Thursday, June 07, 2007

suit up

I’m perched on one of the beautician’s beds waiting for Sophiekins to be done with her lashes. She’ll be returning home tomorrow. Sophiekins came over for afew days since I couldn’t go home to meet her ‘cos I failed my exam mah. I had an entire agenda planned but as usual, funny how things are how they are, the agenda didn’t work out. Firstly ‘cos we didn’t have any cash with us. Mmmy was supposed to pass Sophiekins some money despite the fact she wired some over to my bank account. Aiya the old lady only gave her 200,000rp in case wei. Ya ampun!! I was broke which left us absolutely handicapped-lah in terms of getting the chance to do some retail damage. I had to go borrow some money off Miss MasMas or we’d literally have to sit in the room all day. Also I wasn’t in the chirpiest mood since I had exams on and was worried if I passed my remedial judicial etc. I couldn’t sleep for days and had to play Teddy Factory for hours to tire myself out.

It was, in Barney’s signature quip, "Legendary!!” having the sister around. Haven’t seen her since last year(??). She likes the new room: more space less suffocation. Her sh*t was lying everywhere the moment she arrived but at least I was more patient with her barang-barang than she was with mine (when I visited her in the UK). We did the usual rounds: check out tweenies kitsch at Stroberi, Bunga, Heartwarmers and Satsuka, gobbled glazed Jco donuts, exchanged family + friends gossip, factory-outlet shopping at Rumah Mode, ordering Kantin Manna’s ayam bakar, watched a movie: Ocean 13, shop for Korean / Chinese / Taiwanese / Hongkie fashion at Carla’s Gallery, glamour shoot at Jonas, cloth-buying in Pasar Baru, pirated DVD purchasing at Kota Kembang – Dalam Kaum, exchanged iTunes playlist, got lashes done at Anata Salon, impersonated Mmmy, and we roared to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ every night.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ is the most hilarious show on Planet Earth apart from Will & Grace. I LUUURVE LUUURVE LUUURVE the show to bits. It’s Funny with a capital F!! Suit up!!

Miss Sophiekins. We tight-lah and it sucks that I failed the exam or the whole family could be together for dinner. I like it when the family gets together for dinner.

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