Sunday, June 17, 2007

magang (internship) first week

I’m still in the process of trying to get used to my satellite-hospital lifestyle. It’s definitely much slower paced in comparison to the one back in Hasan Sadikin hospital. I do feel lighter and less pressured. There are lesser patients and hence lesser responsibilities as well. It is all very bizarre but I can finally do things I want to do now. Some might say it’s b.o.r.i.n.g there but I am relishing every moment. We hardly get to kick back so much so I am going to make use of this opportunity properly. It’s been a week since the day they announced our posting to village / satellite primary health centres / hospitals. BLESS THE HIGH HEAVENS AND ALL WHO RULE IT ‘cos my prayers were somewhat answered. I was NOT posted to some ulu-jungle kampung, instead most of my hospitals are approximately 1 – 2 hours away so we can commute everyday!! Yeayy!! Not only that there are 3 people with cars which means I don’t have to use the bloody angkot!! Yeayy again!! And Sartika Asih, the police hospital I am in now for Pediatrics, working days end on Friday!! Yeayy I have Saturdays off for the first time in my medical school life!! Everyone in my group is new to me but I have my kindred spirit Ah Nggie with me so I won’t be as lonely as I imagined. There are some boos though, i.e I’m the chief for Public Health department next month which sucks and I’m in charge of Mother & Child Health which also sucks but it’s OK-lah ‘cos you really can’t have your cake and eat it.

Sartika Asih Hospital is a police hospital located just beside the Moch Toha toll. It’s relatively small with only 4 buildings housing the ER / laboratory, Paediatrics, Polyclinics, OBGYN / Surgery. Behind the Pthediatrics ward is the Prisoners’ wards. It looks spooky which is why I have only looked at it from afar. There is a quaint little mushola / mosque where the people go do their prayers and the cafeteria has only 4 stalls: Indomie + coffee, lontong kari + gorengan, mixed economy rice, baso noodles. Me bored liao with the selection of food. Every morning at 7am we have to baris like those Monday perhimpunan thing back at school. The police management, the nurses and us interns make our own separate rows and a ‘leader’ will march forward to report the attendance of the ‘squad’. It’s not that tiresome-lah but definitely something new for all of us. After that I go about my duties (last week starting with the Perinatology ward) like morning rounds, case-report collections, case presentations with consultants, resuscitation when there’s a delivery, and basic vital signs monitoring. Next up is my station at the Pediatrics ward.

I have started going to the gym. Today’s my first day of yet another THIN-NEW-ME program and I hope the diligence prevails and I do lose some weight by the time this magang thing is over. I did some calculation and concluded that it will be wayyy too late to start crash-dieting + personal trainer workout when things are done in late October. I would only have a month to November and what exactly can I achieve with that right?? At most 5kg loss. Not enough. I went window-shopping for kebayas yesterday and MANN I’M FAT. Seriously. I had to huff and puff my way into a kebaya slip and the buttons looked like they were holding an exploding bak-chang together. Miss KosKos, on the other hand, fitted into an S just nicely. I’m not looking to fit into an S (I currently wear an XL and even that is tight!!) but if I could look pleasant in an M that would be Super-Shelbulous!! I’m thinking if I start changing my daily diet, resume the rest of the Reductil capsules that I tossed aside for awhile ‘cos the palpitations were killing me, and do an hour of power-walking (and who knows maybe even running again) I hope to lose at least 2kg a month. By the time October creeps in I would be 56kg and that would most definitely be a loose L / tight M. If I were to add a personal trainer to that few weeks prior to graduation date, I bloody could be a comfortable M at 50kg. Yeah well that’s the plan-lah. Trying not to be over-ambitious here… but I do wanna be THINNER by graduation. This will be the picture that I’m gonna blow-up to the size of a billboard and have it hung over my piano in the living room entrance. Everyone that walks into my house will *smack-bham* have the image of me in my black toga and Indon chignon shoved in their faces so I really really have to look H-H-HOT, you know?? I know my previous graduation picture wasn’t that much of a disaster (after much touching up) but this one.. this one has to be LEGENDARY-lah!!

So we check the THIN-NEW-ME progress next month yah. Holler over some moral support y’all :)

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