Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sophiekins writes...

Mmmy: I want to turn on my music now…
Dddy: Ehh… Don’t-lah! After Sophiekins gets a headache…

Sophiekins: Err… It’s okay… *prepares to turn iPod volume up into full blast* I have my iPod!
Mmmy: There… She has her iPod!
Ddy: But I don’t have an iPod…

Sophiekins laughs hysterically while Mmmy retaliates by striking Dddy’s ear with a sharp pinch.

Damn... I do miss being home.

Hello readers, I am Sophiekins, here being the dutiful sister-slave to blog-sit for my fat animal cracker sister who’s off treating poverty-stricken saddos and let’s all join in a prayer that being nearly a doctor now, she won’t be subjected to intern-humiliation there and made to draw water out of a perigi to wash the bedpans or something. Hopefully during my temporary reign of Shelbybaby.com, I will succeed in injecting just a tad more carefree cheeriness (being the problematic youngest child with no sense of responsibility towards her elders, wastes her unfulfilled potential and thinks of noone but herself) to
hopefully raise this blog’s visitor level from nil to some sort of number.
In short, sh*t all over my sister’s parade and show everyone how SHELBULOUS I AM!!!
I’m home for 2 months and hopefully will be continuing yoga and picking up tennis again. Or some form of exercise because the fun-ness from British university life is finally catching up with me. Cheerleading doesn’t really count THAT much as part of my exercise regime because even if I push myself to my most obese point I will still be tinier than the English. It’s in my genes. I’m a UK Size 4/US Size 0 (possibly 00).

Don’t hate me. I don’t deserve it.

It’s not ALL fun and games being petite apart from the fact that sometimes we do make clothes look good. Do you know what really happens to tiny and slim people like me when we see the most fantabulous outfit in H&M or whatever?

We rummage though the racks and when the realization hits us that we won’t be owning said outfit because *GASP* It’s all fat sizes like Shelbybaby’s!! I mean WTF?!

Newspapers and the media are raging over the Supermodel Size 0 debate but they don’t stop and think about the little people (pun not intended). I mean, fine! Some 15 year old model gets stupid and goes to drink a can of diet coke and calls that a meal hence she snuffs it – that only proves she has issues with her own mentality.

FULL FAT COKE PEOPLE!! The power is in the original Coca Cola!! If I was into anal, that bottle of Coke Zero and Pepsi Max can stuff themselves up my ass.

That’s beside the point. I’m here to introduce myself.

I like Krispy Kreme donuts, Ben&Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, cheerleading, dancing or anything to do with the world of the performing arts and the Sims2 among many other things. A Saggitarian gastronomic goddess, I have an obsession with Paris and I love to read and travel. My sister gives the impression to people that I have been to all sorts of places but I would like to set the record straight.

I have only been to 8% of the world. I calculated it at Trav Buddy - Had that feature installed to my facebook account.

I also love to deny the daily myspace friend requests from sleazy bastards that I don’t know. They send me messages in random Malay abbreviations and our conversation usually goes like this.

Random: Hai awk cina ke? Mau kwn? Add sya aje bleh tk?

Moi: No.

Random: You a stupid hooker.

*snigger* Don’t need to get personal dude…
Ahh.. that amused me for a little while.

To be honest dear readers, I don’t know what people writes in these things nowadays anyway. But if something interesting comes to mind I’ll definitely post it up. Toodles!! xxx

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One half of Elphie said...

Great writing Phie ^__^ Witty stuff. Best line: "...even if I push myself to my most obese point I will still be tinier than the English" Oh how true. Damn me being English... hehehe <3 xXx

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