant at that time. Her husband was infuriated and was gonna beat him up the weekend he came to Bandung but the fucker was such a coward he hid for weeks. Bastard.. where got umat Islam treat another umat Islam, pregnant summore, so appallingly one?? He should bloody go to hell man. I TAK HALAL-KAN THE MONEY I EVER PAID HIM.

Miss MuniMuni mentioned that because he’s such a fucker… karma gets to him: that’s why his money easy come easy go. That comforted me.

So anyways after mid October I’m a nomad-loh. I will have to ship all my things home, the very latest, by mid next month and then sell off all my sellable stuff at the end of it. If things go well I’d be living out of my suitcase by October which is currently the plan-lah.

In the end I realize that the reason he wanted me out of the room so badly is probably ‘cos the boy’s rent was 200,000rp (equiv to RM80) more than mine. He wanted more money out of the same room and he could not have gotten it off me. I seriously have no words.

Friday, August 10, 2007

army chivalry

I jaga today. My first jaga in Salamun Hospital which is an army hospital just an angkot ride away from home. It’s a little further above Universitas Parahyangan and you can use the St Hall – Ciumbeluit angkot (green with beige stripes) to get here and back. It’s been a week since I’ve been here and I haven’t gotten cracking with the patients’ medical records that we are supposed to jot down. Only gotten myself 2 cases this week. Crapness.

I’ve been playing doctor kau-kau man here and it’s so alien to me given the fact interns have always been the lowest of the low bottom-of-the-pyramid scum de la scum. People are so nice to us here and it’s such a culture-shock. Seriously. Or perhaps army people memang chivalrous. Not that I’m so in love with them or anything but man do they really know how to treat a lady. They open and close the doors for me. I must have been stuck in this whole open-your-own-f*cking-door culture for way too long that when this actually happened I actually went wide-eyed and bingung sebentar.
army fella: *sees me walking towards the car, he walks up to the car before me and opens the door*
moi: *pauses with eyes so wide like a sang kancil staring into oncoming headlights*
moi: ….
moi: *steps in*
army fella: *waits for me to settle and closes the door after me*
moi: *thinks to myself: Whoah!!*

Also today all my group mates cabut early leaving me to my jaga. Usually I dislike Friday jaga slots ‘cos the people break for Friday prayers and they quickly head for home after that which means an extra 3 hours in addition to the already 17 compulsory hours. Since I had lots of time to kill I started on my Majalengka photo edits… that was ‘till Dr Ariefster poked his head into the intern lounge (when I say lounge I mean an ex-ward / storage room with a table and chairs + a bunk + small rack + old gyne examination bed which we use to hold our bags) and invited me to lunch with the OR (operating room) gang. Since everyone cabut balik early I was the only one who was lucky enough to score the free meal. Bet they’re gonna whack their heads on the wall in regret (of which they did ‘cos you cannot imagine how many “oh mannn” phone calls I had to layan later that day). Anyway the really important thing is apart from open-door-business, Dr Ariefster made sure that I had first-pick of all the soongs (lauk / dishes) like ayam bakar, jamur pepes and sambal-lalap. I felt really out of place ‘cos it was an all male company (yeah surgerical team what you expect-lah?) so I just busied myself taking pictures and answering my groupmates distress phonecalls. There was a Surgical consultant who used to be my preceptor back in Ujung Berung Hospital who I totally forgot but he totally recognized me. I was so flustered with shame. I could have died-lah. I hate it that I’m so bad with names and faces. Anyways the point of this story: cut to post-makan… after dipping and scrubbing my fingers with the lime wedges in the wash bowl I was in dire need of a tissue. Had to eat with my hands ‘cos too malu to ask for a spoon and fork since the entire crew is eating outta their fingers too. I was too embarassed to reach over to the other side of the eating space so I just surrendered into air-drying my fingers. Somehow one of the soldier that was on the Majalengka trip with us sensed I needed a tissue and immediately brought me a pack. That was really nice. I haven’t been treated so nicely in awhile.

