Sunday, July 01, 2007

kuala lumpur viennese debutante ball


L to R: McPet from Deutchland, "horny and Chinese" Christoph, Afro'ed Robin (I'm convinced he's a surfer) and finally sweet Jan.

Omg I just LOVED the view... We definitely came out in one hell of a view.

Oooh... I feel purrrrdyyyyy... Outfit consisted of a Swarovski crown lent to the debutantes for the Ball (not messing! That thing had weight..), Fiesta formal gown (ordered via the internet and shipped from America), white gloves and fresh rose posies. You can't see it but I was wearing white Dior Lady sandals. It was pretty damn sweet.
The Ball went really well and it helped a lot that they had an OPEN BAR... I'm gonna say it again.. OPEN BAR...
My dance partner "Gazeem" (his name shall remain anonymous but he is the spitting image of the character Gazeem from Aladdin) didn't f-up too bad. Besides if he did - which meant I'd look as bad, at least I didn't nearly flash the guests of honour (McPet left his fly open as he bowed to the Prince and Austrian Ambassador amongst the many other distinguished). Bless McPet he's 15 and I absolutely adored him! He called me sexy at some point and I have to say I blushed. The cuties are getting younger these days and I'm beginning to develop a Mrs. Robinson complex which isn't cool sometimes. Sometimes. *smirk*.
Where the hell are the guys my age??
Notable moments:
- Me, Amin and Kev sneaking behind the black drapes to drink ourselves into a giggly hysteria.
- Me and Kev nearly killing ourselves with the Polka.
- Me perving on this HOT guy with glasses who totally wasn't a debutante's partner at the Ball - until he started speaking into one of those big ass media-type cameras. Turned out he was a Channel V VJ. No wonder he's hot.
- German Christoph slurring : I'm horny and Chinese...
- McPet bitching about his date and holding my hand as he whispered cheekily that his fly was open as he bowed to the guests of honour.
- 2 debutantes working together, trying to get the crown out of my head. It was secured on with plastic bits. Sam from Kota Damansara's Mod Studio did an AWESOME job.
- Walking around pre and post Ball wearing my yellow Havaiiannas.
- Throwing up the next morning because I had too much Champagne. Its a wonder I managed - to hide my slight drunken state from Daddy.
I love Balls... I should've been born in the Jane Austen era...


Anonymous said...

The second picture is so lovely. I agree fantastic view, you can see the point all the way to the top, very fine lookin structure, so elegant yet so attractive. Oh and yes the Petronas Towers also lookin good as always.

shelbybaby said...

anon: she's a lucky girl hor?

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