Friday, July 20, 2007

when is a great girl good enough?

Me a little happier. Got my bangs straightened in Anata Salon, Setiabudhi. It'll hold the fort momentarily and at least now I CAN get out. Going to the grocery store was such a chore with the unruly fringe. I cannot imagine my 'previous' life sans permanent hair-straightening. As you can see the el stupido didn't even cut it straight. Ah f*ck.

“But we have not hit the ground

Doesn't mean we're not still falling, oh I want so bad to pick you up

But you're still too reluctant to accept my help

What a shame I hope you find somewhere to place the blame

But until then the fact remains…"

We call this song Ah Ggies’ anthem. Firstly because he was the first person to point out this tune to me. We’re both suckers for melodramatic melancholia music. Secondly he used to play it over and over and over again in the car about a month back when he was going through a prickly phase involving 2 chicks one of which was his then-girlfriend-now-ex-girlfriend (you know who won huh *wink*). When people would accuse Ah Ggie to be such a player I never really believed them ‘till now. I suppose, with him being my kindred spirit and all, I still believed in the goodness of human. I always thought he was genuine with every chick he pursued. Just that they never seem to work out… with most of them having shelf-lives equivalent to a Gardenia loaf. This I find to be a pattern very familiar to those of the male species. I once asked him how come he can’t stop fluttering… the whole you’re-a-decent-guy-yet-how-is-it-that-you-can’t-seem-to-hold-down-a-woman. His response was that he can’t help it but have a need to search for the better girl. It’s embedded in his testosteronal instincts and he has no choice but to react on it.

How does a boy know that a girl is THE girl? Girls get deluded with LURRVE, fear-of-dying-alone and financial stability which accounts for probably almost all the marriages in the universe but boys don’t exactly have such similar requirements when it comes to choosing a partner of commitment, right? Am I… right *shrugs*? And with everyone having similar notions of the ratio of female to male being 4:1 (which I highly disagree, I once read somewhere that THIS FACT IS REALLY A MYTH but hey I stand corrected-lah) how can a man know that of all them vixens, that particular vixen he covet and will stay devoted to? I focus this mainly on men rather than women due to general demographics suggesting that men are more likely to have affairs in comparison to women. You hear the same lame old story where Married Man tells Young Secretary that he’s in love with her and that he hasn’t the wildest idea what gotten into him when he married THE WIFE. But didn’t he think then that THE WIFE was the best he could ever have? What gives him the impression that it’s still not so? According to Gym Class Heroes, “But Dad I’m finally thinking I may have found the one, the type of girl that’ll make you be proud of your son. And I know you heard the last song about the girls that didn’t last long. But I promise this is on a whole new plan, I can tell by the way she says my name. I mean she even cooks me pancakes / Rub in seltzer when my tummy aches / I love the way she calls my phone / Even got her very own ring tone. If that ain’t love then I don’t know what love is.” The male species has such a different (sayyy… primitive?) perspective of THE ONE, non?

They puzzle me and will continue to puzzle me. Like the fact that they claim they’re looking for a strong, dynamic woman that can help contribute to the household yet when that woman becomes a star at work they frown upon this circumstance and retreat into their little shell where they are free to bask in their own ego. Apart from the FAT issue, it’s not exactly sexy to blurt out, “I’m a doctor” to the person I’m testing out for the Man Of My Life award. I think I would get more dates if I was a pharmacist.

I’m not whining. I really am not. I’m kinda passed the whining / denial stage. I’ve come to acknowledge its presence. There have been alot of wedding invitations recently especially since we’re all going to be done by November. 9 within these few months and counting. I used to wonder where did all my wedding invitations go? Now that they’re loading in by the truckload I’m wondering when will it all stop. I didn’t mean that last sentence. I really love weddings in spite of the cynicism :) What makes me love weddings more is when they’re weddings of people I love. I suppose being one who has never had a boyfriend, I have no grasp of the concept of this thing called a relationship. It’s really quite the mystery-case-files to me. And the concept of me getting married is even more of a distant world away. So when people I know call me up to tell me they’re submitting themselves for a life-long commitment to this one person they truly believe will make them happy forever it feels like they went to, I dunno… say, Machu Pichu and had some kinda life revolution soul revelation experience. All I can afford to do is listen all wide-eyed and imagine the delight.

Ah Choy: theres nothing ere that gives u the maldives feeling
Ah Choy: only pictures for that...
Ah Choy: or maybe experiencing it first hand

Guess there are things you will only know when you know, you know?


With every worthless word, we get more far away

The distance between us makes it so hard to stay

Nothing lasts forever, but be honest, babe

It hurts, but it may be the only way…”

… Maroon 5, Nothing Lasts Forever …


Boss Stewie said...

heyy!! my sister in law is a doctor..... i think my brother who married her found her rather attractive in her white coat

shelbybaby said...

got more brothers or not?

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