(msg)Miss LidLid: Oh ya? I dunno ther stil gentlemen left.. haha, u must b terawang-awang ah tu…
Miss LidLid: Hahaha… funny gile ah u.. org laki bukak pintu n amikkan tisu dah cair gile

Thursday, August 09, 2007


moi: just now got earthquake but no more liao. a lil heavy and quite long (5 mins maybe?), felt d earth moving n dusty bits dropping from ceiling

(to be continued...)

i feel the earth move under my feet

By the time we got home from Majalengka it had been an almost 5 hour drive. I was knackered and my head was flaking like the day before Christmas. I suspect it was the ‘fish’-water that triggered the seborrheic dermatitis outbreak. As I lugged my overnighter into the room I was debating whether to just jump into bed or take a shower. I decided to just go to sleep and bathe the next morning. I couldn’t sleep… I was itching everywhere and the overall yuck-factor overwhelmed me. So I went and took a shower in the end. After giving my hair a good wash and feeling super-bright-super-clean I frowned at the notion of sleeping in dirty sheets (soiled by my previous yuck-factor) so I hauled out a freshly laundered bedspread and started to make my bed. By the time everything was done I was physically prepared to take a dive into la-la-land but my mind was still buzzing from the shower so I put LOST (second season bok!) on ‘cos, despite my penchant for it, LOST has a tendency to make my lids droop. Just as Evangeline Lilly’s character plopped herself in front of her soldier father, I felt my bed starting to sway from side to side. It took a couple of minutes for my brain to process the fact that this could possibly be an earthquake. I figured it would go away after a minute or two but the grounds kept shaking and my bed kept swaying. I felt like I was standing on a swinging platform. I stayed still as grains of dirt and bits of plaster(??) from the ceiling crumbled down, just watching the motion of everything around me. It’s a very bizarre sensation and always a new experience no matter how many times I kena.

And by kena I mean cut back to: the time things rumbled

When it paused briefly I heard voices filling in the corridor. Miss KosKos was calling out to Miss NaNa. Miss HaHa yelled for our dorm-caretaker as Miss MasMas confirmed the quake. I poked my head out (I was wearing a nightie so I couldn’t exactly go prancing in the hallway) and spoke to everyone ‘bout our worries. Thing is there is construction going on at the 3rd floor and we were worried that if the structure isn’t stable and the quake hits yet another time, the whole floor would come tumbling down on us. Miss KosKos and Miss MasMas thought it was some kinda poltergeist / hantu attack… KAKAKA those girls are the absolute works-lah I tell you!! After the tremor settled we retreated to our respective rooms. I was too tired to bother ‘bout the quake ‘cos I had been up since 6 in the morning and we were handling tubectomies / vasectomies for 4 hours (150 patients gitu loh!!) and traveling on the road the other 8 – 10 hours. I was in no mindset to be worried ‘bout the quake. Of course I’m a little scared as always. Just not as panicky as before. Cannot really explain to people how is it I’m not too bothered… perhaps ‘cos this isn’t the first time and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be too bad for us here. Besides I had to wake up for their morning drill + compulsory morning run at 7am which means I had to catch as many winks as possible that night.

So you can roughly guess what’s today’s conversational topic: the quake of course. Tales of hospital patients all around the country freaking out and running from the hospital with their i.v fluids still attached... hilarious!! Dddy gave me a ring in the morning to tell me he waited for news on the quake and BBC (or was it CNN?) finally broadcasted it at around 5am Malaysian time. Several places got hit: Jakarta, Denpasar and even the peripherals of Malaysia. The quake originated from Indramayu (Miss KhaKha told me Garut though ‘cos of Gunung Padjadjaran with it being a volcano and all but that’s not true-lah) which is just a little further Majalengka (where I returned from) on the way to Subang. I don’t have a tele so I don’t know the exact news but everyone concurred it was a 7.4 hit and that’s a pretty power scale. I really ought to bring my CDs home and the good clothes too. Can’t afford to lose ‘em in case the quake strikes back which I think it will.

