Friday, June 29, 2007

my first journey to jakarta by bus

I've never had to take any other form of transportation apart from the kijang to Sukarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta ever. I've heard of Miss MasMas and Miss RenjitRenjit plus afew others do the bus thing and the Cipaganti travel / van thing but hearing was the closest it ever was for me. I'm not much of a bus person and neither am I much of a travel-van individual but desperate moments call for desperate measures. I took an emergency leave for home to check on Mmmy who was hospitalized due to food-poisoning. It's not that big a deal but she's the only mother I've got-lho. The Bandung-KL flights were out and I was left with only Jakarta-KL flights or nothing at all. I had to travel to Jakarta at midnight and being the bus-virgin I hate to admit I was a little worried.

It wasn't that bad after all. Basically for those who want it cheap, you can take a cab to Bandung Super Mall (BSM) and tell the driver that you wanna go to the bus terminal side of BSM. Ask around for the ticket counter and tell the ticket-person your flight hour and that you wanna take AirAsia's international flight (so that they'll leave you at the right terminal). He'll give you a good time slot based on his estimation and you purchase a ticket for 60,000rp. If it's wee hours of the morning you're looking at 2.5 hrs and if it's in the daytime around 3.5 - 4 hrs due to traffic. You wait in the waiting lounge 'till the luggage-boy screams your time slot, say, "2 pagi!! 2 pagi!!" then you get your luggage weighed. You're allowed a max weight of 20kg (of which excess would be charged) which is really fine 'cos AirAsia only allows you 15kg... works if you adhere to AirAsia's weight rule that is. Tell him clearly you're going to AirAsia INTERNATIONAL flight so he tags your luggage right. The bus arrives and you get on. OK comfortable, very cold and there's a fuzzy tele which I pay no heed to. The seat is adjustable so do that quickly before the passenger behind you seats.

When the bus arrives the airport, pay close attention to what the bus driver yells out 'cos it's the cue for you to get out. When he goes "International!!", quickly get up and wave your hand about. I was the only one getting out at International, the rest were domestic passengers. Remember to claim your luggage, which a whole load of fools do not, and head towards the departure gate. AirAsia has a special entrance so just ask the guard or find for yours at the small teles. That's basically it. Then you check in, voila(!!)...


Monday, June 18, 2007

miss joejoe kena dengue

I helped out by taking pictures :D

Funny how everyone around me has joined the dengue bandwagon except for me and I don't even put on insect repellent. SO lucky-lah for me. Can't afford to be ill in medical studies-lah. All of us had to crack our heads trying to come up with an equation that would allow Miss JoeJoe to still continue Dental Health department whilst being able to maintain inpatient status. I mean dengue-lah, don't play-play!!

I'm really just a person who does nothing but make fun of hospital rooms and take pictures of you when you're all totaled. Something to laugh over later. I have a collection of photos of everyone when they get admitted. BIG FUN!!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

magang (internship) first week

I’m still in the process of trying to get used to my satellite-hospital lifestyle. It’s definitely much slower paced in comparison to the one back in Hasan Sadikin hospital. I do feel lighter and less pressured. There are lesser patients and hence lesser responsibilities as well. It is all very bizarre but I can finally do things I want to do now. Some might say it’s b.o.r.i.n.g there but I am relishing every moment. We hardly get to kick back so much so I am going to make use of this opportunity properly. It’s been a week since the day they announced our posting to village / satellite primary health centres / hospitals. BLESS THE HIGH HEAVENS AND ALL WHO RULE IT ‘cos my prayers were somewhat answered. I was NOT posted to some ulu-jungle kampung, instead most of my hospitals are approximately 1 – 2 hours away so we can commute everyday!! Yeayy!! Not only that there are 3 people with cars which means I don’t have to use the bloody angkot!! Yeayy again!! And Sartika Asih, the police hospital I am in now for Pediatrics, working days end on Friday!! Yeayy I have Saturdays off for the first time in my medical school life!! Everyone in my group is new to me but I have my kindred spirit Ah Nggie with me so I won’t be as lonely as I imagined. There are some boos though, i.e I’m the chief for Public Health department next month which sucks and I’m in charge of Mother & Child Health which also sucks but it’s OK-lah ‘cos you really can’t have your cake and eat it.

