Tuesday, May 22, 2007

parental quips

On the way home, we see this massive traffic-jam heading towards The Curve...

moi: Wahh nowadays damn a lot of people wanna masuk Mutiara Damansara.
Dddy: Yah The Curve’s foodshops doing very well-lah. Now during the weekends, with the flea market the crowd is even bigger.
Mmmy: What market?
Dddy: Flea market.
Mmmy: Free market?
Dddy: Flea market.
Mmmy: Ohh you mean thieves market.
moi: XD

On the way to go pick Mmmy up from work as we were driving down the toll towards Bandar Sunway, we saw a bundled-up carpet wrapped in strings lying between the border of the 2nd and 3rd lane. Probably it fell off some lorry angkut-ing those stage items whacamachalit. Suddenly this Dddy picked his mobile up and dialled some number.

Dddy: Hello … toll.
Dddy: I want to report at number 7.10 (if you notice there’s a certain decimal number signs at certain points of highway, the signs are posted on road dividers) towards Bandar Sunway toll ada karpet jatuh kat highway.moi:
Dddy: Yah ada barang jatuh, dia macam karpet-lah besar. Semua kereta cuba avoid dia. Nanti ada accident-lah. Tolong suruh orang pergi handle ok. Terima kasih. *hangs mobile*
moi: You always do that right?
Dddy: Do what?
moi: Call the toll-lah.
Dddy: Yah.
moi: What for?Dddy: ‘Cos got that thing can cause accident mah. Dangerous you know highway got thing in the middle of the road. If people go fast cannot avoid then susah.
moi: I know but you don’t have to, like, call them.Dddy: Then who will call??moi: I dunno, people-lah.
Dddy: I’m people-lah!moi: ...
moi: They should honor you with some award y’know: Model Highway Toll User of The Year. I bet you’re the only fella who calls them up to report this and that.

Dddy: You’d be surprised at the funny things that falls onto highways.moi: Oh yah?? Like what??
Dddy: Usually helmet-lah. That one most dangerous ‘cos it can roll here roll there. Then one time got afew of giant Styrofoam blocks; must be come from lorry that handles packing. Sometimes got cupboard, mirror… many funny things-lah.
moi: What’s the funniest?Dddy: Door.moi: Door?
Dddy: Yah door. Even the operator ask, “Pintu?” Then I said, “Pintu-lah. Pintu Pintu.” Operator: "Pintu apa?” Then I answer:”Tak-tau-lah pintu apa, boleh jadi dia pintu bilik, pintu toilet, pintu office.. mana I tau dia pintu apa. Pokoknya dia pintu-lah”moi: XD

My parentals. They’re really some work of art-lah.

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