Other than that… *shrug*: just another day in paradise.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The day we arrived Salamun Hospital, I already had to ultrasound patients on my own.. that and we were to join the OBGYN team leaving for Majalengka on a military charity event where they are to perform mass-tubectomies / vasectomies on villagers there. All of us were like *groan* ‘cos it was such a hassle having to stay the night and it’s not like we were thaaat familiar with the sterilization process. I didn’t even know what to pack… though I did bring my own blanket ‘cos you’ll never know when you need an extra blankie.

Meet the gang. L – R: The Dr Dikster the urology surgent, Miss LidLid, moi, Miss WidiWidi, Ah Herla, Dr Ariefster (OBGYN consultant), Dr Derajster the anesthesist. This is where we stuff medical equipments like gynaecological examination seats and wash basins in.

The journey seem to take forever. 4 hours in a bus can seem like 4 decades in a torture chamber. The things that sucks the most is that my seat is directly below the bus speaker and 3 hours of Sundanese dangdut / folksongs is enough to send me into a tonic-clonic fit.

Usually when they have an MOW / MOP excursion, the gang gets overnight stays at town hotels but because Majalengka doesn’t have a motel even… we were accommodated in the ketua kampung’s humble abode. When I say humble… I really mean humble.

I hurriedly took a bath in their loo ‘cos it was kinda spooky looking with the hole in the ceiling and all that. The water was icy cold… mountain dew worr and smelt a little bizarre but I figured that’s just how kampung water smells. I mean it’s like Jatinangor all over again so whatever-lah. Just as I was drying my face out Miss Lid-Lid comes into the room fresh from a shower and discusses with Miss WidiWidi ‘bout the fishes in the bak mandi (bath water storage).

Miss LidLid: Eh did you see the fishes in the bak mandi ah?
Miss WidiWidi: Ya I had to make sure I didn’t scoop them in.
moi: What fish??
Miss LidLid: There are fishes in the bak mandi. You didn’t see meh?
moi: Where got?? Are you sure??
Miss WidiWidi: Yah got-lah. How come you didn’t notice?
moi: I dunno it was dark and I wasn’t wearing my *runs to check out the bak mandi with glasses this time*
moi: ASTAGA!! We were bathing in fish water all this while!! YUCKKKKKKKKKK!! *proceeds to gag*
Miss LidLid: Why?moi: Wei the fish sh*t and urine in the water you know!! Freaking dirty tau!!
Miss LidLid: Hehe yeah and then we go and use it to brush our teeth.
moi: ASTAGA.

The Indon Health Ministry encourages the raring of our scaly-finned friends in collected water to avoid Aedes mosquitoes’ jentik-jentik from developing into mosquitoes (they get eaten by the fishy-fishy). I understand the point of all this but ayo I’m so grossed out-lah.

The next morning we got up early and started preparing for the event. Here we are looking real smart in our scrubs, or at least I’m looking pretty spiffy *wink* while waiting for the medical assistants / nurses and mid-wives to get things ready. Everyone’s so in awe with my Japanese cotton scrubs that I got made especially Dr Ariefster. My scrubs kick ass!!

We assisted Dr Ariefster in his medical endeavour by doing little errands like making incisions on the lower belly, inserting in the manipulator into the vagina, injecting in anesthetic fluids, and assisting him as he cuts the tubes apart. While sewing up and incision I lost control of the needle and ended up poking myself with it… my heart skipped a beat ‘cos that needle berlumuran with patient’s blood. Not good not good. Also I think I nicked a vein ‘cos bloody from my hand kept bleeding into my glove. I had to quickly sew the lady up before tending to my wound. *sigh* The terror, like before, floods in for awhile but all I can do is shrug and pray that the woman doesn’t have HIV or Hepatitis B / C. F*ck.
After everything was done all of us just couldn’t wait to get home. But Dr Ariefster was adamant in making a pitstop at this secluded village attraction called Situ Sangiang. All of us groaned inside simultaneously. Anywayyy further inside some farmland lies a mystic lake called Situ Sangiang.