Sartika Asih Hospital is a police hospital located just beside the Moch Toha toll. It’s relatively small with only 4 buildings housing the ER / laboratory, Paediatrics, Polyclinics, OBGYN / Surgery. Behind the Pthediatrics ward is the Prisoners’ wards. It looks spooky which is why I have only looked at it from afar. There is a quaint little mushola / mosque where the people go do their prayers and the cafeteria has only 4 stalls: Indomie + coffee, lontong kari + gorengan, mixed economy rice, baso noodles. Me bored liao with the selection of food. Every morning at 7am we have to baris like those Monday perhimpunan thing back at school. The police management, the nurses and us interns make our own separate rows and a ‘leader’ will march forward to report the attendance of the ‘squad’. It’s not that tiresome-lah but definitely something new for all of us. After that I go about my duties (last week starting with the Perinatology ward) like morning rounds, case-report collections, case presentations with consultants, resuscitation when there’s a delivery, and basic vital signs monitoring. Next up is my station at the Pediatrics ward.

I have started going to the gym. Today’s my first day of yet another THIN-NEW-ME program and I hope the diligence prevails and I do lose some weight by the time this magang thing is over. I did some calculation and concluded that it will be wayyy too late to start crash-dieting + personal trainer workout when things are done in late October. I would only have a month to November and what exactly can I achieve with that right?? At most 5kg loss. Not enough. I went window-shopping for kebayas yesterday and MANN I’M FAT. Seriously. I had to huff and puff my way into a kebaya slip and the buttons looked like they were holding an exploding bak-chang together. Miss KosKos, on the other hand, fitted into an S just nicely. I’m not looking to fit into an S (I currently wear an XL and even that is tight!!) but if I could look pleasant in an M that would be Super-Shelbulous!! I’m thinking if I start changing my daily diet, resume the rest of the Reductil capsules that I tossed aside for awhile ‘cos the palpitations were killing me, and do an hour of power-walking (and who knows maybe even running again) I hope to lose at least 2kg a month. By the time October creeps in I would be 56kg and that would most definitely be a loose L / tight M. If I were to add a personal trainer to that few weeks prior to graduation date, I bloody could be a comfortable M at 50kg. Yeah well that’s the plan-lah. Trying not to be over-ambitious here… but I do wanna be THINNER by graduation. This will be the picture that I’m gonna blow-up to the size of a billboard and have it hung over my piano in the living room entrance. Everyone that walks into my house will *smack-bham* have the image of me in my black toga and Indon chignon shoved in their faces so I really really have to look H-H-HOT, you know?? I know my previous graduation picture wasn’t that much of a disaster (after much touching up) but this one.. this one has to be LEGENDARY-lah!!

So we check the THIN-NEW-ME progress next month yah. Holler over some moral support y’all :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sophiekins writes...

Mmmy: I want to turn on my music now…
Dddy: Ehh… Don’t-lah! After Sophiekins gets a headache…

Sophiekins: Err… It’s okay… *prepares to turn iPod volume up into full blast* I have my iPod!
Mmmy: There… She has her iPod!
Ddy: But I don’t have an iPod…

Sophiekins laughs hysterically while Mmmy retaliates by striking Dddy’s ear with a sharp pinch.

Damn... I do miss being home.

Hello readers, I am Sophiekins, here being the dutiful sister-slave to blog-sit for my fat animal cracker sister who’s off treating poverty-stricken saddos and let’s all join in a prayer that being nearly a doctor now, she won’t be subjected to intern-humiliation there and made to draw water out of a perigi to wash the bedpans or something. Hopefully during my temporary reign of, I will succeed in injecting just a tad more carefree cheeriness (being the problematic youngest child with no sense of responsibility towards her elders, wastes her unfulfilled potential and thinks of noone but herself) to
hopefully raise this blog’s visitor level from nil to some sort of number.
In short, sh*t all over my sister’s parade and show everyone how SHELBULOUS I AM!!!
I’m home for 2 months and hopefully will be continuing yoga and picking up tennis again. Or some form of exercise because the fun-ness from British university life is finally catching up with me. Cheerleading doesn’t really count THAT much as part of my exercise regime because even if I push myself to my most obese point I will still be tinier than the English. It’s in my genes. I’m a UK Size 4/US Size 0 (possibly 00).

