Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a crabby event

This one random-lah: I just realized upon me taking this picture and upon him driving out the porch that he was taking the Black-Tie dinner way too literal. He should have been wearing a tux instead. Alamak!!

It's OK I'll console myself with one of my favourite snack of all time: Japanese caramelized mini-crabs / babycrabs / little ones crabs. Mmmy bought them while on company trip to Tokyo & Osaka. I used to buy them in small packs in Jusco but they're, like, super expensive. I love to crunch the mini nippers between my teeth and pretend I'm that Jack & the Beanstalk giant. Fee Fi Fo Fum!!

Almost finish liao. Nip!!

Like I said, Fee Fi Fo Fumm.. I smell the sugar of a Japanese crab. Be it alive or be it dead, I'll spread the bones to make my bread!!

Last call.

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