Before approaching the spot, you have to casually hike through the mini-forest filled with mahogany trees and whatnot.

This is bizarre eh? 8 trees knotted into 1. Super cool.

Folklore has it that this place used to be a land which housed the king in power at that time (as in Srivijaya, Majapahit era)… a curse or something was laid upon the king and his reign ‘cos one day tiba-tiba the kerajaan sunk into the earth and became a lake. Sort of a Majalengka version of Atlantis. The villagers do not fish here ‘cos the fish are really ‘people’ and those who eat it will die. Creepy huh?

People basically go there to feed the fishes. Local villagers sell buns for 3,000rp per pack. Damn expensive right?

I had some trouble rock-hopping. At some point the other rock was just way too far and I had to stand kangkang for minutes ‘cos I couldn’t find my balance to hop to the next rock. Ah Ggies found the entire scene very amusing. If I could hop to his rock I’d punch his nose.

The fishies are damn desperate for bread wei. Look at how close they swim to the shore. I wanted to wade my toes in the water but I was terrified I might turn into the case of:
“1,2,3,4,5.. once I caught a fish alive.. 6,7,8,9,10 then I let it go again.. why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so..”

Finally after a couple of screams, all of us ended up on the same rock.

They say that if you count the ikan keli (catfish) you’ll always get the total of 41. Never more never less. Who really goes to count catfishes in lakes anyway? There are giant Japanese carps(??) and little dunno-what-species fishes all living in harmony.
Ah Ggies and I tried to Find Nemo.

If you look closely you can see giant bat nests (do giant bats make nests??) amidst the tree tops. They come out at night to go makan-makan fruits. Little bats are the ones that go all Dracula. Giant bats are herbivores if I’m not mistaken. Still bloodcurdling though if they all start bertempiaran at 5pm at once.

That long sharp rock surrounded by raffia strings is supposedly the main entrance to the ‘kingdom’. I was staring at it for the longest time. We thought someone died there and got buried under the rocks.
The mountain in the background is Gunung ... if I’m not mistaken and is the highest mountain in West Java. Dr Ariefster has hiked it twice or something like that. That information does not concern me ‘cos I am not one for hiking.

I see everyone washing their face kau-kau and saving the umm (yucky-poo) water in mineral bottles and such so I headed to the other side of the lake to check out what’s going on. Then people start telling me that the water is believed to be mystic… the kind where your great-great-grandmother’s aunt stories ‘bout an infertile lady drinking out of the lake and then next month “POW”: bunting!! So Ah Ggies quickly urge me to go wash my face with the water so that my jodoh cepat datang. You’ll be surprised to know that when it comes to my jodoh / social life it becomes EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. At first I wet my fingers abit abit (already throwing up a lil in my mouth) and basah-basah my face abit but everyone was like, “THAT IS NOT WASHING YOUR FACE!!” So finally I had to dunk splashes of it onto my face. Dr Derajster was very amused.

On the way home we paused by some mango stalls where Dr Ariefster bought the lot of us a basket of mangoes each. Quite the sweetheart, non? Hehe he even knocked his head on the scale which was darn funny but we had to stifle our laughter since he’s our superior.

While Dr Ariefster went looking about mangoes, Ah Ggies and Ah Herla chomped on some sample mangoes…
Only to find they were damn sour!! The mango chick conned them.

So big yah the Majalengka mango? As big as a rock-lho, *bisou* worthy kok..

Sophiekines Felt Like Writing...

Dear Shelbybaby,

You'll be glad to know that I've been working hard.

Senseless little sister is doing something sensible.

I've been doing at least 6 hours each day apart from yesterday. I think my brain went on protest yesterday and it literally could not focus after an hour's work. Ah JenJen said maybe it wasn't used to doing so much work. I agree. Think it's gone on overdrive. But I've started again today don't worry. I'm just worried it won't be enough.