Don’t hate me. I don’t deserve it.

It’s not ALL fun and games being petite apart from the fact that sometimes we do make clothes look good. Do you know what really happens to tiny and slim people like me when we see the most fantabulous outfit in H&M or whatever?

We rummage though the racks and when the realization hits us that we won’t be owning said outfit because *GASP* It’s all fat sizes like Shelbybaby’s!! I mean WTF?!

Newspapers and the media are raging over the Supermodel Size 0 debate but they don’t stop and think about the little people (pun not intended). I mean, fine! Some 15 year old model gets stupid and goes to drink a can of diet coke and calls that a meal hence she snuffs it – that only proves she has issues with her own mentality.

FULL FAT COKE PEOPLE!! The power is in the original Coca Cola!! If I was into anal, that bottle of Coke Zero and Pepsi Max can stuff themselves up my ass.

That’s beside the point. I’m here to introduce myself.

I like Krispy Kreme donuts, Ben&Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, cheerleading, dancing or anything to do with the world of the performing arts and the Sims2 among many other things. A Saggitarian gastronomic goddess, I have an obsession with Paris and I love to read and travel. My sister gives the impression to people that I have been to all sorts of places but I would like to set the record straight.

I have only been to 8% of the world. I calculated it at Trav Buddy - Had that feature installed to my facebook account.

I also love to deny the daily myspace friend requests from sleazy bastards that I don’t know. They send me messages in random Malay abbreviations and our conversation usually goes like this.

Random: Hai awk cina ke? Mau kwn? Add sya aje bleh tk?

Moi: No.

Random: You a stupid hooker.

*snigger* Don’t need to get personal dude…
Ahh.. that amused me for a little while.

To be honest dear readers, I don’t know what people writes in these things nowadays anyway. But if something interesting comes to mind I’ll definitely post it up. Toodles!! xxx

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Last night we went for dinner at Momiji, Dago Plaza ‘cos Miss MasMas and Miss KosKos wanted to go get Miss JoeJoe’s birthday gift (scanner) at Bandung Electronic center (BEC) and asked for me to tag along. Just as we stepped into the BEC entrance guess who we bump into: Dr McTeapot-hubbahubba. He’s the cutie in Internal Med. He’s, like, this uber intelligent resident who’s like the consultants' favourite. I always thought he was H-H-HOT especially with him being the genius that he is. Super turn-on. But really that’s about it ‘cos I don’t know him and have probably only seen him from a distance. We never really had much of a chance to interact. Anyway I was super surprised to see him outside the hospital vicinity (he’s like the hospital permanent saprophitic plant or something… it’s, like, he never goes home) and even more surprised that he said hi back. Lagi shell-shocked when he made small talk and did a whole load of smiling. Miss MasMas and Miss KosKos quickly left us to make conversation. It was all very very odd for me. Thing is, all the time when we were in Internal Med he’d talk to everyone but not talk to me. There were afew occasions when he would yabber with people around me but totally disregard me like a fly on the wall. Not sure why he keeps ignoring me in group conversations. I came to a personal conclusion that McTeapot-hubbahubba thought I was stupid. You will be surprised to know that smart kids are as ruthless as popular kids. They do not waste their time on you if they discover you’re not on their par. It’s OK-lah I am not as brilliant as the rest of the kids so WTF who cares!! Anyway that totally explains our limited interaction-loh. So there he was smiling and talking and I totally did not know how to handle the situation. I also didn’t understand why Miss MasMas and Miss KosKos didn’t hang around with us to join in the conversation. Miss MasMas later explicated that they both felt he didn’t really seem like he was up for a ‘group’ talk. After awhile I excused myself and went to find the girls. He was off to find a computer for the department. It was for the residents’ new ‘jaga’ room over at the Internal Med wing.

