Wednesday, May 16, 2007



Just when I thought my life was crumbling before me, it builds itself right up. I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head at such fortune.

The other day I sent Mmmy a msg to pray for me that Tuberculosis (+ hemoptysis) comes out for SOCA oral exam ‘cos I’ve been having a real sh*t-ass sial time with luck. I was whining over my crap de la crap doom to Miss RusRus ‘cos seriously nobody could get any more unfortunate given the fact that I had not had a turn at Bed-Site Teaching and was posted the first person on the first day of the 3-weeks Long Case (Modified Mini-CEX). That plus I got PIS (that dreaded Professor) who almost never passes anyone. Waduh!! I mean you hear all the stories of exam babysitters (usually chief residents) passing notes to examined interns when they stumble during Q&A with the examiners or people just having plain nice examiners who cut them slack when they can’t measure jugular-venous pressure precisely or scoring nurses / hospital staff as patients or even having EXTRA TIME to practice. I had neither nor. I can’t complain too much, I was bebal too so… Anyway back to the initial sentence: the old lady replies telling me that her entire office staff and her pray for my well-being throughout the exam. Aiya. I specifically told her to pray for TB to keluar and she goes and prays for the wellness of my exam. It’s different-lah. And so of course TB tak keluar during the exam, instead it was Community-Acquired Pneumonia. Terkejut badak all of us!! I was SO SO SO SO SO sure that TB was gonna be the SOCA question-lah after fervent analysis and so-called brilliant speculation (I know now cannot be a trader for nuts). So were Ah Irs and Miss MeeMee. We were so f*cking sure ‘twas gonna be TB, we could feel it in our bones. Aiya our bones blimmin’ osteoporotic-lah!! It was a 2-day exam and I was due the second day (finally things are looking up a little ‘cos I wouldn’t want to be examined on the first day again given previous circumstances). The first day the topic was Nephrotic Syndrome and although I had spotted this question, I really never expected it to really really come out. It did. Some people thrived and some people crashed and burned. It’s a difficult topic-lah. Ah Irs and I were thanking the high heavens we were scheduled for exams the next day. We knew that the second day would most likely be a pulmonary question but never could we have thought it to be Pneumonia. Ah Irs was up first which was seriously tumben as the prior day all Malaysian / KPBI (ECGM) students were up first. But he smarty-pants so never mind. Me different. Thank all that is good in the world I was not up first. In the end I was last de la last which was excellent ‘cos it gave me ample time to study whatever I could of the hepatisation process as well as bumble through the PORT criterias. If I had been the first person I seriously would have been fried to crisps. I knew nuts ‘bout Pneumonia ‘cos I was too busy fussing about DOTS and WHO antibiotic therapy. And just as I was scrawling my answers down, the Internal Medicine secretary came over to me and asked me who my previous examiner was. Upon hearing so, she quickly switched my examination room from 2 to 4… in the end I found out the examiners in room 2 were less nice people than the ones in room 4. I think I scored-lah. I think-lah that is. When the examination was over, I smiled inside ‘cos in the end Mmmy + office folks, Miss RemRem, Miss RusRus and Miss VakiVaki’s prayers were not in vain. G*d / Buddha / other fellow entities of high power really took time to listen to my pending pleas. Also my Visum Hidup is suddenly settled and if I get through Judicial later today all I need to do is jump onto a plane home tomorrow. The thought of it sends shivers of glee down my spine.

And today’s my last Internal Med jaga!! And it only lasted 5 hours!! Super happy ‘bout that too.

It’s so weird how everything can suddenly *snap* and take a sharp turn for the better. Des’ree says it best: “Life, oh life… oh life… oh life… tudututu”

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