My living plans went a bit tits up though. Don't bother telling the parentals because they'll get stressed for no reason. I know you like to tell them things but at least wait till later or I'll have Ddy on the phone asking me why I had no "plan of security" and to take more vitamin Cs.
Things always work out in the end. But the gist is, I WAS supposed to stay at LaLoLo's this week but then KongKong Lo dropped in from Hongkieland.

My second option(s) turned a bit anal. Miss WiWi had sudden out of town plans and Miss DannDann's place got flooded (and she went to France as well) which was rather anal as well. I gave a few people I knew a ring. I was to a point that I considered calling that friend of yours that I never met - the one with the tower of Manolos but thought that would be weird and not cool. It all looked a bit bleak but then Ah JenJen said I could stay at his until I find somewhere to go - bless him. Don't you love the bonds of brotherhood? I thought of going to Russalia's but I'd feel a bit too cheeky asking him if I could stay at his. Besides, I'd be distracted by his Adonis persona and my eyes will be on tuned in his ass more than my notes - not cool at the moment.

I even said hey to McFruit on msn today (but he ignored me obviously - I wasn't going to attempt contact but Ah JenJen talked me into it to see what would happen *sigh*) You would be disappointed to know that his place didn't get hit by the crap floods in the UK that I read about when I was still back home. I texted him then to check if it was alright where he is and he answered then. By the way, Miss VeiraVeira thought McFruit was cute *smirk* I showed her one of the very few pictures I had - and the contents of the McFruit Ex-Bag. We both agreed that despite all that happened, he was very sweet.

Anyway, it got me thinking. This is all a bit random and it probably won't make sense but bear with me. Not that it matters now but I'm wondering, do couples work better starting as friends or not?

Would our (me and McFruit's) basket of lurrrve not fall apart like it did if we had a better weaved foundation, romantic or friendship? I mean, I used to think we were friends first but then it actually just clicked to me that we weren't. I never spoke much to him until I started fancying him. So we never hung out as friends. We were acquaintances with mutual friends.
We didn't have a solid romantic background either as everything was such a Cannes-festival-movie-whirlwindish. It started very randomly and ended pretty suddenly too. If we spent more time dating and actually being around each other, do you think we would have worked better as a couple and not have a really bizarre turn in the first (normal-esque) romance of our university life?

And let's pretend that he's NOT possibly gay, because I did think that he's sweet, sensitive and fully straight. Patsy did as well! (this was before a couple of his flatmates sat me down for a pint). And he's macho! He plays rugby (okay that is a lie).

But how would this apply to you and Mr. Orange? You guys were tight but the thing is it started as a foundation of friendship. I'm assuming its a bit of a bitch as one unweaves a friendship basket turning it into half a romantic one - Fingers bleed during this process. And then it's down to whether the other party picks up the basket and finishes it, and kisses the wounds better. You probably nearly lost your hand and your basket is half done. An abandoned project. So what gives??

"My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation
And I know that I should let go but I can't
And everytime we fight, I know it's not right
Everytime that you're upset and I smile
I know I should forget but I can't..."
... Foundations by Kate Nash ....

Saturday, August 04, 2007

go watch transformers if you haven’t already

I think I’m the last earthling to watch Transformers (due to the reasons below):
- I can never find the time
- I hate watching a blockbuster the week it opens ‘cos I can never get good seats ‘cos I don’t have the time to queue up for them. Can’t be bloody bothered anyway
- Some morons told me the movie was crap

I totally beg to differ and for those who didn’t bloody bother (as I did before, don’t blame you.. I totally get the whole no-time excuse), if your local screens still have Transformers in tow: GO WATCH IT!! A great 25,000rp spent.

