Thursday, June 07, 2007

my goodies from uk, europe and some parts of ameh-lica

Sophiekins is HOME!! And the only reason (oh oops I mean part of the reason) why I LOURVE the fact that she's back is because she brings home my goodies my goodies my goodies yea my goodies. Oooh exhilirated.

P.S on top: Sophiekins will be guest writing over here for abit since I'm going to be posted to some kampung terpencil and she can't be bothered to set up her own blog. We intend to rake in more visitors, score some kachingkos and TAKE ON THE WORLD!!

Sophiekins writes in navy:

Anyway back to my goodies.

Daddy's home!! My hunk Monsieur Goyard (St Louis Jr) is home with mama. OK technically speaking not really-lah but it's in the mothership's care now and that's all that matters.
Yalah you biatch - who had to fly to Paris to hunt for the damn thing? CEST MOI! Do I hear a thanks? NON! So what kind of person does that make you? MERDE!!

Aiyo all these stuff from koon-nee-sam-thai ago. I got Miss VeiraVeira to help me purchase some gear online 'cos bloody websites won't accept Malaysian credit cards.
Again, who had to angkut the shit back - and might I add, making me unload a Sanctuary Spa set from my luggage to make room for it?
A buku gambar. All this for a buku gambar?? It doesn't even have fit boy pictures inside!

Those jeans I got you are hot okay. And by G*d you WILL fit into them - or diet kau kau into it.

The black and white dress isn't Margo you fool - it's Alice McCall.

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