Saturday, July 28, 2007

it's a kampung life

So here’s where we get going with work. Wooo look at us with our laptops propped up and all. Kalah Wall Street stockbrockers-lho. Most of the time we’re just sok sibuk (pretend to be busy); we’re really playing Bejewelled 2 or exchanging rain… *cough* porn *cough* ... bow. I love the way our brows furrow as if the statistics are so murderous when really it’s to find that ch*ba* 3-jewel-in-a-row before time’s up.

It can get really mundane so sometimes the PHC staff gets together and roast sweet corn for kicks. I just come to eat. As you can see my hair is permanently up in an Alice band. I finally found a way to wear my bangs and not look so retarded. That was before it got straightened.

“Come on everybody! It’s time to party!” David Tutera would be so proud :)

Sometimes we have extra-curricular activities like excursions to camp sites. Our PHC doctor serves as a first-aid at the scouts camp. They travel around in the mobile village clinic which is really a village ambulance. Our PHC doctor is, like, THE NICEST CREATURE!! *bisou* worthy banget..

Thank goodness we weren’t sent to them mountains. I COULD DIE.

I thought tobacco plants looked like really big lettuce. Yet Indon tobaccos looks like papaya trees. Dunno-leh if my childhood memories tricked my brains.

Sometimes we go to posyandu which are really little immunization cum babies / children weigh-in cum pregnant ladies check-up parties where they bring little report books of what they have had done. Posyandu spots are usually very terpencil (deserted). That little man is showing us the way and the white stuff on the back of his bike are mini bags iodinized salt. I call him the Mr Garam Beryodium. The distribution of Iodinized Salt is part of the Posyandu health program. They are given out to mid-wives to be given out to the community.

I didn’t really comprehend their scale and the mechanics of how it would work. I know it’s the vegetable market sort where you balance out the weight of the baby with weights but all I see is a black plastic bag and rocks. I thought people in the Hang Tuah era does that sorta stuff?

Sealed with a kiss!

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