Never really bothered ‘bout Transformers before ‘cos I never really liked the cartoon in the first place. Didn’t understand the whole concept of Optimus Prime turning into a truck or that dog-like robot turning into a cassette. Guess when you’re an 8-year old chick, the whole idea of transforming (hence the name Transformers) seems so, like, “HUH?? WH..??” (equivalent mental reactions to Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu mini-projects). Most importantly they would ALWAYS cut out Jem and The Holograms to make way for Transformers on Sunday mornings which totally pissed the f*ck outta me when I was little. Thing is, RTM2 isn’t the most reliable network on earth in terms of their weekend morning cartoons back then. The usual routine would be: Carebears followed by My Little Pony / The Potatohead Family and then Jem & The Holograms BEFORE Transformers. Sometimes when they have some show on later in the day, they’d push forward all the subsequent slots and unfortunately for me Jem & The Holograms always gets the boot ‘cos they have to show some compassion for the testosterone-fueled audience. I guess now I don’t blame ‘em ‘cos there should be some boy shows or we’d get more fruits than nuts in the male population. So that explains my long-standing grudge against Transformers.

Everyone kept going on and on ‘bout the Transformers movie and I figured everyone was just really biased with the hype. Malaysians and Indonesians alike, we’re so mainstream… I mean we actually think the Harry Potter movie is, like, so great. Adoi please deh. It was crap and I will dictate on its crappiness in another entry. On this occasion, they ‘re right banget. It’s freaking hilarious. Even when they’re not trying to be funny they are.. the whole black humour thing. The theatre was pretty empty when I went, just a few couple in front of me and at the back. If you made us all squeeze together we’d only make up a row and a half I think. So anyways they were all Indons so I bet they were all reading from the awful subtitles (when are subtitles ever super?) ‘cos they couldn’t catch a lot of the comic. I pula was laughing my freaking ass off every, like, 7 mins or something. People must think I was nuts-lah. The Witwickys are super FUNNY ha-ha. My favourite part of the movie is the part where Mr Witwicky finds his garden all ruined by the ‘earthquake’ XD Ch*ba* funny man, seriously!! Wah Josh Duhamel serious HOTNESS wei. Fergie is one lucky chick. I wonder how it feels like to lie under this man every night? This man is so hot he can fry rocks into diamonds on his abs-lah. I got really excited when they slipped the “more than meets the eye” line oh-so-cleverly in between the script. My favourite robot in the show is the scorpion fella. I LURRVE it. It’s one helluva sexy machine. OK shouldn’t be rooting for the enemy but the Decepticons really know ‘bout presentation. The Autobots’ outlook abit the boring-lah. I mean the most interesting fella of them’s probably Optimus Prime ‘cos of the whole red-white-blue combination. They really did a good job of delivering the robot ‘transformation’… I never could have understood the whole mechanics of a robot turning into a mini hi-fi if not for the movie. I was, like, WAHHHH so that’s how they turn into robots and just within seconds some more. Very very cool. Although I thought in Transformers the 2-D cartoon each little robot contributes to an anatomical part of the Le Grande Optimus Prime, non? Like some fella’s the leg and some fella’s the right hand kinda thing. Or am I getting it confused with Power Rangers ah? Ayo dunno-lah. Haven’t watched the cartoon in eons. So it’s good-lah. The chick’s a little old to be going to high school with Shia (Sam Witwicky) but hey who cares-lah… she has a body of a Playmate and the only person who’s gonna go all politically correct on this issue is probably me. Absolutely adore the idea of a junkie Chihuahua and super swoon at the concept of replicating metal DNA. I love the entire show. I could even hold my urine in the whole time. And trust me I drank a lot of Coke. Wish I had a boyfriend at times like these so he can flood me with Transformers trivia as I picture his face to be Josh Duhamel’s. I could make out with Josh, like, literally sort-of. KAKAKA me crazy.

(msg, Aug 2006 -whoah a year ago wei!-)
moi: Heehee nx trip I invite ur mr trans4mers come play wit my miss spears!! But no hanky panky cos she’s good girl so ask ur robot 2 keep his screws 2 himself!!
Ah Choy: Hehe. Dowan, ur doll 2 sissy 4 my robots Ah shaddup!! Ur robot’s gay anyway!!

