Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last night we went for dinner at Momiji, Dago Plaza ‘cos Miss MasMas and Miss KosKos wanted to go get Miss JoeJoe’s birthday gift (scanner) at Bandung Electronic center (BEC) and asked for me to tag along. Just as we stepped into the BEC entrance guess who we bump into: Dr McTeapot-hubbahubba. He’s the cutie in Internal Med. He’s, like, this uber intelligent resident who’s like the consultants' favourite. I always thought he was H-H-HOT especially with him being the genius that he is. Super turn-on. But really that’s about it ‘cos I don’t know him and have probably only seen him from a distance. We never really had much of a chance to interact. Anyway I was super surprised to see him outside the hospital vicinity (he’s like the hospital permanent saprophitic plant or something… it’s, like, he never goes home) and even more surprised that he said hi back. Lagi shell-shocked when he made small talk and did a whole load of smiling. Miss MasMas and Miss KosKos quickly left us to make conversation. It was all very very odd for me. Thing is, all the time when we were in Internal Med he’d talk to everyone but not talk to me. There were afew occasions when he would yabber with people around me but totally disregard me like a fly on the wall. Not sure why he keeps ignoring me in group conversations. I came to a personal conclusion that McTeapot-hubbahubba thought I was stupid. You will be surprised to know that smart kids are as ruthless as popular kids. They do not waste their time on you if they discover you’re not on their par. It’s OK-lah I am not as brilliant as the rest of the kids so WTF who cares!! Anyway that totally explains our limited interaction-loh. So there he was smiling and talking and I totally did not know how to handle the situation. I also didn’t understand why Miss MasMas and Miss KosKos didn’t hang around with us to join in the conversation. Miss MasMas later explicated that they both felt he didn’t really seem like he was up for a ‘group’ talk. After awhile I excused myself and went to find the girls. He was off to find a computer for the department. It was for the residents’ new ‘jaga’ room over at the Internal Med wing.

The girls were thiiis close to getting Miss JoeJoe a Minnie Mouse flash-drive. Lucky I stepped in and totally advised them against it. That was when I turned around and saw him standing just behind me. We ended up in the same store after all. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to make conversation or WTF ‘cos you know-lah I’M ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH AT MAKING CONVERSATION WITH PEOPLE I FANCY. This happens like oh-so-many times that I don’t even bother trying anymore. Somehow or rather as we were discussing prices of the scanner and some computer bits, the discussion moved us outside the store and we ended up having quite a wee bit of conversation. Big FUN. Really. And man he’s CUTE *giggle* Right after that he had to return to the Hyatt Hotel ‘cos the Endocrine department was having a thing there. So we parted and I went to find the girls.

They were disappointed that we didn’t exchange numbers. I already have his number I think from my previous ‘jaga’ days but I really ought to have reconfirmed it with him and made sure he had my number. Ahhh crappers. I blame my imprudence on the fact I’m just so clueless when it comes to imperative social opportunities. Also you have to understand I’ve been jerked around too many times by way too many by imbeciles. Can’t help but be so guarded. Very disappointed this will turn out to be just one of those one off circumstances but what can I do now anyway?


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