Sunday, June 10, 2007

LJMU Pharmacy Ball 2007

Find Us In Da Club, With Bottles Full Of Bub'...

For nearly every formal occasion I have been to, I always went solo, unplus-oned ergo... Dateless. Or I went with friends. Which meant I was dateless.

But this year was different wei... I had a date! Frankly I was geared up on going solo again but then poor McBarbie got blown off by the girl he was going to bring as his, so yeah.. you can put 2 and 2 together.

Me and my date, McBarbie - Check out the corsage on my left wrist. I was well impressed - He spoiled me!

This is Emo John. He dyed his hair to match his date's dress which I thought was sooo adorable.
Trivia: Emo lives with my possibly gay ex boyfriend, McFruit, formerly known as McFag (whom I am still fond off at times). At the point where this picture was taken, we were both intoxicated and the next morning, I vaguely remember him telling me that everyone thought McFruit totally screwed up when it came to me and the week after that, he vaguely remembered that I accepted a dinner invitation from him because he apparently cooks really well.

This is Eleanor, she is my non-sexual girlfriend. We have discussed batting for the other team because not only would it solve a lot of problens in our lives, who wouldn't want to be part of a power-lesbian couple? She is also the other half of Elphie. We have an appreaciation group on Facebook. Feel free to join.

From L to R: G (unfortunate pussy-whipped pending divorcee - long fucked up story. Seriously.), Fantastic Phie, Lovely Lo, and her ex Chris who was her escort to the Ball. They've got a complicated thing going on.

This is Russalia... We lived together last year. I think he's God.

I love the Ball because of the industrial sized wine bottles they place on the tables for our consumation and amusement. Damn... that sounded like sex. Then again, a lot of people did end up in each other's beds after the Ball, after psyching themselves out with a lot of that cheap stuff. That wine was nasty...
Apparently I lost the plot towards the end of the night when I saw McFruit dancing with this other gay f*cker I knew. I dislike the f*cker not because he's gay (I've got a lot of homosexual homies and they love me too), but because the f*cker's a f*cker. My theory is, I freaked because deep down inside, I was hoping that my possibly gay ex isn't gay. Russalia thinks McFruit is days away from his coming out party - he asked if I was getting an invite. Hahahahah! McFruit and I didn't speak but we did wave hi at some point. We had that moment where we passed one another and one of us turns around but the other isn't looking so as we turn back, the other person turns around and well, we didn't end up talking and it's weird when I remember that it was at the Ball last year that our relationship kind of started (he'd asked me out 2 weeks after that).Time does strange things to people...

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yeahway said...

Is it my imagination, or has shelby's blog been hijacked by her more "happening" sister; The one who's invited for balls and turning straight men gay...?

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