Monday, July 09, 2007

updated(!!): my goodies from uk, other parts of europe and some parts of ameh-lica

Just better pictures of my goodies from that time:

My Giles collection (clockwise from top-left): Giles GOLD Collection for New Look accessories. Especially love the acrylic bangle and dangly earrings; bustier dress with giraffe-like prints; paperbag. Hehe; giraffe-print shoes that zips at the heel. Uber charming right?? I like the heels especially; MULBERRY for GILES patent clutch and mace keyring S&M style *woopah*; Cheetah-print shirt dress that is H-H-HOT :)

I am addicted to slogan T-shirts (clockwise from top-left): Weezer baseball tee, Weezer Beverly Hills turquoise martini tee, Behnaz Sarafpour for Target lace-sleeved top, Desperate Housewives I'm A Gabrielle tee, for Project Runway T-shirt project

Chirpy summer floats (clockwise from top-left): Margo owl-embroidered satin dress, Alice McCall b&w printed dress, Vivienne Westwood cotton print skirt

I HEART MY MARK RYDEN collection: Bunnies and Bees, Blood, Wondertoonel. You have no idea the work I had t go through to get them. Will a gracious soul of the world buy me the Fushigi Circus book PLEASE??

And Sophiekins' belated Thalamus bereavement basket(??). I was looking forward to it all year since she was going on and on how she's meticulously putting together a bunch of sh*t which I will super-love and that this would be the answer to the spiritual-lift I very much needed. When she presented the pink wrapping to me I was like WTF?? A scarf, facial wipes and a bag of Whittard tea is supposed to be the saviour from my grief??

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