P.S: Ah Choy has an Optimus Prime. I used to think twice to let my Britney Spears play with him ‘cos I didn’t want her to mix with the wrong company. But now I think can-lah… he seems like quite a smart fella. And boy does she need a lot of them smarts!! *wink*
P.P.S, disclaimer: images courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

Friday, August 03, 2007

miss veiraveira comes to kl

Sophiekins & Miss VeiraVeira chillin' at my super-duper favourite eatery: Lotus Leaf banana leaf indian rice

moi: u kno tat miss veiraveira is in malaysia now?
moi: she's staying at my place with my family but i'm here in indon. funny yah?
Miss ChuaChua: now in your place is she haha
Miss ChuaChua: well well i also met your mum dad n sister when you are not around last time haha
Miss ChuaChua: and even have a meal with them last time when i went there
moi: i kno its so weird

miss remrem gets all engaged up!!

So happy for her-lah. And I've been invited to be one of her bridesmaids on her wedding day in December-lho. BIG FUN!!

Sophiekins Writes Again...

Note to Shelbybaby: Yeah Yeah I Said I'll Write An Entry So Stop Bugging Me. I'm in Europe And Stressed. *smirk*

Okay so I'm back in the UK after the most g*ddamn stressing flight I've ever had.

Downlow point: I was sat in the aisle across from the Von Trapp family, Dubai edition. If dat lil sneaky titch of a child so much as TOUCHED my McBag (which I placed under my seat with the pillow in front of it for extra protection because kids can be sneaky queen bitches-to-be) as she wandered around touching things that didn't belong to her, she was so gonna get it. Child or not. Other people can coo at her or whatever but hey when the bag's involved it gets personal. Besides she'd already stopped crying and I was pissed off enough about when she was. Its her own fault for refusing adult supervision when she needed the loo, then got herself locked IN the loo and had to scream until a poor stewardess came running to let her out. I exchanged a look with an Australian two seats away from me. She raised her eyeborows and I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing. AND, Parents should know better than to let their undisciplined young play jigsaw farm animals in the middle of the freakin cramped aisle! I was SO appalled. Especially since their ridiculously frizzy hair kept getting in the way of my screen everytime one of them stood up to pester their parents about getting their sister to stop her putting Mr. Chicken's Head on Mrs. Horse's arse.

High Point: I discovered the Quiet Lounge in Gate 23 in the Dubai airport. Along with the many nice things I can look at like the M.A.C. makeups and assorted perfumes - they brought in Vera Wang's Truly Pink!! I was quite excited. It smells rosyyyy... and the pink is so hypnotic I swear if you stare long enough, the colour and scent ignites the neurons in your brains and a signal is sent, causing you to purchase it. But I have my Marc Jacobs Rain and I'm on a shopping ban (Yes, I have sunk to Shelbybaby's level. It's her fault. I blame her) so I had to spray a liberal amount on self to pacify self as self won't be owning said perfume anytime soon.

Gate 23 - It's a "hall" filled with reasonably average lounge chairs that you can sleep on. So I stayed there and occupied nearly all of my transit time. Had a nice 8 hour sleep.

Ah Jen Jen came to pick me up and after presenting him with Miss Oreo for his personal use, I introduced him to one of my own secret lovers, Mr. Famous Amos the chocolate chip cookie so he could experiment and expand his horizons a bit. We watched Heroes and went to bed at midnight. I woke up at 9 this morning and started revision at half 9. Patsy thought I was unwell. Ah Jen Jen woke up early too. We found it quite bizarre. We found a random little pub for lunch and he went to work after dinner. After he came back he helped me pick an assortment of birthday presents for an assorted range of people and we created a cocktail.
It's called The Coughing Lolly. I named it. Heheh... It consisted of random alcoholic and (non) ingredients found in the Ah Jen Jen's family's alcohol cupboard.

And in my slight tipsyness from our recent invention, The Coughing Lolly cocktail, I had an epiphany while in the loo on how to solve my problem with a nearly fool-proof plan on never ending up in the aisle across from Dubai editioned Von Trapp family with little shits that will attempt to touch my McBag or play jigsaw creatures on the aisle next to me seat.

I'm switching to Singapore Airlines.

Love Sophiekins xxx
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