Thursday, June 07, 2007

sophiekins goes to malaga & gibraltar

First up. The "Ooh-escargot!!" look.
I have to say this is one of my fave shots! How bewildered do I look??

MUTHA F*CKA. Here I am stuck in a third-world town and the b*tch goes travelling. To exotique places some more. $&%#@!!
It all started with the trip to the supermarket. A trip to the supermarket isn't a trip to the supermarket without big thighs of babi. O-ink LE!!
Oh God you have NO idea how long it took me to persuade Ah Jen-Jen to take this picture. He was like "Oh My God Soph.. We're in a supermarket!" I was like.. "Babi legs the size of my head - MUST TAKE PICTURE!!"
Yalah yalah she looks happy-lah. I know some people will be going "woot woot Shelby lost weight". I didn't go from a size *hush* to a size 4 overnight. Open your eyes abit moron. It's my sister. And yes of course we look the same: we made in the same factory!!
Heeheehee I totally loved being serenaded!! Very the cheesy!!


Another view: sunrise version.

Ahh I rmbr this view... Ah Jen-Jen was making breakfast before we went to Gibby and I was just pansying around mooning over the view. The only task he gave me was to make toast. I burnt it.

This she took for me. She thought I'd like it. I do.
I bet they were probably going at it like rabbits up against the Rock.. *wink*

I think her wardrobe here is Shelbulous!!

I LURRVE THIS SHOT. I wanna go there. I read it first on bloody The Guardian Travel 8 years ago. So I should have been the one there first. Life is so unfair!!

Frankly you're not missing much. The Jews went on holiday (much to me and Ah Jen-Jen's dismay) thus shutting all the perfume shops and shit so no serious retail damage could be made.

I haven't had wine in a long time *smacks lips*
This was the day of the Champions League match (Liverpool vs. AC Milan). As you can see, it was a bit of a depressing evening apart from perving on Kaka who was looking fit (but the Jesus shirt scene at the end turned me off him a tad).

This so Breakfast at Tiffany's, non? So Cruise Collection. So French Riviera. Ugh I'm getting irritated by the moment. NOT FAIR. NOT FAIR.

Hey! YOU have a Goyard bag you bitch.

Ah JenJen: princess of the sea, surfaces at noon for daily gelato fix.

Yes-lah. She freakin' queen of the world-lah *purges*

Damn right I am! How I love watching you go mual-ish green with envy...

Fountain foray.

My-Bonnie-lies-over-the-ocean shot.

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