The girls were thiiis close to getting Miss JoeJoe a Minnie Mouse flash-drive. Lucky I stepped in and totally advised them against it. That was when I turned around and saw him standing just behind me. We ended up in the same store after all. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to make conversation or WTF ‘cos you know-lah I’M ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH AT MAKING CONVERSATION WITH PEOPLE I FANCY. This happens like oh-so-many times that I don’t even bother trying anymore. Somehow or rather as we were discussing prices of the scanner and some computer bits, the discussion moved us outside the store and we ended up having quite a wee bit of conversation. Big FUN. Really. And man he’s CUTE *giggle* Right after that he had to return to the Hyatt Hotel ‘cos the Endocrine department was having a thing there. So we parted and I went to find the girls.

They were disappointed that we didn’t exchange numbers. I already have his number I think from my previous ‘jaga’ days but I really ought to have reconfirmed it with him and made sure he had my number. Ahhh crappers. I blame my imprudence on the fact I’m just so clueless when it comes to imperative social opportunities. Also you have to understand I’ve been jerked around too many times by way too many by imbeciles. Can’t help but be so guarded. Very disappointed this will turn out to be just one of those one off circumstances but what can I do now anyway?


LJMU Pharmacy Ball 2007

Find Us In Da Club, With Bottles Full Of Bub'...

For nearly every formal occasion I have been to, I always went solo, unplus-oned ergo... Dateless. Or I went with friends. Which meant I was dateless.

But this year was different wei... I had a date! Frankly I was geared up on going solo again but then poor McBarbie got blown off by the girl he was going to bring as his, so yeah.. you can put 2 and 2 together.

Me and my date, McBarbie - Check out the corsage on my left wrist. I was well impressed - He spoiled me!

This is Emo John. He dyed his hair to match his date's dress which I thought was sooo adorable.
Trivia: Emo lives with my possibly gay ex boyfriend, McFruit, formerly known as McFag (whom I am still fond off at times). At the point where this picture was taken, we were both intoxicated and the next morning, I vaguely remember him telling me that everyone thought McFruit totally screwed up when it came to me and the week after that, he vaguely remembered that I accepted a dinner invitation from him because he apparently cooks really well.

This is Eleanor, she is my non-sexual girlfriend. We have discussed batting for the other team because not only would it solve a lot of problens in our lives, who wouldn't want to be part of a power-lesbian couple? She is also the other half of Elphie. We have an appreaciation group on Facebook. Feel free to join.

From L to R: G (unfortunate pussy-whipped pending divorcee - long fucked up story. Seriously.), Fantastic Phie, Lovely Lo, and her ex Chris who was her escort to the Ball. They've got a complicated thing going on.

This is Russalia... We lived together last year. I think he's God.

I love the Ball because of the industrial sized wine bottles they place on the tables for our consumation and amusement. Damn... that sounded like sex. Then again, a lot of people did end up in each other's beds after the Ball, after psyching themselves out with a lot of that cheap stuff. That wine was nasty...
Apparently I lost the plot towards the end of the night when I saw McFruit dancing with this other gay f*cker I knew. I dislike the f*cker not because he's gay (I've got a lot of homosexual homies and they love me too), but because the f*cker's a f*cker. My theory is, I freaked because deep down inside, I was hoping that my possibly gay ex isn't gay. Russalia thinks McFruit is days away from his coming out party - he asked if I was getting an invite. Hahahahah! McFruit and I didn't speak but we did wave hi at some point. We had that moment where we passed one another and one of us turns around but the other isn't looking so as we turn back, the other person turns around and well, we didn't end up talking and it's weird when I remember that it was at the Ball last year that our relationship kind of started (he'd asked me out 2 weeks after that).Time does strange things to people...

photo fun kat jonas

P.S: Ayo my face FAT.

cheers to the ole granny: miss joejoe

Miss JoeJoe took us all out for a belated birthday dinner at Katjapiring this new Malay & Peranakan cuisine over at Paris Van Java. Theme: Black & White.
Love the Baba Nyonya interior. Funny how the Chinese New Year stackables, when placed on high racks, can look really exquisite.

