Friday, June 29, 2007

my first journey to jakarta by bus

I've never had to take any other form of transportation apart from the kijang to Sukarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta ever. I've heard of Miss MasMas and Miss RenjitRenjit plus afew others do the bus thing and the Cipaganti travel / van thing but hearing was the closest it ever was for me. I'm not much of a bus person and neither am I much of a travel-van individual but desperate moments call for desperate measures. I took an emergency leave for home to check on Mmmy who was hospitalized due to food-poisoning. It's not that big a deal but she's the only mother I've got-lho. The Bandung-KL flights were out and I was left with only Jakarta-KL flights or nothing at all. I had to travel to Jakarta at midnight and being the bus-virgin I hate to admit I was a little worried.

It wasn't that bad after all. Basically for those who want it cheap, you can take a cab to Bandung Super Mall (BSM) and tell the driver that you wanna go to the bus terminal side of BSM. Ask around for the ticket counter and tell the ticket-person your flight hour and that you wanna take AirAsia's international flight (so that they'll leave you at the right terminal). He'll give you a good time slot based on his estimation and you purchase a ticket for 60,000rp. If it's wee hours of the morning you're looking at 2.5 hrs and if it's in the daytime around 3.5 - 4 hrs due to traffic. You wait in the waiting lounge 'till the luggage-boy screams your time slot, say, "2 pagi!! 2 pagi!!" then you get your luggage weighed. You're allowed a max weight of 20kg (of which excess would be charged) which is really fine 'cos AirAsia only allows you 15kg... works if you adhere to AirAsia's weight rule that is. Tell him clearly you're going to AirAsia INTERNATIONAL flight so he tags your luggage right. The bus arrives and you get on. OK comfortable, very cold and there's a fuzzy tele which I pay no heed to. The seat is adjustable so do that quickly before the passenger behind you seats.

When the bus arrives the airport, pay close attention to what the bus driver yells out 'cos it's the cue for you to get out. When he goes "International!!", quickly get up and wave your hand about. I was the only one getting out at International, the rest were domestic passengers. Remember to claim your luggage, which a whole load of fools do not, and head towards the departure gate. AirAsia has a special entrance so just ask the guard or find for yours at the small teles. That's basically it. Then you check in, voila(!!)...


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