Friday, June 01, 2007

mirinda kerr = *bisou* worthy

I was browsing through the Victoria Secret Angels when this brunette bombshell stopped me in my place. She's gorgeous. And that body!! Shelbulous. Look at her thigh definition and those tight tight, pickle jar top, abdominals. OMG. I super-duper-quadruple think she's HOT. Seriously. I wanna look like her. Sort of. OK half like her. I still like my face.

She looks so Lolita. Not many people can pull of the not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman that easy. Mirinda does it just effortlessly. Could be the night before partying and 230 cigarrettes later but still... picture perfect.

Just as you think she baby-one-more-timed you, she goes and pulls a Tomb Raider / trashy white goth chick look and blows you away. Man that body. Need to work for a Mirinda Kerr bikini body. Must Must Must.

I like her face. It's not the typical elongated oval norm you get in teen magazines. It's white and angular. Abit like mine IF I WAS A STICK INSECT (oh if only!!).

Bond girl. Like the whole peek-a-boo with the areola and all: classy not crassy.

Sometimes at weird angles she has abit of a pitbull resemblance. A pretty pitbull tapi.

This avant garde pose nice. See how she chameleons so well.

Spicy senorita. Chameleon well, non? I rest my case.


*giggle* I like her.

P.S, disclaimer: images courtesy of Supermodels

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