L-R: Shelbulous MOI, Miss IyanIyan, Miss JoeJoe, Miss KosKos, Miss MasMas

We were all Miss JoeJoe's b*tches for the night. Big FUN.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

sophiekins goes to malaga & gibraltar

First up. The "Ooh-escargot!!" look.
I have to say this is one of my fave shots! How bewildered do I look??

MUTHA F*CKA. Here I am stuck in a third-world town and the b*tch goes travelling. To exotique places some more. $&%#@!!
It all started with the trip to the supermarket. A trip to the supermarket isn't a trip to the supermarket without big thighs of babi. O-ink LE!!
Oh God you have NO idea how long it took me to persuade Ah Jen-Jen to take this picture. He was like "Oh My God Soph.. We're in a supermarket!" I was like.. "Babi legs the size of my head - MUST TAKE PICTURE!!"
Yalah yalah she looks happy-lah. I know some people will be going "woot woot Shelby lost weight". I didn't go from a size *hush* to a size 4 overnight. Open your eyes abit moron. It's my sister. And yes of course we look the same: we made in the same factory!!
Heeheehee I totally loved being serenaded!! Very the cheesy!!


Another view: sunrise version.

Ahh I rmbr this view... Ah Jen-Jen was making breakfast before we went to Gibby and I was just pansying around mooning over the view. The only task he gave me was to make toast. I burnt it.

This she took for me. She thought I'd like it. I do.
I bet they were probably going at it like rabbits up against the Rock.. *wink*

I think her wardrobe here is Shelbulous!!

I LURRVE THIS SHOT. I wanna go there. I read it first on bloody The Guardian Travel 8 years ago. So I should have been the one there first. Life is so unfair!!

Frankly you're not missing much. The Jews went on holiday (much to me and Ah Jen-Jen's dismay) thus shutting all the perfume shops and shit so no serious retail damage could be made.

I haven't had wine in a long time *smacks lips*
This was the day of the Champions League match (Liverpool vs. AC Milan). As you can see, it was a bit of a depressing evening apart from perving on Kaka who was looking fit (but the Jesus shirt scene at the end turned me off him a tad).

This so Breakfast at Tiffany's, non? So Cruise Collection. So French Riviera. Ugh I'm getting irritated by the moment. NOT FAIR. NOT FAIR.

Hey! YOU have a Goyard bag you bitch.

Ah JenJen: princess of the sea, surfaces at noon for daily gelato fix.

Yes-lah. She freakin' queen of the world-lah *purges*

Damn right I am! How I love watching you go mual-ish green with envy...

Fountain foray.

My-Bonnie-lies-over-the-ocean shot.

my goodies from uk, europe and some parts of ameh-lica

Sophiekins is HOME!! And the only reason (oh oops I mean part of the reason) why I LOURVE the fact that she's back is because she brings home my goodies my goodies my goodies yea my goodies. Oooh exhilirated.

P.S on top: Sophiekins will be guest writing over here for abit since I'm going to be posted to some kampung terpencil and she can't be bothered to set up her own blog. We intend to rake in more visitors, score some kachingkos and TAKE ON THE WORLD!!

Sophiekins writes in navy:

Anyway back to my goodies.

Daddy's home!! My hunk Monsieur Goyard (St Louis Jr) is home with mama. OK technically speaking not really-lah but it's in the mothership's care now and that's all that matters.
Yalah you biatch - who had to fly to Paris to hunt for the damn thing? CEST MOI! Do I hear a thanks? NON! So what kind of person does that make you? MERDE!!

Aiyo all these stuff from koon-nee-sam-thai ago. I got Miss VeiraVeira to help me purchase some gear online 'cos bloody websites won't accept Malaysian credit cards.
Again, who had to angkut the shit back - and might I add, making me unload a Sanctuary Spa set from my luggage to make room for it?
A buku gambar. All this for a buku gambar?? It doesn't even have fit boy pictures inside!

Those jeans I got you are hot okay. And by G*d you WILL fit into them - or diet kau kau into it.

The black and white dress isn't Margo you fool - it's Alice McCall.

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